Rebak Island Resort Nature Trail in Langkawi

Rebak Island Resort Nature Trail in Langkawi - This was the only nature walk available and during my stay here in 2010, I was pretty much excited to do this. However, you needed the in house naturalist to take you for this walk. I had spent a good two days on this private island that is also home to the Rebak Marina. Apart from the usual resort offerings, I find the TAJ managed resort on a slightly different level compared to those available on the mainland. The place sits on an island called Pulau Rebak which is accessible from the main island and takes about 15 minutes by speed boat to get here. 

Well known for it's seclusion and privacy, there are quite a number of things that one can do here besides just lazing around and enjoying some peace and quiet. Our nature walk was scheduled in the morning on the last day before we departed. Right after a heavy local breakfast, we headed out with one of the golf buggies to the start point of the trek. As usual, we were also told to come equipped with proper walking shoes and a towel. As Lilian and myself brought a knapsack, we loaded it up with water as it was going to be a 30 minute trek to the other end of the island. Mind you that I am not an avid trekker so thirty minutes was a lot for me to absorb.

Start of the hiking trail

Starting near the marina, it was fairly simple with seasoned path that lead up the small hill. It was told that if it rains, we could not do this as the water would run down the hill making the pathway slippery and dangerous. As we made our trek up, I noticed a number of interesting plants and flowers blooming. Some of them had some striking colours while others were just odd. 

Young shoot coming into the rainforest

A red leaf among the green ones

Ants nest on some leaves

 A strange Rambutan Flower

Reaching the half way point of the trail, the path had split into three and with our guide there, we ushered us to the one that looked most challenging. I started to see ropes tied from tree to tree as the trail started to descend. It was here that the trek started to get a little tricky. Covered by the rainforest canopy, you could smell the strong jungle scent.  

Trail descending

From here on, we took extra care as the ground was damp and a little slippery so every step was cautious. Funnily there was no leeches along this trek as the guide had assured us. The ropes were recently added due to the rainy season as many of the resort guest had wanted to go for this nature walk. There were no wildlife here but migratory birds were a common site. Among them, you could see some species of Hornbills and Pittas here. Well, I did not see any as my eyes were focused to the ground 95% of the time. 

The trail continues..

A climbing creeper

As the trail got even more challenging (for my levels), sweat started to break. The huffing and puffing got louder while rest stops were becoming more frequent. Our guide laughed at us both while he kept asking us to move on as we were closing in on our goal, the other side of the island. Fine, as we moved, I noticed many creepers growing on trees which I have not seen in other parts of Malaysia. Here was the ultimate excuse to stop for a picture and catch my breath. 

Stunning flora on the island

Finally after many ups and downs, lefts and rights, we had reached the end. It was a deserted section of Rebak Island which was facing the Andaman Sea. All I could hear were the waves beating up on the shore. The beach was not that clean due to the items washed up while it was absolutely isolated. Cut off from the real world, it was a paradise for sun-seekers or beach-lovers. We must have stayed there for about an hour  which included exploring the Red Cave which was just a stones throw away. (More on the cave next time)

Unspoilt beach at Rebak Island Resort

After absorbing the natural beauty of an unspoilt beach and fresh sea air, we prepared to head back to the resort. Another grueling task but it had to be done. I did ask if there was an easier way back following the beach only to be disappointed with the rocks that blocked the way. Oh well, what goes up must come down, or what goes one way, must return the same way. When we finally got back to the Rebak Island Resort, all we could think about was the nice cold shower before we headed back to the main land.  This nature walk was quite interesting especially with the well informed guide that we had as he took the time to explain everything that we came across during the hike.

If you have plans to visit this islands in the north of Malaysia and want something a little different from the usual and somewhere with absolute peace, tranquility and quietness with a touch of nature and exploration, I would recommend you try staying at this luxurious TAJ managed hotel. The Rebak Island Resort Nature Trail in Langkawi is an optional package and can be arranged easily.