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Proboscis Monkey Pictures from Sabah Borneo

 Photo of Proboscis Monkey
Here are some Proboscis Monkey pictures from Sabah Borneo taken by me during one of my many trips here.

This is my photography attempt at doing a portrait on wildlife, therefore I chose the very unique Proboscis Monkey or Dutch-Man Monkey as they can only be found on the island of Borneo.

The location of this place is at a private conservation area called Labuk Bay which is about an hours drive from the town of Sandakan in East Sabah.

Proboscis Monkey From Sabah Borneo

Having visited Labuk Bay in Sabah for the first time, I assumed that the monkeys would be located in a distance but to my surprise, one of the younger monkeys who was brave enough approached me while I was trying to photograph them. 

He casually made his way to the wooden railing which stopped people from going into the main feeding area. Looking totally unafraid, he climbed up and sat on the railing looking at me.

I suspected that he wanted some food and eventually, a keeper came and gave him a piece of cucumber.

But take note that these delicate creatures have a very sensitive stomach and can only eat limited foods which are mostly available in the habitat.

So, do not even think of feeding them, especially when you see them at the Kinabatangan River in Sabah. They will most likely end up dying of stomach complications in the long run.

In the main picture above, you see the proboscis monkey eating a fresh cucumber. The following pictures are of this strange monkey with a fairly large nose and spotting a pot belly.

They are copper bronze in color and usually travel in packs with one prominent leader which is the alpha male. Protected by the state government, it is illegal to own or rare them.

They are also known to be one of the hardest types of animals to be kept in captivity so you will not see them in zoos.

Proboscis Monkey Photographs
Proboscis Monkey Photography
Full frontal profile

Proboscis Monkey Photo
Notice the crown of the hair

Close up photo of Proboscis Monkey
Eating a cucumber

Profile photo of Proboscis Monkey
Off profile shot

Side Profile Proboscis Monkey
Side profile with direct sun hitting

Proboscis Monkey Young
Fancy hairdo

Proboscis Monkey Large Nose
Female proboscis monkey looking down

Monkey Dutchman
Full shot of the proboscis monkey

Proboscis Monkey Baby

Proboscis Monkey Happy
Eyes closed

Proboscis Monkey Picture in Sabah
Still young, but already matured
Proboscis Monkey Picture in Sabah
Smiling for a photo

The picture above is of the proboscis monkey smiling and is my favorite shot. This is also a juvenile as his nose has not fully developed.

When you are here, you will surely see various ages of these primates, which can be rather interesting for photographing them.


For wildlife and nature lovers, Sabah is one of the places that I would recommend exploring as there are many choices to choose from throughout the place.

From birds, elephants, monkeys and even nocturnal animals which can be found around Sandakan area.

One of the popular places to see them is the Kinabatangan River Safari. There are many available services that cater to serious wildlife watching while there are also many conservation areas which are easily accessible.

I hope you enjoyed my Proboscis Monkey pictures from Sabah and if you have any comments, please do ask below in the comment form. 


Ciki said...

gorgeous shot! super well captured! I LOVE the yawning one.. so cute;)

Ted Nelson said...

What a beautiful soulful creature. Thank you for capturing it with your spectacular photographs and sharing.

iamthewitch said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Very clear and sharp, love it!

zoja said...

Very good pictures, I never see monkey in real life, only on TV and the Internet,your monkey has an interesting red hair:)

Jeremy B said...

I can't decide if they are ugly or cute. I think I have to go with ugly. Fascinating creatures though!

The Dude said...

You open a link & then you see that first pic of that site... Cool!

The first pic is already awesome!

Malaysia Asia said...

Cumi & Ciki - Thanks and yes, the yawning was because I was clicking away until he got bored! lol.

Ted - Thanks a bunch! I hope to capture more on my next trip at the end of April. Will share them here.

iamthewitch - Mei, thanks and will try to do more shots end of the month!

Jeremy B - Hahah, I have to agree with your statements as some find them adorable while others see them in a different light. But overall, they are indeed unique in their own special way.

The Dude - Melvin, thank you so much! I wanted to try something different here. It's always blog blog blog.. so I thought, lets try Pic Pic Pic...


Kelly Lewis said...

You know, I used to love monkeys... and then I got jumped by one. Haha.

Barbara Weibel said...

Hi David: Love these photos. Well done! You know how they identify whales by the shape and condition of their tails? I wondered if they identify these creatures in the wild by the individual shape of their big noses. :-)

Jillian said...

Funny little noses on those guys!

Laurel said...

David, wonderful photos, I love how you caught the light in their eyes! I have a primatology degree (study of monkeys) and these guys are among my favorites. Also, thanks for mentioning to not feed the monkeys. I would hate to see them die of something that is totally preventable.

inka said...

What extraordinary pictures. They look so huamn.

Christy @ Technosyncratic said...

These are really phenomenal photos - they capture the little monkey so well. And that nose is just adorable! :)

Camemberu said...

Amazing photos! And such luck to have this precious species come up to you totally unafraid and trusting!

Malaysia Asia said...

Kelly - Awww, and where did this jump happen?

Barbara - Apparently they do, the bigger the nose, the more senior and powerful they are. That's why the dominant male has the largest one.

Jillian - Wait till you hear about their strange habits.

Laurel - You're most welcome and I hope you are planning on coming around here for more research? Yes: Never ever feed any wildlife!

Inka - They are, very rare and only found in Borneo.

Christy - Thanks and hopefully I will get more better pictures of the Proboscis on my next visit there.

Camemberu - Thanks Cat, trust me, at first I was afraid, then we became friends :)

Todd at Visit50 said...

Hi David, great photos! I just got back from Malaysian Borneo and found it made an impact on me as well. I wanted to introduce you to my website section devoted to Proboscis Monkeys, which includes my recent 2011 proboscis monkey photography: