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Love Lane Inn Penang Picture

Penang Love Land Hostel
Love Lane Inn Penang is my picture of the week. This backpacker guesthouse in Georgetown is one of the popular ones as it is located along the famous road named 'Love Lane' or 'Lorong Love'.

Most of the budget travelers who come to the island will prefer to stay at guest houses around the Unesco World Heritage Site of the island. There are numerous places to choose from and some of them have catchy names too.

Just so you know, the word Rumah Tumpangan is Malay for Guest House as you will be seeing a lot of these signs.

Love Land Penang Budget Hotel

These budget hotels are usually housed in the old pre-war buildings which are connected to each other. They are also about two storey buildings and rooms here are relatively small but clean. With that, the prices are cheap compared to the normal hotels.

Backpacker hostels are also found throughout Penang namely in the city and also in Batu Feringgi. While competition is very stiff here, many of these places offer extra services (no, not that one) in terms of Visa Runs, Packages to Thailand, WiFi, Budget Tours and even Laundry Services.

The most famous area for guesthouses would be around Chulia Street in Penang. This road is very well known among the backpackers and travelers who are headed or coming from Thailand.

There are cheap bars, internet cafes, book shops, motorbike and bicycle rentals plus many other services located along this famous street. There are also a number of well known eateries here mostly known by locals.

Well, if you have plans to visit the island which is also known as the Pearl of the Orient, make sure you make a stop over at Love Lane in Penang.


Scott - Ordinary Traveler said...

Excellent description. It's a good thing you made that distinction about performing hostels performing "extra services" on Love Lane. I can see how it could be taken the wrong way.

Grace said...

Really interesting how they come up with names like this!

jade said...

I love the name- I picked a hotel in Italy because it was called love hotel. ha!

John in France said...

So funny - imagine it's always full! Extra services? Visa applications even!

Jim said...

Gee Dave, just been looking through our old photos of Penang and Georgetown and then I came across to your site. 1989 for our visit there. Hey, are the guys at the Snake Temple down middle centre of the island still throwing snakes at visitors?
Got a great photo of me with snakes wrapped around my head. I'll have to post it up. I expect Penang is still as exciting as we found it.

Laurel said...

Great thing about this name is that you wouldn't forget the name of the hotel and most taxi drivers would also be familiar with it.

Malaysia Asia said...

Scott - Thanks and yes, the ''extra services' can be very deceiving if not read carefully.

Cherrychixx - This is only the beginning of the names :) More to come.

Jade - Awww... now that hotel in Italy needs to be in Love Lane, Penang. It would match perfectly!

John - The works including the kitchen sink thrown in. Anyway, Penang is famous for the Visa Run service due to many travelers coming in and out of Thailand.

Jim - Wow, been a long time! Much has changed in Penang since 22 years. The snakes are still 'stoned' from the incense burnings while new snakes were added. Since the UNESCO status, they cleaned it up pretty much but the overall feel is still there. Avoid the beach - that's all :) Hope you make it back soon.

Laurel - You are absolutely correct. In fact, Love Lane is very popular among locals too. The cheesiest picture I have seen is a traveling couple kissing under the Love Lane Road Sign in Penang. LOL!

Nisha said...

Even I have some photos of Love lane, not the inn though. The sign post and the lane and some other stuff. But I do remember seeing this inn there. :)

This name is not to be forgotten so easily.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Nisha, anyone who visited Penang is bound to come across this unique place.