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Electric Train Service (ETS Train) Malaysia

Malaysia ETS Train

Electric Train Service or ETS Train in Malaysia which operates from KL Sentral Station was something unexpected for me, as I never knew that the Malaysian trains had been upgraded to be so modern.

This was one of the many things which I totally did out of curiosity during the Chinese New Year holidays here in Malaysia.

Usually, I would travel to Ipoh City via car every year but this time around, I opted to try the ETS train service instead.

ETS Train Malaysia

Having not much knowledge apart from the fact that a train will be a train, it totally gave me a different impression of our improving rail system here.

Asking around, not many people knew about this train service to Ipoh but eventually I checked the main website and got the information. Buying the ticket was as simple as buying candy.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I made my way to the KL Sentral Station at 1.00 pm to get my ticket.

Arriving here, I found it relatively easy to find the ETS counter which was located at the main entrance of the building.

This is the entrance which faces the KL Hilton and Le Meridian Hotel. If you walk in the entrance, it is located all the way to your right. 

Photo of ETS Train
ETS Train at the KL Sentral Platform

There was no line so I pretty much walked straight up to the counter and asked for a ticket to Ipoh. Pleasant smiles welcomed me while the ticket cost a mere RM30 (US$10) for a one-way trip.

Asking the ticket counter girl there were to board the train, she simply told me as I exit this place and turn right, take the first turn right at the hallway.

From there, you will see an escalator and elevator that goes down two floors. I should wait around there till the boarding call. 

Fair enough I thought and looked at my time. It was only 1.10 pm while the ETS Train to Ipoh would leave at 2.00 pm.

I had much time to kill so I took a walk around the station and got back at 1.40 pm. By then a large group of travellers had been waiting there and once the barrier was opened, everyone made their way down to the train platform to the awaiting train.

Tickets are numbered so there was no rush and looking at the train, I have to say it reminded me of the Shanghai trains I took last year. Very aerodynamic, sleek and modern.

Upon getting into the coach, I was most impressed with the cleanliness and spacious layout. Seats looked very comfortable even before sitting on them. As for the timing, the train did not wait long and left in five minutes after two.

Toilet on ETS Train
ETS Train Toilet

The toilets were very modern with auto doors on touching the panel while the insides were well thought off. Everything looked like the interior of an aeroplane bathroom except more spacious.

LCD information ETS Train
 LCD information screen on the train

After doing my rounds and taking my seat, I noticed the LCD TV display in the front of the train. A sleek 21-inch panel was showing some cartoons as part of the entertainment on board the ETS train.

Train speed information was integrated into the system, informing passengers of the next station and also the speed of the train at that current moment.

Speed of ETS Train
Hitting 150 km/h speed

I had doubts that the ETS could make it pass 130 km/h therefore I sat and looked at the monitor constantly and to my surprise, at one stage, it managed to hit 150 km/h!

That was indeed quite fast comparing the normal trains. But again, the Shanghai commuter trains were easily hitting 230 km/h so this was a good start for the rail industry here in Malaysia.

At that speed, the train was smooth and not bumpy. Satisfied with the top speed, I made my way to the cafeteria coach to see what was available.

Cafeteria ETS Train
Coach cafeteria

A simple layout with an area to sit and view the passing scenery while they served a limited selection of pastries and buns. Hot and cold drinks were available at a reasonable price here.

They also have train stewardesses moving around the coaches selling snacks and drinks for those who prefer to sit put. 

The ETS Train service is from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur to Seremban for now, and plans to expand have been laid out.

There is only a single class while there have been plans to add on business class seats. All coaches come with socket points for laptops and other electrical item usages.

Map for ETS Train
ETS Train Map

Overall I had a great experience taking the train to Ipoh for the Chinese New Year Holidays in Malaysia. Would I do this again? Yes as it was totally hassle-free, and only a two-hour journey.

It would be fun to just take this train there for some good local food and some original Ipoh White Coffee and then head back to KL. Just for the fun of it.

Here is also a list of places to visit in Ipoh for anyone heading here. While for travellers and backpackers, this would be one of the methods to travel up north on route to Penang Island.


My conclusion to this ride - For RM30.00, it is a very good deal, which provides a safe and fast journey using the Electric Train Service or ETS Train in Malaysia to move around.

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Adam Nathan said…
This blog is fantastic. You know so much about Electric Train Service. Hopefully it's a good deal, safe and fast journey using the Electric Train Service or ETS Train.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Adam for the kind words. It was safe when I used it so I will vouch for this ETS service in KL.
Jeremy B said…
Would love to have train service like this in the US. It's in the works and the US may be a bit big for it but we desperately need more transportation options!
Cathy Sweeney said…
Impressive train service -- looks very clean and comfortable. I agree with Jeremy -- we need better train service in the U.S. -- hopefully soon!
Lisa said…
This looks like a great train service. It looks very clean and efficient!
仙家王 said…
sometime many problem about the train. and too slow
Those trains look so crisp and clean - and the bathroom looks huge!
Malaysia Asia said…
Jeremy and Cathy - I thought the trains in the USA were very modern and up to date?

Lisa - Spot on and yes, very efficient on my travels. No delays too.

仙家王 - Really? What kind? please share.

Ben, you could have a party in the bathroom! It was really huge AND clean :)
I'm with Jeremy and Cathy... why is the U.S. so far behind on public transportation options? This train system looks awesome... and all of your photos really illustrate how clean it is!
Shelyn said…
It does look like a good option to travel to Ipoh and I can save my time to read or blog during the ride. But how about the public transportation in Ipoh? Is it easy to travel around without driving? I'm concerned about the cab's charges in Ipoh too.
Malaysia Asia said…
Christy, I am now confused. I am under the assumption that the US has some really nice trains but 3 people have voiced this out now.

Shelyn, you got me there. I think it is still acceptable for public transport in Ipoh, not as popular as in KL. But if you have a friend in Ipoh, this would be the added bonus. Anyway, Ipoh is not that big to move around.
mey said…
I've been taking ETS whenever I'm going to KL since last year. thank god for this service coz i dont like taking bus! plus, ets last stop is KL Central which is really convenient, coz we can easily take another train to our destinantion
Anonymous said…
check new ETS web site... better than KTM Berhad... hahahhaha

Anonymous said…
ETS is the flagship product of KTMB. FYI, ETS will be prolong its service to northern side up to padang besar (as electrified double track is still in the construction). Then it will continue to expand the route to southern part to S'pore!

anyway,ETS can't go as fast as 230kmph due to the size of the gauge.

kindly go to their newly refurbished website, www.ets-train.com.my
Grace Leong said…
Going to Ipoh on 12Jul for meeting with Malaysian Tourist Guide Council.
Tks for the useful info.

Grace (sabah Guide)
Pse said…
i like the way you wrote down all your experiences. very good blog with all nice pictures. well performed. well done sis.
Anonymous said…
Not exactly high speed train type of velocity, but fast enough for a nation that got towns and cities within around 40 km till 100 km at most. Perhaps everyone can look at the map of Malaysia (my nation) and calculate the distance between those towns and cities along this ETS line.

It's more like the Turbotrain type of system that the French introduced back in 1970's, albeit electrically powered.

Come to think of it, if only my nation's railway gauge at least a NARROW GAUGE system, perhaps this train can move faster.