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Taiwan Packages at Matta Fair

Matta Fair Taiwan Packages
Taiwan Packages at Matta Fair are one of the hottest selling packages at every travel fair held yearly. While most of the local Malaysian Chinese opt for these holiday cum food trip, Taiwan seems to be pulling in many Malaysians and Singaporeans on a yearly basis.

One of the reasons is the communication here is simple as we speak similar dialects of Chinese so moving around is easy around Taiwan.

Every year, the Tourism body of Taiwan would attend the fair to promote the many interesting places around Taiwan and they work very closely with a number of the big travel agents here in Malaysia.

One of the impressive things that Tourism Taiwan would do is have some huge promotion like they did in 2009 when they brought Taiwan Superstar Jolin Tsai to the travel fair. I wonder what they will do this year to cause a commotion at the fair.

Taiwan Packages at Matta Fair

Taiwan Packages MATTA
At the Matta Fair
If you have been thinking of booking a package to Taiwan, look no further as this year at the Matta Fair 2011, there are bound to be some cheap Taiwan travel packages for family, solo or couple travel.

Make sure you double check the travel agents that sell these packages as the cheaper the package, the odder the timings for your trip.

Types of Taiwan Packages at Matta Fair

In most cases, there are various types of different tour packages offered and they usually range from the city of Taipei right to homestays and other parts of Taiwan Island.

Visitors to the Taiwan booth usually have an idea of where they want to visit in Taiwan, but once there, they may change their minds.

This is because the tourism board may be promoting a new product or destination in Taiwan, and it may sometimes be in line with what the consumer wants to experience.

Free and Easy Packages Taiwan
Taiwan is a popular destination for Malaysians
Free And Easy Taiwan Packages

One of the more popular packages that are sought after by the younger travelers. This involves buying your own discounted air ticket to Taiwan and then using this type of package to visit a few places.

The free and easy tours usually include airport pick up and hotel stays, and everything else is done on your own. Again, younger travelers tend to prefer this compared to traveling in a group with a tour guide.

At the Matta Fair, you can get a Taipei Free and Easy 3D/2N for as low as RM368 per person. This package is of course at the most basic hotel for two nights and airport transfers.

Taiwan Day Tour Packages

A number of visitors prefer to buy day tour packages, simply because there is no hassle for this. Just buy the tours online and when you are there, you simply go for the day tour, and after that you are done and free to do your own thing.

Some of the popular Taiwan Day Tour Packages include;

  • Yehliu Jinshan Keelung Day Tour
  • Yangmingshan Freshwater Day Tour
  • Jinshan Danshui North Coast Day Tour
  • Taipei City Sightseeing Day Tour
  • Maokong Gondola & Old Street Tour
  • Taipei Night View Tour
  • Taipei Calligraphy Day Tour
  • Yilan Classic Day Tour
  • Hakka Cultural Day Tour
  • North Coast of Taiwan Day Tour
  • Taiwan Hot Springs Day Tour

Taiwan Full Package Tours

This is usually when everything is taken care of, meaning the flight tickets, hotel stay, airport transfers, itinerary and even the tour guide.

Think of this as the old school way of tour packages where everything is inclusive. You just need to be at the hotel lobby at the selected time, and spend the entire day moving from destination to destination.

The full packages are suitable for those traveling in families or with parents. Groups of senior travelers will also opt for these kind of packages, so they need not think too much.

Private Customizable Taipei Tour

This is currently the trend among the millennial travelers, where they prefer to customize their tours, and have their own private tour guide bring them around in a car.

The personalization in these kinds of private tours seem to be increasing over the years, and more travelers prefer to pay a little more and have their own privacy and time at destinations.

Taipei Private Food Tours
Food tours in Taipei are increasing
Private Taipei Food Tour

As Taiwan is well known for their street food, there has been an increase is private food tours in Taipei and Taiwan. This is also a good option for single, couple or small group travelers.

The tours are curated to bring you to the best food markets and hawkers around Taipei, and with a knowledgeable food tour guide.

Again, if you love eating and food, then this is a good tour to book at the Matta Fair or from specialist selling these kinds of tours.

Group Bookings For Taiwan Packages 

One common thing is group bookings to Taiwan where the group only departs when there is 10-20 people who confirm the booking. If not, they will simply adjust the departure date so please take note of this.

Group bookings also depend on the type of group tour to Taiwan as it can be general departure or fixed departure groups. You need to talk to the sales person about this when you make your inquiry.

Self Service Taiwan Tours 

This kind of tour is where you do everything yourself. Meaning, you only visit the Taiwan Booth at the Matta Fair to get information about places to visit in Taiwan, and also hotel or food information.

From there, you take the information back, study them and compare prices with online portals that sell Taiwan packages.

You will book everything on your own, this includes the flight tickets, hotel or AirBnB room, and day tours. Once you arrive at the airport, you will find your own way to the city and so on.

Honestly, this way saves you some money, as you can plan ahead and get special discounts and promotions from various offers and packages online.

Muslim tours Taiwan
The Taipei Grand Mosque in Taiwan
Taiwan Muslim Tours

One of the emerging categories are the Muslim travelers who want to experience Taiwan, but with Halal food and Muslim facilities.

Tours like these are best bought at specialist during the Matta Fair as they have already done the groundwork for places that serve Halal food, and included stops for prayer times.

For the young and adventurous Muslim travelers, you may be able to do it on your own, but Taiwan is not an easy place for Muslim travel, so there need to be a lot of research done if you are to do it on your own.

Muslim tours to Taiwan are suited for those traveling with kids or families, where it is hassle free. Usually these tours range from 5D/4N to 6D/5N, and are all inclusive, except the flight tickets.

Luxury Taiwan Tours 

Since 2016, there has been a slight increase in luxury tours to Taiwan, and there are a few travel agents that can arrange for this package.

These luxury tour packages include business class travel, five star hotels or resorts, pick up and transfers in limousine, food experiences at high end restaurants complete with a butler style professional tour guide.

These tours ar usually tailor made to suite the well heeled customers, and are not sold openly at the Matta Fair. The customers will call or visit the tour office for this.

How Long Should I Spend In Taiwan? 

If you are Malaysian, and reading this, then you already know that you can visit Taiwan in three to four days, in the shortest trip possible.

However, the optimum time to visit Taiwan is recommended to be around five to seven days, where you can take your time and explore the island without rushing.

Some travelers will try to visit Taiwan two times with one trip purely based on Taipei, and the next trip towards to other parts of Taiwan.

For the first timer, the most popular tour package to Taiwan would be to Taipei, where you can enjoy the city, shopping, markets and the local street food.

Day Trip Packages Taipei
Night Markets in Taiwan are a popular tourist destinations

After sharing the various types of Taiwan packages available at the Matta Fair, my recommendation is to choose the type of tour that is best suited for you.

Many people make that mistake and just go for the cheapest package, and that is not how you enjoy a holiday. You need to understand what you want, when you want to go and where you want to visit in Taiwan.

An example is if you love eating or trying different food from around the world, then book a free and easy tour to Taiwan, and then book a private food tour here.

I am yet to visit Taiwan again after a 10 year gap, so I will be checking out to see if there are any cheap Taiwan Packages at the next Matta Fair.


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