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Panda Bear at Shanghai Zoo Picture of the Week

Shanghai Zoo Panda Bear
Panda Bear at Shanghai Zoo is my picture of the week. I visited Shanghai in 2010 but never got around to posting my many articles on this amazing city. One of my highlights of visiting Shanghai was the local zoo here.

They had brought in 20 Panda Bears for the World Expo from Chengdu, and while awaiting the opening of the expo, the pandas were kept in the Shanghai zoo for viewing in a special enclosure.

These juvenile panda bears were hyper and always up to no good pouncing on each other and rolling about. A sight I never imagined I would chance upon, I spent a good hour videoing and photographing these beautiful creatures.

If you are visiting Shanghai, getting to the Shanghai Zoo is quite simple as it is in the main city area. The zoo is huge and you can expect a good 3-5 hours there, but do not expect to see these cute and adorable panda bears as they have been sent back to Chengdu to the Panda Bear Conservation there.

Currently, they only have the lone Giant Panda at the Shanghai Zoo, which is on display througohut the year. 


CathJ said...

super cute!! ^_^

Malaysia Asia said...

Yes it is Cath, should have seen the other 19 of them. So playful.

Anonymous said...

adorable!! thanks for posting.

Holidays in India said...

It's looking nice.

Anonymous said...

So cute!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks for the comments. I would love to see Pandas again in future to photograph them.