Koh Lipe Sunrise in Thailand Picture of the Week

Koh Lipe Sunrise in Thailand is my Picture of the Week. This beautiful island located at the Taruto National Park is one of Thailand's hidden gem. With no vehicles and basic infrastructure, Ko Lipe in Southern Thailand is one of the premier locations for Backpackers, Island Lovers, Scuba Divers and Sun Seekers. Having been here twice in one year during the off season and the peak season, I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful islands on the West Coast of Thailand.

For those interested in visiting this unique place, you may want to read up about Getting to Koh Lipe. It is crucial that you know what to expect at this island as it is unlike the other popular islands throughout Thailand. Boat schedules are limited and only available from certain areas. There are no ATMs on the island while everyone here moves around on foot. For photographers, land or underwater, there is abundance of choices to photograph here. By the way, I also took this unique picture about Koh Lipe Beach, Sun and Rain. Overall, if you are an avid island lover, this is one of the islands you must visit and best if you can visit the beach and catch the beautiful Koh Lipe Sunrise.