Imbak Canyon Waterfalls in Sabah Borneo

Waterfall at Imbak Canyon
This is the famous Imbak Canyon Waterfalls which are called Imbak Falls and one of the places which I have been longing to visit since 2005.

Located just north of Maliau Basin in the center of Sabah, the canyon is part of the Conservation of Rainforest in North Borneo spanning over 32,000 hectares of class II protected rainforest.

Highlights of visiting Imbak Canyon are to see one of Malaysia's most outstanding waterfalls and the unique flora and fauna that is found here.

Imbak Falls video shot with Panasonic HDC-HS700 Camcorder (Full HD)

Imbak Canyon Waterfalls in Sabah Borneo

I was invited by Cede from North Borneo Safari for the Imbak Canyon Photography Expedition 2011 which was from the 25th to 27th February. The trip was also attended by avid photographers and 4x4 members from Kota Kinabalu to explore this unique and hardly explored place.

If you are a nature enthusiast who enjoys traveling to some of the most remote places in Malaysia seeking something totally unique and different, this is perfect for you. No regrets whatsoever as I had always wanted to see this amazing place for many years and my dream came true.

How to go to Imbak Canyon

Imbak Canyon is located 300 kilometers south east of Kota Kinabalu while the journey takes about 4 hours via main roads from Kota Kinabalu or 2 hours from Sandakan to the town of Telipud. Then another 2-3 hours via dirt and uneven roads from Telupid to the Tampoi Base Camp just outside the main conservation area.

To do this, one needs to use four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles. Depending on the weather and skills of your driving, the best time to get in would be before nightfall. If it rains, the terrain can get very challenging and tricky.

Waterfall at Imbak Canyon
I took this picture with my Nikon D60 and a 55-300mm Lens

Imbak Canyon Packages

Note that only experienced guides and rangers are required to be with you once you enter the conservation area. There is basic lodging at the Tampoi Base Camp while packages include full board meals. Bathrooms are provided while the bedding area is divided for male and female visitors.

There is no mobile phone service unless you use a satellite phone there. The nearest outpost is Kampung Imbak which is a two  to three hour drive from the base camp. For further details on visiting Imbak Canyon, please contact Cede Prudente from North Borneo Safari

As the area is strictly controlled, you will need permission from Yayasan Sabah who manages the Imbak Canyon Conservation Area and to do so, you can contact Cede for all your arrangements.

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Read more about my Imbak Canyon Photography Safari. and for anyone planning to visit this incredible place, you must pre-arrange your trip to Imabak Canyon with a registered tour company in Sabah.