Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 'Night Glow' Event 2011

Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 'Night Glow' Event 2011 is the much awaited night time show at the balloon event is held every Saturday night at the main event grounds. Here, most of the hot air balloons taking part will prepare by inflating up and standing by to start at about 8.30-8.45pm at night. Tens of thousands of spectators will be lining up the main area to catch this unique show which will last for about 15 to 20 minutes and is illuminated to the tune of music from the DJ spinning on that evening. For pictures I took during the day, take a look at my Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 2011 Pictures article.

Doraemon and other Hot Air Balloons at Night Glow in Putrajaya 2011

For the third year running this event, the crowd simply loves the fact that apart from flying, these Hot Air Balloons are also used to entertain everyone by just being on the ground. Children of all ages, adults - young and old are seen enjoying the Night Glow event here in Putrajaya. Even the avid photographers are seen running around taking pictures of the lit up balloons. Trust me, it is not easy to take pictures of this unless you have a very steady hand or if you brought your tripod along. Flash photography does not work here so do not bother. 

Below are some videos and pictures I took during the 3rd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on that Saturday night and no, I did not bring a tripod. I used a Panasonic HDC-HS700 Full HD Camcorder to capture the videos which are unedited. I generally moved around the main road to capture the many lit up hot air balloons and I have to say that the star of that night was the Doraemon Hot Air Balloon. Children were seen laughing and pointing at it while teenagers were seen posing in the front while all sorts of cameras were used to photograph the hot air balloon. From DSLR to compact cameras and video recorders to smartphones were being used here. I even saw someone with an iPad taking pictures here. 

Tree Trunk Nature Hot Air Balloon at Night Glow in Putrajaya 2011

Doraemon Hot Air Balloon at Putrajaya 2011 Fiesta in the night

Night Glow at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya 2011 Video

Doraemon Hot Air Balloon at Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 in HD Video

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon 2011 Crowd at Night Video in HD

During the Night Glow at Putrajaya 2011, I took time to walk around and see some of the other balloons which were on display. The famous Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon was up and ready in the front just next to the Doraemon Hot Air Balloon. But just before the event started, the balloon had moved and was not seen. So the lighting event for the balloons were conducted with all the other balloons. Many were seen trying to photograph the Darth Vader Balloon but results proved frustrating as they could not get the desired picture they wanted. It was no easy task trying to photograph a black coloured hot air balloon in the night.

 Darth Vader at the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Event 2011

Doraemon seems so happy all lit up at night

Even kids balloons were seen being sold at night

 The general crowd scene at the Nigh Glow in Putrajaya
With tens of thousands of people moving around the area, the atmosphere was a happy one indeed. Vendors selling toy helium balloons of popular cartoon characters were seen walking around while children were screaming to the parents to buy them. Adults were seen mingling around the main area taking pictures while couples were holding hands and admiring the beauty of the Night Glow Hot Air Balloon Event. Flashes from cameras were going off every other second as people tried to photograph this magical moment while the resident DJ was playing a variety of music which was coordinated to the balloon illuminations. 

How the balloons were lit up was pretty simple. Each of the balloons were prepared with enough gas and the balloon master would then pump the fire into the balloons with the tune of the music beat. Pumping the huge flames inside the balloons would light it up giving an overall bright glow to the balloon. A selection of Malay, Banghra, Techno and Fusion music was used in this show of lights at the event. At the end of the show, fireworks were set off at the back of the event grounds and people started to move to get a better view of the display. 'Ohhs' and 'Ahhs' were heard throughout the crowds while on a big display screen, it was broad casted live and those who could not see due to the high balloons turned their attention to the live screens here at Putrajaya.

Tree Trunk Hot Air Balloon was very prominent in the front

Upside Down Hot Air Balloon at the event

For those who missed out on this spectacular show this year, make a note for the next Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Putrajaya 2012. The Night Glow Event is held on the second last day which is usually a Saturday so head there at about 3-4pm to find your parking space and you can catch the 6pm Hot Air Balloons lift off and after dinner at about 8pm, stand by at the main event area to catch the Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya Night Glow Event.
Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 'Night Glow' Event 2011 Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 'Night Glow' Event 2011 Reviewed by David Jr on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Rating: 5


jfook said...

Great photos. =)

David Jr said...

Thanks a bunch jfook. Did you go for the event?

Ted Nelson said...

Amazing photos and video. I love the Darth Vader balloon. That was really cool. The lighted balloons are beautiful.

KimberlyKs said...

How fun! I love the upside down one. hehe. Great shots!

sweet lotus said...

great photo n view..i've been there every day since friday til sunday...but, sadly, i can't get ride public ballon bcoz the tickets were sold out before the counter opened during the festive...thank goodness the night glow balloons n fireworks was the best moment to see....

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