Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 2011 Pictures

Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 2011 in Pictures taken on Saturday evening 19th March. I took some time off my schedule to drive down to Putrajaya and catch the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 as today is the second last day. Reaching there at about 5pm, the weather was not too promising as it was raining. But the crowd there was incredible! Every where I turned, there were hundreds of not thousands of people with umbrellas walking around the area. It was pretty much packed despite the weather. Anyway, walking around and snapping away, I finally found a stall that sold a poncho as the rain did not seem to be stopping. 

Crowd braving the rain

Before I knew it, it did stop and smiles were beginning to form from the crowd. Every other person was seen holding a camera of some kind - DSLR, compact and smartphones, they were everywhere. The MC announced that due to the great weather now, they were awaiting the airspace marshals to give the go ahead for the hot air balloons to start lifting off. Looking around, I should say there were at least ten thousand people around. Many of them crowding the balloon set up barricade snapping away. 

Finally, the first hot air balloon is up, it is the Vietnamese Cat Hot Air Balloon which brings cheer to the waiting crowd. Children pointing just like the adults while cameras clicking away in a frenzy. The bright orange hot air balloon lifts off the ground to the cheer of the crowd. Slowly, one by one the balloons start taking form  and eventually lift off. There were at least seven balloons that took off this evening.  Two Blimps were seen flying around the event area so that was something new here. Below are a series of pictures taken this evening with my trusty Nikon D60 camera. If you are planning to visit the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 tomorrow, go early - 7am! Enjoy and if you have any comments, please feel free to mention.

Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya 2011 Video

Video of the crowd at Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 on Saturday evening
Two Hot Air Balloons lift off at Putrajaya 2011
My Balloon Fiesta Blimp and a Hot Air Balloon
A poor Doraemon Balloon
Kids were seen with happy faces despite the rain at Putrajaya
A balloon firing up to get higher
KFC had their own little hot air balloon
Colourful Balloons for the kids

Video of the Hot Air Balloons taking off

 Happy Hot Air Balloon lifting off at Putrajaya
A Spiderman Motorbike Balloon
Star Wars Stormtroopers seen among the crowd at Putrajaya
Dora the Explorer balloon against a sunset
Jet of fire being let go into the hot air balloon

Tomorrow is the last day (20th March 2011) so for those of you planning to visit this festival, make sure you head there very early at about 7am. There is ample parking around the area and lots of food and drinks. Make sure you bring your umbrella just in case it rains. For more information about the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011.