Street Coffee in Hanoi

Street Coffee in Hanoi is one of the main things that every traveler should try when you visit here. A popular locals hangout by the street, they are seen sitting all around the sidewalk drinking Vietnamese Coffee or the special lemon juice. while munching on local peanuts throwing the skins on the floor. The coffee is usually served iced or hot and with condensed milk.

Foot high stools are used as makeshift tables while groups of youngsters are seen sitting around chatting and watching life pass by at Cafe Nhoi Tho which is along the busy intersection here. This is a common pastime for locals in Hanoi and you can find many similar places around town especially at the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

If you want to blend in and try out this local way of life, simply find a spot, grab a few stools and wait for the workers to come take your order. You can enjoy cup after cup of coffee or lemon juice till late in the night. Personally, I found that this simple lifestyle was very interesting as you get some of the best Street Coffee in Hanoi here.