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Street Coffee in Hanoi

Hanoi Street Coffee
Street Coffee in Hanoi is one of the main things that every traveler should try when you visit this culturally rich part of Vietnam.

The street coffee places are a very popular local hangout, where the locals are seen sitting all around the sidewalk drinking Vietnamese Coffee or the special local lemon juice.

They do this while munching on local peanuts throwing the skins all over the floor, while deep in conversation.

The coffee is usually served iced or hot and with condensed milk, and is probably some of the best street coffee I have tasted.

Foot high stools are used as makeshift tables while groups of youngsters are seen sitting around chatting and watching life pass by.

One of the popular coffee cafes, but with proper chairs.
Where To Find Street Coffee Places In Hanoi? 

With this trend growing over the last 10 years or so, more people are indulging in this style of drinking coffee, and seeing tourist at some of these places is no surprise.

One of the popular places for the street coffee in Hanoi is no other than the Cafe Nhoi Tho, which is along the busy intersection here.

This is a common pastime for locals in Hanoi and you can find many similar places around town especially at the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

You can also read about the famous Weasel Coffee in Hanoi, as I have tried that and also wrote about it.


My visit to Hanoi was done in 2010, and I had the pleasure to experience this street coffee culture while I was here. 

If you want to blend in and try out this local way of life, simply find a spot, grab a few stools and wait for the workers to come take your order.

Personally, I found that this simple lifestyle was very interesting as you can get some of the best street coffee in Hanoi here. Next time you visit Hanoi in Vietnam, do make it a point to experience this. 


Unknown said...

Vietnamese drip coffee is to die for! I couldn't get enough of it when I was in Vietnam. It is the sole reason for my three month long insomnia. I just drank too much to sleep! And I just love how everyone just plops down by the side of the road at all hours for a glass!

Unknown said...

looks happening..:)

Ihsan Khairir said...

wow the stools are quite small and short, they almost look like they're squatting!

Malaysia Asia said...

Connie, the Vietnamese Coffee are to die for. i had at least 5-6 cups each day I was there trying out the various cafes. Amazing! Strange enough, here in Malaysia, the Vietnam Coffee just isn't the same, even at the Vietnamese Restaurants.

E.d.Y. Trust me, very happening, expecially when you join in the local fun.

Ishan, You're right about that. And they can sit for hours!


fie-nuts said...

Heading to Vietnam in July so hopefully can swing by Hanoi too!
I'm a coffee junkie by the way.

Julia said...

Love this photo, reminds me of a great time in Hanoi :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Fie, nice to know you're heading to Hanoi. I hope to come out with a few more articles about Hanoi and now I have a reason to do it quicker. Stay tuned!

Julia, thank you and likewise as I am missing the coffee BIG time! Even the supply I bought back was finished within a few weeks.

Malaysia Asia

Cathy Sweeney said...

Never had Vietnamese coffee, but would love to try it. Looks like a fun place to enjoy a cup.

Jozef Maxted said...

Haha what a great scene! Looks really funny the way they are perched on such tiny stalls!

Jillian from IShouldLogOff said...

What memories of Hanoi! Those little seats reminded me of preschool when we were there, but looking at your photo now I think I'll now associate them with Hanoi.

It's late afternoon here, but I feel the need for a coffee....

monette | fliptravels said...

can't wait to try this in a few days. thanks for all the links too! they sure are helpful for first time travelers to vietnam. :D

Migrationology said...

Yes, I think I enjoyed 3 glasses of lemonade in those very chairs! I absolutely enjoyed relaxing on the street in Hanoi drinking great coffee.

Nancie said...

I remember having coffee here! My only challenge was getting up after sitting on those little seats that are so close to the ground! :):)

I hope you'll remember Travel Photo Thursday this week :)

jade said...

I'm not really a huge coffee drinker, but my boyfriend spend hours hunting down a great cup of joe. Fun!

Malaysia Asia said...

Cath, once you have tried it - there is no drinking local coffee anymore :)

Jozef, yeah it is funny. Imagine walking around and all the local cafes are like this!

Jillian, amazingly, stools like this bring so much character to the streets. Now I'm dying to sit on one and have coffee.

Monette, that's nice to know you're headed there. Enjoy your trip and try the experience!

Mark, you betcha! I can never get enough of the Lemonade and Coffee here. I must have ODed on it during my trip.

Nancie, hahah after a few cups, I just wanted to sit on the floor.

Jade, then you better tell your BF to head to Hanoi to experience this. I cannot wait to go back.

Malaysia Asia

Adam said...

OMG! I want to go back right now. This second. I soooooo miss my Vietnamese coffee fix. It was a main part of the reason I actually managed to gain weight while traveling in Vietnam. That and 25 cent Bia Hoi's.

Hotel Southern said...

I love this photo and culture of Hanoi.

anhhh said...

Those coffee shops near the church in yr picture are actually not famous for coffee but ice lemon tea. When coming there, just sit down and order a glass of ice lemon tea, then chatting with friends, seeing people walking in and out of the church. That's cool enough to keep people sitting there hours and hours. That corner is the favorite destination of the youth. After the whole day working hard, spending some hours at this corner chatting with friends and relaxing is cool. For those who love coffee, i suggest you guys to visit Nhan coffee, not here.