Sepilok Nature Resort in Sabah

 Sepilok Nature Resort Sabah

Sepilok Nature Resort in Sabah is one of the premium hotels to stay at while visiting this Eco-friendly place. Located just nearby the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, this Eco-resort also doubles as a orchid lovers paradise and usually is base for most travelers who are moving around this part of Sabah. Rooms are well spread throughout the resort grounds while a portion of the resort sits over a pond.On my arrival here, I was fascinated to fine a very unique collection of rare Borneo Orchids growing throughout the resort. Along the walkways to the chalets, there were many species I had not seen before so it was a great stay for me. 

As the Sepilok Nature Resort was a quick drive the the Orang Utan Sanctuary, my guide picked us up in the morning and I recall it being only a five minute drive there. So if you are seeking somewhere central to be based at while exploring the many Eco places around Sandakan, this would be a good recommendation. During my two days of stay here, I visited the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) and the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary as they were a stones throw from each other. If you are looking for more activities to do around the area, I made a list titled 10 Things to do in Sandakan.

Pictures of Sepilok Nature Resort in Sabah

Entrance to the resort

Picture above is the main building of the Sepilok Nature Resort. Excellent use of natural resources to build the structure and this was one of the things that impressed me. The resort used natural wood overall where ever they could and all the chalets were 85% built from wood.

Main entrance to the resort

Resort at night. Restaurant area over the pond. 

Main restaurant area of the resort

Wooden bridge that divides the resort and the chalets

 Outdoor lounge area by the pond

 Eco-Tour rates offered by the resort

Sightings of wildlife updated daily at Sepilok

 Gecko spotted outside the chalet

 A rare orchid found at the resort

Chalet room, very spacious

Bathroom inside the main chalet

 View of the bathroom in the chalet

 Continental breakfast served

 Staghorn Fern at Sepilok, Sabah
Overall I would highly recommend staying here as the service was great, food was delicious and the resort was perfect. I would also like to thank Sabah Tourism for organising this trip and also to one of the most senior and experienced nature guides - Old Man Ben. His vast knowledge about Sepilok and its surroundings were very impressive throughout our trip here.

For more information about the resort, you can visit the official site which also caters to a one stop package for Diving in Lankayan Island, Eco-Tourism in Sandakan, Kinabatangan Packages and anything nature related. 

Address for Sepilok Nature Resort Sabah;
Pulau Sipadan Resort and Tours Sdn Bhd.
Block C, Ground Floor, Lot 38 & 39, Mile 6,
Bandar Tyng, 90000 Sandakan,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Telephone: (6089) 673999 / 674999 / 675999

For those who appreciate real rainforest nature and Eco-Tourism, Sandakan in Sabah is one of the premier places offering you the best of Borneo. Sandakan is also a laid back town so do not expect modern shopping malls or what you usually see in the big cities. There are even no 7-11 Stores here. A perfect nature loving place which practices responsible tourism. The resort is not budget styled and is the best in its class here so you would enjoy your stay here at the Sepilok Nature Resort in Sabah.