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ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Singapore ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore is scheduled to be officially opened on the 17th February 2011 at 1.18 pm (Singapore Time)

This is also the world’s first ArtScience Museum that celebrates inspiring innovations, art and exhibits that are the product of the union of art and science. 

Boasting an iconic lotus-inspired design, it is set to become the premier venue for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections from around the world.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

Here is some info about the lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum, which has 10 "fingers" anchored by a round base in the middle and each finger holds gallery spaces with skylights at the "fingertips."

It is also designed by world renowned architect Moshe Safdie, and it has also been called “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore” by Mr. Sheldon Adelson, the visionary chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp. The curved roof of the museum harvests rainwater, sending it to a reflecting pool. 

There are a total of 21 gallery spaces that will embrace achievements in both art and science in a total of 4,800 square meters of space here. Traveling exhibitions will change every three to six months.

ArtScience Museum Architecture Video in HD

ArtScience Museum, exploring the inside

Video of the ArtScience rain well collecting water for recycling

There will be two exhibitions ongoing during the month of February and March 2011 which are;

Traveling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World

Date:19 February - 27 March 2011

Embark on an amazing journey on the greatest trading route known to man in this exhibition that recreates the ancient cities of Asia and the Middle East.

Collectively known as the "Silk Road", the Silk Routes were crucial paths for cultural, commercial and technological exchange between traders, merchants, soldiers and nomads from Ancient China, India, Tibet, Persia and Mediterranean countries a millennium ago.

This highly interactive exhibition, making its Asian debut, will immerse visitors in the sights, sounds and smells of the bustling marketplaces in Asia and the Middle East.

Date: 19 February - 10 April 2011
Go on a journey back to 13th century Mongolia with stunning re-creations of Mongolia’s grasslands and battlegrounds, complete with archaeological artifacts and weaponry of the Mongol Empire. 

With the largest collection of Genghis Khan artifacts ever assembled from the conqueror’s reign, it tells the story of the man whose innovation, technological mastery and cultural creativity gave him the reputation of one of the world’s greatest yet most misunderstood leaders. 

The exhibition will also shed light on the influence the Mongol empire had on culture, international law and finance even to this day.

ArtScience Museum in Singapore
ArtScience Museum in Singapore against the city

Photo Credits;
Main Picture: MBS, ST, Alphonsus Chern


For those who are looking for something different to do while in the island republic, head over to the MBS Integrated Resort and explore the many attractions offered here, while adults and children should check out the newly opened ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.


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Thank you all. I had a fantastic time at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands on the official opening as we were taken for a full guided tour by the museum director and his team. It is one of those Must-Visit places when you visit Singapore. Watch out for my coming article with videos on this place.

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