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13 January, 2011

Justin Bieber Concert Tickets Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2011

Justin Bieber Concert Tickets for the Kuala Lumpur Stadium Negara show can be bought at the Bangsar Village II Shopping Center in KL. The Online Tickets can be bought through two of the main online companies stated below. This concert is part of the Justin Bieber My World Tour in Kuala Lumpur and he will also be having his concert in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Latest Updates on Justin Bieber Concert in KL Pictures

Bieber Fever is here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
Bieber Fans at KLIA intervier plus image of Justin and Selena arriving

Justin Bieber's Tickets are also being sold on the 15th January (Saturday) from 11AM specially for TuneTalk Prepaid Members at Bangsar Village II while on the 16th January Sunday, the ticket sales are open to everyone at the same place. There is talk that the organisers 'Fat Boys Records' will be giving out FREE Justin Bieber Concert Tickets during the launch of the event at Bangsar this Saturday. If you are a die-hard fan, you would probably know that there will be thousands of people there so be prepared for the long queues.

Malaysian Justin Bieber Fans have been lining up since 4am this morning outside Bangsar Village II  to be the first few in line to get the concert tickets for today launch. At about 11am, there were a few hundred fans waiting in line while they were allowed to go into the ticket area in batches by security personal here. Parents were seen with the teenagers lining up while at the ticket counters, credit card machines were working overtime in processing the payments. Cash was also accepted. A number of TV reporters were also seen taking pictures and interviewing the first few fans who bought the tickets here. 

 One of the first few Justin Bieber Fans holding her concert ticket

TuneTalk subscribers who were first in line getting concert tickets

The line outside Bangsar Village II this morning on the 15th Jan 2011

Two happy Bieber Fans holding their concert tickets

Fans who subscribe to TuneTalk PrePaid this Saturday will also be eligible to purchase the Bieber Concert Tickets on the same day. There will also be lots of Games and Prizes during this event including a Bieber Look-Alike Contest with some singing and dancing shows. A media announcement will be made by TuneTalk CEO Jason Lo at around 10.30AM.

Justin Bieber Concert Tickets information;

Location: Bangsar Village II Concourse Area
Time: 10am - 10pm
Tickets on Sale: 17,000 Tickets are to be sold
Ticket Prices: RM98 (Standing Only), RM188, RM288, RM358 and RM498 (VIP Area)
Where to buy Tickets: Bangsar Village 2 Shopping Center
Date: 15th of January 2011
Time: 11 AM onwards
Venue: Bangsar Village II, Concourse Area
Note: For Tune Talk subscribers only

Date: 16th of January 2011
Time: 10a.m onwards
Venue: Bangsar Village II, Concourse Area
Note: Open up to everyone

Justin Bieber Online Tickets can be bought from;
 Offline Ticket Counters
  • Rock Corner Outlets (03 7880 7999)
  • Ticket Pro Outlets (03 7880 0749)
  •  More info please visit: Rock This Joint 
  • In the comments section below as many people are selling off RM358 and RM498 tickets due to other commitments. 
Other Links
Justin Bieber Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur
TuneTalk Website

Where the concert is going to be held?

Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 21st April 2011(Thursday)
Time: 8.30PM
Supporting Acts: TBC

Latest Justin Bieber News 20th April 2011
Justin Bieber misleads fans waiting at the Singapore airport as he was scheduled to exit the main entrance. Thousands of teenage fans waited for him while he slipped out through a side door. I wonder if he will do the same thing for his fans waiting at the airport here. Or is he coming in via car from Singapore? Will Malaysian Bieber fans be grouping up at the KLIA for his arrival?

Where is Justin Bieber Staying in Kuala Lumpur (KL)? 
Rumor has it that Justin will be staying at the KL Hilton for his concert in Malaysia.

This year's opening concert is going to be the biggest and most talked about concert of 2011. After years of waiting, the fans are now all excited and ecstatic about teenage megastar Justin Bieber's Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Concert 2011.
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stephaniexleong said... 13 January 2011 22:38

they spelt justin bieber's name wrongly ==

Randombieberfan said... 14 January 2011 17:31

Omg. JUSTINE bieber? seriously? Get his name right -__-

Pern said... 14 January 2011 21:51

OHMYGOSH i want to go man.

chua said... 15 January 2011 17:23

what time will the concert ends ? :]

farisha said... 15 January 2011 22:35

got my ticket cant wait to go :)

StarLight said... 16 January 2011 00:51

Got my ticket already !!
Cant wait to go !!

Anonymous said... 18 January 2011 17:39

where can i booking the tickets for VVIP seats?

kina.98 said... 18 January 2011 23:37

Got My ticket cant wait!

nayli said... 19 January 2011 14:24

If i know that day justin bieber ticket are sell i want to get 1 ticket to go by myself.now its too late...im crying.justin bieber coming to is planning to go singapore and all ticket are sold in 1 week i would have just come on that day.Im so sad...i wish some will get me one ticket or give...wuah wuah....the ticket in singapore cost $230 i exchanged to malaysia is $700

camia said... 30 January 2011 21:57

GOSHHHHHHHHHH i can't believe this .. yayy yayy cant wait to go :D
here i come JB <3

Anonymous said... 1 February 2011 07:52

I got VIP tickets for free.... my friend got it from her Aunt

Anonymous said... 2 February 2011 12:02

Justin Bieber should be banned from coming to Malaysia. He is against our 1Malaysia vision as he/she is confusing Malaysians on whether he/she is a boy or a girl and also how such a crappy singer can get worldwide fame by being "cute".
C'mon Pas/Umo Youth this is where we need you to wipe out this evil of the decadent Western civilization.

Anonymous said... 4 February 2011 15:31

Justin Bieber or Bustin Jieber should be killed. SHE is gay! SHE is brainwashing our Malay teenage girls!

umairah najihah said... 4 February 2011 23:01

jb,i hope u will be commin at kuantan,pahang.i will wait 4 u.love u 4evr...<3 <3

Anonymous said... 5 February 2011 23:18

Where can I get the VIP ticket?

Anonymous said... 6 February 2011 21:22

I want to go at JUSTIN BIEBEER concert...... but i don't know how to get the VIP ticket?????? i mean the RM 188.00 VIP ticket......

Anonymous said... 6 February 2011 21:23

I want to go at JUSTIN BIEBEER concert...... but i don't know how to get the VIP ticket?????? i mean the RM 188.00 VIP ticket......

Anonymous said... 11 February 2011 23:20

Can someone please tell me where is the ticket counter at Bangsar Village? Like which floor etc,I'm going there tomorrow,thanks!:D

Anonymous said... 12 February 2011 07:37

Justin bibir screams like a girl!!

Anonymous said... 12 February 2011 21:04

My dad and my brother just came home and GUESS WHAT??I got .....2 tickets to JB live in Malaysia!!! I AM SOOO PUMPED!!!Last night ,I tried booking online from both sites but it was unsuccessfull bla3. I was the one who asked where to buy the ticket at bangsar village,and apparently you can't get it there anymore.Mine was from a Rock Corner at Mid Valley!

Ally Sabrina ❤ said... 14 February 2011 22:09

Hey . wait for me . im coming ! 498 ! wohoooo ! <3

Tifferny Koo said... 18 February 2011 22:59

GOOSH ~! 498 ringgit... i think its too expensive to just see him for just few hrs .. 98 for standing only ?!? r u kidding me XO ! Preetymuch jealous for those who got tickets already

weedoo said... 25 February 2011 06:31

hey u guys!i have justin bieber shirt!go to my page and see it ur self!be the first to wear it!it is custom made just for the concert!enjoy!(http://weedoobiz.blogspot.com/)

Anonymous said... 27 February 2011 15:27

I can't wait !!! BTW I found something cool to share..Justin Bieber iPhone & iPod Touch theme!!!


Anonymous said... 4 March 2011 21:01

Hey,someone tell me please can i bring my camera go inside this concert?

Aku said... 6 March 2011 02:22

is there any ticket left? i want to buy. serious.

Tyz Asmine said... 11 March 2011 10:31

WAa ! send me to KL please :'(

Anonymous said... 16 March 2011 16:48

why do ALL the celebrities who come to Malaysia go to KUALA LUMPUR?!
Can't the go to all the 14 different continents???
For me,i think if they go to Sabah,Kota Kinabalu is MUCH(10000X) Better than KL,ive been there(KL) and its quite a BIG RIOT when a celeb comes..So now,IM BEGGING!!
I've been living in Sabah for more than 10 years in my life!!
I know how beautiful our culture and forests ARE!! We have evrything GREEN!!
Believe me,if Justin comes here to Sabah,Kota Kinabalu he will NOT regret it!!
I mean,we have all kinds of different activities which i have experienced!!
For Example,
Ranau(BEST PLACE!),Mount Kinabalu(3rd or 4th most highest mountain in the world),Waterworld(TONS OF SLIDES!),Lok Kawi Zoo(Endangered Animals),1 Borneo(3rd most highest shopping mall!),Megalong(The 1st most LONGEST shopping mall in the whole wide world!),KDCA(The CULTURE IS FANTASTIC!!)

So why waste his time going to KL??
I know theres alot more to do there but here,IS THE BEST PLACE TO GO!!

Take my opinion..He will never regret going here!!

A normal Justin Bieber Fan.
(I don't have BIEBER FEVER just doing this for my friends who love him..!! <3)

k-chiey said... 26 March 2011 12:33

-forever love JB-
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

- said... 29 March 2011 16:50

I have 6 tickets to his Singapore Concert for only SGD160 held on 19th April. Singapore is one of his first stops in ASIA! be the first to catch him. please contact me at krystle.yong@gmail.com (serious buyers only as this tickets are let go at original price)

Anonymous said... 29 March 2011 22:12

waaa...i missed it!!!i can't buy justin bieber ticket concert!!so sad!!!!!!!i wanna die!!!nobody tell me when is the ticket selling!!!!waaa..please help me..someone.. T.T

Biggest Justin Bieber Fan! said... 31 March 2011 16:28

I'm so happy I got the tickets from a relative after they sold out. I think I'll the biggest guy there. Lol!

Anonymous said... 3 April 2011 22:56

i really really want to go to justin bieber's concert but,,wekkk,,i cannot buy his ticket because i dont have money to buy..uwwaekkkk..i hope someone can give me one..justin i lurv u so much..

lucas.ang said... 5 April 2011 10:28

hey ppl there...i think there are ppl wan FREE tickets yeah?

i found SHINJIRU fan page on Facebook that organizes contest to give away FREE TICKETS! every one have a try then...JB Forever!!


Anonymous said... 5 April 2011 16:59

For the Sabahan anonymous above. It's pretty embarrassing to say such that as if Sabah is not apart of Malaysia and debate why do overseas artists always come to KL?
Well it's pretty vivid that Malaysia's capital city is well..KL.
It make sense to hold concerts/events over there. And JB come here to do a CONCERT not having his holiday in Malaysia right? He might just took off and fly back to other countries on the same night.
Indeed Sabah does hold one of the most heritage in our country. No doubt. But he have no time to go to the places you mentioned as he's on TOUR currently isn't it? Pretty weird to bring this up -.-

mario88 said... 6 April 2011 15:00

Justin Bieber is a great performer, we love him so much.

eddikl said... 6 April 2011 15:07

I went to Justin Bieber concert and it was awesome...he is so cute.

swurna ramaiyah said... 9 April 2011 15:29

omg....im so damn sad...
i didnt get the ticket..
jb rockzzz...

Anonymous said... 12 April 2011 16:11

i got 2 justin bieber 21april malaysia blue zone rm358 tickets to let's go....swap with ipad if who interested pls contact on 012-4369558

poohbear said... 12 April 2011 21:52

I've got 2 bluezone ticket. Price negotiable. email me at poohbear141190@hotmail.com.

Cool said... 13 April 2011 21:41

omg to expensive la......
gila lah mahal nak mampus tiket.............

arwyn said... 14 April 2011 14:16

just got my VIP ticket today!!

Anonymous said... 14 April 2011 17:23

of course go KL la.. all the rich ppl there.. and alot more fans there.. he can get more tickets sold.. if go sabah, sure damn less ppl show up to his concert..

Shiela said... 15 April 2011 09:32

Hi to all Bieber's fans. I got 2pcs RED ZONE tickets worth RM498.00 each to let go. Got some urgent matter to attend this Thursday out of the town. I will sell it for only RM700.00 for both tickets. Kindly contact me if interested; 017-9172503. I'm living in Kinrara, can deliver it in KL Sentral. Tq

Anonymous said... 16 April 2011 16:26

anyone have blue zone tix?

bie Baby said... 17 April 2011 18:19

Hi ALL...i got 2 RED ZONE ticket, worth RM 498/ticket. i cant' go on this Thursday due to some emergency. Selling it at RM800. Text or contact me at 012-2998507...TQ

AmeeyStylo said... 17 April 2011 21:43

hye ..i got 1 Purple ticket to let go..price is RM98/ticket...selling at rm90 .. u guys can sms me or call me at 0122936580 / ameey ..thanx

David Jr said... 18 April 2011 03:10

Wow, that's a lot of tickets being let go. Great time to buy them from these people as the concert is just 4 days away!

Ct Shella said... 18 April 2011 15:03

I've got a pair of RED ZONE (VIP) tickets worth RM498.00 each to let go. Won them from Bangsar Village Contest. Not a fan of Justin Bieber. I will sell both tickets for only RM700.00. Interested please call 012-6060 944 (ct) or 012-6080 944 (fnd)

aina said... 18 April 2011 16:34

anyone wants the RM98 ticket? selling out for RM90. call/sms 012 6808832 (aina)

shira said... 18 April 2011 19:39

hey guys i'm selling 3 blue zone tickets. tweet me on twitter. thanks.

shira said... 18 April 2011 19:40

selling 3 blue zone tickets. tweet me @shirasyahirah

Ct Shella said... 18 April 2011 20:59

my tickets are sold out

Anonymous said... 18 April 2011 21:15

im desrate 4 rm358 ticket....i f ur willing 2 sell.... email me at divyaa_cute5@yahoo.com
pls pls pls!!!

Anonymous said... 18 April 2011 21:16


bie Baby said... 18 April 2011 22:22

my ticket r sold too..

Anonymous said... 18 April 2011 23:06

Do they still sell tickets?

Nur Afiqah Mardhiah said... 19 April 2011 16:44
This comment has been removed by the author.
belieber said... 19 April 2011 20:22

does anyone know what time will this concert ends? i need to plan my transportation. thank u very much!! :D

%#@she..rlee..@#$ said... 19 April 2011 20:58

Anyone selling their pink zone tickets 1pcs only?
Or selling their redzone tickets at a cheaper price? Please tweet me @shirliechong or email me @ shirlie_chong94@hotmail.com

David Jr said... 19 April 2011 23:43

If your tickets have been sold, please note it here so those looking for it will not have to contact you.

Thanks! 2 more days for your fans!

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 09:44

Two 498 tix available. Interested? Leave you number here...

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 10:40

OMG! I need two 498 tickets! Please sell it to me, please tweet me @imwillx or text me 0162321151 PLEASE!

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 12:05

I have 2 Orange Zone ticket to let go..RM280 only. Email to tradera2z@yahoo.com

David Jr said... 20 April 2011 12:08

Apparently he sneaked pass thousands of fans waiting for him at the Singapore Airport yesterday. I wonder if he will do this here too?

Who is going to the airport to see him?

David Jr said... 20 April 2011 14:41

Justin Bieber will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2.40PM.

20/04/2011 - MH 0606 02:40 PM SINGAPORE-KUALA LUMPUR.

nursyafiqah said... 20 April 2011 17:30

selling tickets (YELLOW ZONE) for RM300 (price nego. call me asap 016-3551561

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 18:45

Need 3 RM188 tickets. I don't really know which zone is that. Buying 'em for more than the actual price. Contact number: 0126542460

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 18:56


Nur Afiqah Mardhiah said... 20 April 2011 19:46

Hai people. I got 3pcs PURPLE ZONE tickets worth RM98.00 each to let go. Got urgent things to do on that day. Kindly contact me if interested; afiqahmardhiah@gmail.com.

Hye min said... 20 April 2011 20:19

i am selling 3 of rm498(vip zone) the sold out ticket so you can buy it from me
email me if interested bbut be quick :


zzzshazzz said... 20 April 2011 22:57

already bought 3 PURPLE ZONE tix from Nur Atiqah Mardhiah. thanks so much! :D

zzzshazzz said... 20 April 2011 22:58

sorry, afiqah, i mispelled your name. huhu

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 23:46

I am selling TWO blue zone tickets (worth RM358 each). RM300 selling price for each ticket. EMail me now, shyangheng@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 23:46


Anonymous said... 20 April 2011 23:56

I am selling TWO blue zone tickets (worth RM358 each). RM300 selling price for each ticket. EMail me now, shyangheng@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... 21 April 2011 09:43

Hi, i have 2 x rm98 tickets for sale. Needed to travel to s'pore for a meeting.
call : 0176493008 YZ

Victor said... 21 April 2011 11:03

Need 2 green zone ticket urgent !! please call 0165311000 >< thanks i can buy with 200 per ticket, fast !

Anonymous said... 21 April 2011 11:06

Hi guys, my 2 tickets have been sold. Have a good time
thanks YZ

Natalie said... 21 April 2011 11:09

NEED any TWO JB tickets. please email text or call 0126906701.

Victor said... 21 April 2011 11:56

can someone sell me tickets...
either pink or purple or green ...
need 2 tickets ...

Victor said... 21 April 2011 12:04

can someone sell me tickets...
either pink or purple or green ...
need 2 tickets ...
call me 0165311000

Anonymous said... 21 April 2011 12:42

I want 2 ticket purple zone, message me if u want sell it!

Anonymous said... 21 April 2011 16:42

I need 3 tickets ... yellow zone & above. Please call me at 0172888168.

David Jr said... 21 April 2011 18:22

Justin Bieber's Concert in KL is Canceled due to the heavy rain and storm in KL? Can anyone confirm this? Just saw on twitter that many people are RTing this.

Nadia (: said... 21 April 2011 18:50

@ David Jr , are you sure ? is that cancel or postpone to other day ? it would be great if postpone than cancel . im not going anyway . still searching for anyone who wanna sell the tickets tho i know very last minutes. so if it will be postpone it such a heaven for me . :')

David Jr said... 21 April 2011 18:54

Nadia, no idea and no confirmation. Apparently many are saying so about Justin Bieber Concert Cancelled in KL. Lets see if this is true or someone playing a trick. Maybe the concert will be postponed? Can someone verify this?

Nadia (: said... 21 April 2011 18:59

@ David Jr
if the concert postpone , is there any possibilities for me to get the tickets ? i got back from Boarding School just for this thing . wish for some luck for me :(
and i need the verification of the concert .

David Jr said... 21 April 2011 19:13

Just heard on radio that the Justin Bieber concert in KL is NOT canceled. It is still on.

Nadia (: said... 21 April 2011 19:17

There's no luck for me :'(
wish you're having great time there ! :')

if you're taking any picture of him or video upon his performance , hope you dont mind to share it with me . hehe.

pity me :'(

enjoy yourself ! :)

David Jr said... 21 April 2011 19:27

Nadia, I'm not going :) Too old for this.

Anyway, there will be;
NO live telecast of the Justin Bieber Concert in Malaysia. Some people were emailing me and asking about this.

Anonymous said... 21 April 2011 20:44

I just sold out my tickets blue zone today!! Actually wanted to see but too old for me to fancy him!! his songs are great..!! Hope his concert will going smooth & wild~~!!

Anonymous said... 22 April 2011 00:43

Justina Bieber should just drop dead. Now. I hope he chokes himself on the mic.

belieber said... 22 April 2011 12:30

i realy love you justin bieber. i love u very much......... :*

ninsegando said... 22 April 2011 21:56

Cool! My friend is on the photo.

Item Reviewed: Justin Bieber Concert Tickets Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2011 Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: David Jr
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