Halong Bay Cruise Boat Picture of the Week

Cruise Halong Bay
Halong Bay Cruise Boat is my Picture of the Week. I took this picture while I was on board another Vietnamese Junk Boat doing the day cruise around Halong Bay. During my trip there in April 2010, I went for both cruises - the Halong Bay Day Cruise and Halong Bay Overnight Cruise.

The reason for this was that I wanted to fully experience the entire UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was something that I had never planned to do until I got there. Seriously, if you are visiting Ha Long Bay and have the extra time, I would recommend trying this. 

During the day cruise, I visited the Thien Cung Caves of Halong Bay and apparently, the overnight cruise I took the following day did not visit this cave. So it was a worthwhile experience if you ask me.

Just for the record, when I took the day cruise, I booked the entire Vietnamese Junk Boat to myself for only VD500,000. This has to be the best bargain throughout my Vietnam trip and during my Halong Bay Cruise and probably one of the best deals I have had while travelling.