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Halong Bay Cruise Boat Picture

Photo of Cruise Halong Bay

This Halong Bay cruise boat is my picture of the week. I took this picture while I was on board another Vietnamese Junk Boat doing the day cruise around Halong Bay.

During my trip there in April 2010, I went for both cruises - the Halong Bay Day Cruise and Halong Bay Overnight Cruise.

The reason for this was that I wanted to fully experience the entire UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was something that I had never planned to do until I got there.

Seriously, if you are visiting Ha Long Bay and have the extra time, I would recommend trying this. 

During the day cruise, I visited the Thien Cung Caves of Halong Bay and apparently, the overnight cruise I took the following day did not visit this cave. So it was a worthwhile experience if you ask me.

Just for the record, when I took the day cruise, I booked the entire Vietnamese Junk Boat to myself for only VD500,000.

This has to be the best bargain throughout my Vietnam trip and during my Halong Bay Cruise and probably one of the best deals I have had while traveling. 


Lilian said...

Wow~ u booked a whole boat!!! =)
haha....nice =)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Lilian, yes I did, I thought why not as it was converted to be very cheap in USD plus the owner wanted to make a quick buck.


CathJ said...

Very nice!!! LOve this..

nateniale said...

Book the whole boat! That's something I didn't think of! I simply love Halong Bay when I was there a couple of years ago.

Malaysia Asia said...

Cath, very nice and kid-friendly too.

Nateniale, yes, it was only VND500,000 for the entire junk boat to do the 4-5 hour cruise around Halong Bay. Very good deal if you ask me.

Malaysia Asia

Adam said...

That's awesome. Our Halong Bay cruise is one of the most memorable experiences of our time in Vietnam. So cool that you had an entire boat to yourselves.

Ayngelina said...

Halong Bay was definitely a highlight of Vietnam for me although I went the cheap way. Need to hook up with you next time!

Jeremy B said...

Ha long Bay has been very popular the last couple of weeks. Todd almost died there! :) This is a beautiful pic though. Looks like something from Pirates of the Carribean!

Jade said...

We haven't been to Vietnam, but did take a Junk boat tour in Hong Kong. The boat here looks a little more lux than ours in HK! Great shot!

Nick Laborde said...

I haven't been there yet, but it's definitely on my list, especially if I get to see cool boats like that.

Malaysia Asia said...

Adam, a surreal experience to have the boat all to yourself but it was indeed a great experience.

Ayngelina, for sure! Let me know when you're around the area next time you visit here.

Jeremy, yeah, I read about Todds experience and happy to know he's alright. I should make another posting about Halong Bay soon.

Jade, this is just average lol. The real luxury cruise boats in Halong costs around US$300-400! :)

Nick, watch out for my next posting, I will highlight more about the cruises at Halong Bay.


Nancie said...

Beautiful shot David! Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday. I love Halong Bay. Renting the entire boat is great!!

Osias R Barliso Jr said...

Wonderful places.... Excellent Blog. Please keep on sharing!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Nancie and Osias :)

Hotel Southern said...

Beautiful Cruise Boat I love this.

Matt said...

Looks amazing, are the sails functional?