Turtle Island in Sabah Borneo

Selingan Turtle Island Sabah

Turtle Island in Sabah Borneo is my picture of the week. In the photo above, you see guest laying around the beach doing nothing but relaxing. I visited this unique turtle sanctuary and hatchery in October 2010 to experience what one would expect to find here and to my surprise, it was absolutely stunning to know about how the turtles come in to lay eggs and the routines that take place here. 

Turtle Island has only one resort and four main beaches. Guest who come here to observe turtles namely Hawksbill and Green Turtles who come up nightly to lay their eggs on the beach will spend an overnight trip here.

In the day, you can simply laze around this private island while the turtles start to come in after dinner at around 9pm. Turtle Island or Pulau Selingan is located about an hours boat ride from Sandakan town in East Sabah. Tour companies arrange packages for singles, doubles or families to do an overnight trip.

For more info on Turtle Island, you can visit the Sabah Tourism Website and for more information on Sabah, please see my Sabah Articles as I have over 40 stories about Sabah, the Land Below The Wind. If you love all things nature, Turtle Island is one of the places you have to visit when you go to Sabah Borneo.