Travel Pictures - Messy Moments while Traveling

This article is dedicated to the messy moments that we encounter during our travels. Sometimes when we visit a country, our eyes tend to focus on these unique sights and some of us would capture it on camera for that memorable moment. So here, I decided to start an article where you can share your unique pictures from your travels. Pictures can be of a traffic jam, crowds, multiples of something and as long as it looks really messy or confusing.

To do so, just follow the format I have done below and email the pictures to - [at]

Title: Wires, wires and more wires!
Location: Pattaya, Thailand
Date: November 2010
Submitted by: David from Malaysia Asia
Description: Walking along the main streets of Pattaya in Thailand, I turned off into a smaller road and looking up at some shop lots, I saw this massive mess up on a pole. 

Title: Thailand Wires!
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: February 2009
Submitted by: Jenny Hite on her friends site Thai Girl
Description: Hubby, Paul Hite took this picture and shared this with Andrew Hicks, an English author and blogger on-line friend who lives in Thailand with his Thai wife.

MalaysiaAsia Comment: Wow, I honestly wonder how the technicians work on them. 

Title: Messy Food Situation?
Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Date: August 2008
Submitted by: Ilya Houben from Wonderful Malaysia ( and Veelzijdig Maleisie - A popular Dutch travel website about Malaysia).
Description: My girlfriend and I were about to take a taxi to Singapore when we discovered this very nice looking 'messy sitution' in the trunk of this taxi. Still we could only think about how good the food would probably taste :)

MalaysiaAsia Comment: Oh my god! this has got to be the first picture I have seen food being sold literary  from the trunk of a taxi with an LPG gas container.