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Oasis Spa in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Oasis Spa
Oasis Spa in Pattaya is an award winning spa located in the quiet and upmarket area near Jomtien Beach. Having being selected as one of the 12 finalist for the Medical Tourism Blog Contest, I was selected by lucky draw to visit the many facilities around Pattaya, Thailand.

Apart from the Medical Facilities visited, there were also wellness and holistic spas on the itinerary and this was one of them. As I had never been to Pattaya before, I was looking forward to my visit as there has been much said about this thriving beach side city so everything I encountered was literally new. I felt like a true tourist here.

Pattaya Oasis Spa
Oasis Spa Entrance

On my arrival to this renown spa, we spent a good ten minutes looking for it as it was carefully hidden from the public hence the solidarity inside the premises. The owners carefully built this spa inside the circular compound of the classy Chateau Dale, a high end condominium.

Walking through the beautiful archway, stone steps over pebbled ground lead the way in through a well manicured garden with zen-like landscaping. From the minute I stepped in, I could tell that I was transported into another part of remote Thailand.

Suddenly, the busy Pattaya was soon forgotten while the Spa Manager - Minnie attended to our special visit here. A detailed introduction was shared with excellent English by Minnie and a tour around the spa was in line next.

Oasis Spa Manager Pattaya
Oasis Spa Manager doing the 'Wai'

 Thailand Oasis Spa
Welcome herbal drink and cold towel

Oasis Spa Picture 
Spa reception area 

Oasis Spa Ayurveda Treatment
Ayurveda Treatment at Oasis Spa

A demonstration of the Ayurveda Head Treatment was performed for us by two of the spa's highly trained staff for about 20 minutes while Minnie explained the processes involved during this treatment.

The room looked like a royal chamber with high quality Jim Thompson Silk being used for much of the fabrics seen around. Interesting pieces of art were neatly hung on walls while Thai styled curtains donned the pillars here. 

Ayurvedic Treatment Oasis Spa Oasis Spa Private Room
Left - Ayurvedic Oil Treatment, R - Private room at Oasis Spa

Oasis Spa Pattaya Room
Another private treatment room on the first floor of the spa

The Oasis Spa is in an individual building carefully constructed with two floors and has seven private treatment rooms on the first floor. Out of the seven, two of them are royal villas with private bath tubs.

As this is the Pattaya outlet, you can make international reservations via email or by calling to arrange your treatments at any of the four outlets through Thailand that are in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and here in Pattaya. They have reservations centers in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong as well. 

There are over 10 Spa Packages available and over 30 other treatments which include Signature Massages, Ayuverdic Treatments, Scrubs, Wraps, Facials and Hydrotherapy to choose from. Visit the online site for the complete menu and prices.
Map of Oasis Spa Pattaya
Map to Oasis Spa, Pattaya

4 Hands Massage at Oasis Spa

For my personal experience at the Oasis Spa Pattaya and my signature 4 Hands Massage, which I highly recommend to anyone coming to Thailand. This is hands down one of the best type of Thai Massage that you can try. Something very different and unique. 

The Oasis Spa Address in Phuket:
322 ( Chateau Dale ) Moo 12 Tappraya Rd.,
(Jomtien) Nongprue,
Chonburi, Pattaya
Telephone: 038 364070
Website: Oasis Spa

If you're visiting this part of Thailand and want to try something amazing, I recommend you give the Oasis Spa in Pattaya a try. It's professional and award winning with some of the best therapist in the region. 


Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Faye, it was indeed wonderful and such a great experience. If you ever head to Thailand, do check out the Oasis Spa there.


Malaysia Asia said...

V.Spanje, thank you and hope you visit some of the beautiful spas in Thailand. Also, check out the Oasis Spa as they have a few outlets around Thailand.

Tina, thank you very much for the kind words. I too hope you make it to Thailand to experience some of the beautiful spas here.


Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks L.V.D, it would be best to contact the Oasia Spa in Pattaya directly as they could assist you.