AirAsia Budget Airlines

AirAsia Budget Airlines is no doubt the most popular airline brand to operate out of Southeast Asia catering to over 25 countries and 400 destinations. Working closely with the sister companies - AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia was created with one purpose with their catchy tag line ‘’Now Everyone Can Fly’’. Having also won multiple awards in the airline industry since 2003, AirAsia's goal is simply to be the largest Low Cost Airline in Asia serving all walks of life.

AirAsia was established in 1993 by government owned company DRB-Hicom in Malaysia but was eventually taken over by Tony Fernendes in 2001 where he made a remarkable turnaround for the troubled company bringing in massive profits with the term 'Low Cost Budget Airline'. Ever since then, the airline company sky rocketed into the largest budget airline in Asia with over 100 airplanes in the company, a stake in the Lotus Racing Formula One Partnership and many other related companies.

While most Southeast Asians would have heard of AirAsia due to the aggressive marketing campaigns offline and online, many would have flown the budget airlines due to the price factor. The term 'Now everyone can fly' was also conceptualized for all walks of life, from the businessman right to the low income earners making air travel one of the biggest things in the region. The one big thing that consumers are always on the look out for is the famous Free Seats Promotion that AirAsia offers a few times a year. Apart from that, the airline constantly introduces monthly flight promotions and new routes around the region through the main website or through AirAsiaGo, their flight and hotel booking site. In the last 7 years, I have managed to secure a number of Free Seats Promotions to various countries around Southeast Asia every year. 

LCCT in Sepang, Malaysia

One of the current services I found using this airline very convenient was the 'Self Check In' Terminals located at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) Airport in Sepang. Here, you simply visit the unit, key in your booking number and then get your check in ticket. If you have luggage, you simple head to Baggage Drop Counter No.13-15 and hand them your luggage bags to be checked into your flight.

AirAsia Bookings

Among the bookings they offer, there are General, Mobile, Group, Corporate, Travel Agent, Government and Chartering a Flight.

Latest AirAsia News

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For those of you who have never flew Air Asia, you will need a valid credit card to make your bookings via the online site unless you buy your tickets from a travel agent. Note that this is a  Low Cost Budget Airline and extra weight for baggage is charged after 15kgs while food and drinks on flights are also charged a nominal fee.