Top 5 Entertainment Places in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Entertainment Places in Kota Kinabalu
This weeks guest post is from Elaine Chung of Trail Of Asia who is based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo. Elaine is a seasoned traveler and loves to share her experiences via her travel site and has contributed a superb guest post of her hometown in KK Sabah where she shares the popular entertainment places around KK.

Note that most of them are in the city area and within walking distances and this list is compiled in  2010. A number of these places may have been closed or moved to other locations. 

Top 5 Entertainment Places in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Besides the popular natural hotspots in Kota Kinabalu (KK) and its surrounding, some of you might be wondering what else can you do especially at night in the city of Kota Kinabalu? Below are some top entertainment places recommended in no particular order to our fellow travelers.

1. Shenanigan’s Fun Pub

KK’s all time favourite nightspot goes to Shenanigan’s Fun Pub located at the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu and nearby Upperstar. This cozy pub has been around for quite sometime and the managements concept of getting in new live bands results in pulling in a very good crowd.

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, head straight to Shenanigan’s Terrace just outside the pub with your favourite drinks, order a few snacks and enjoy the cooling sea breeze and watch the city go by at night. Tends to get busy on weekends too.

Cock & Bull Bar in Kota Kinabalu
Cock & Bull Bar in KK
2. Cock & Bull

Looking for a place to grab a bite and a glass of cold beer or a pint of Guinness stout for the night? Cock and Bull Bistro and Bar is a friendly place and has two outlets around the city of KK. One outlet is situated at Jesselton Point, approximately 5 minutes walk from the new Suria Sabah Shopping Mall while the other is located at the KK Waterfront with sea-facing tables.

Enjoy the live music and show your skills at pool table with other patrons all night long. If you like your Guinness on Tap, this is the best place to get it. Their staff are friendly while you will see the who's who in KK at these outlets.

3. KK Times Square

This commercial building is slowly filled with pubs and restaurants as it was recently launched. Situated just off the Kota Kinabalu coastal highway, it only takes less than 5 minutes drive from the city center to this young and vibrant nightspot.

Among the popular bars around are Fire Fly, WhiteRoom, Sam Tsui (just to name a few) which are closely established a stone throw away from each other within the building. If you are looking for live bands, talented DJs and vibrant night out, this is the place to be where you see a lot of the younger generation hanging out here. Place closes late on weekends.

Kota Kinabalu Waterfront
KK Waterfront - Great entertainment place by the sea
4. KK Waterfront

A place not to be missed, the KK Waterfront is strategically situated right in the city center nearby the Warisan Mall and is very well known for its beautiful sunsets. A cozy night out over dinner and a couple of drinks, you have the option of sitting by the sea here.

There are few bars and pubs available along the stretch; Shamrock Irish Pub, Cock & Bull, BED and The Loft have been established for quite a while and continue to be the favourites chosen by many. There are also some great restaurants ranging from Italian Food to the famous Sabah Seafood Restaurants here. The entertainment places close by about 1.00 am.

5. BB Cafe

This open air cafe located along Beach Street is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of outdoor activities. Popular among backpackers because of its location, this place also provides live bands, shisha, food and booze - all at moderate prices.

If you are heading to KK for business or leisure and want to know where you can find some decent places, I hope this list can assist you as highlighted above are some of the Best Places for Entertainment in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. 

Elaine Chung is the former founder of trailofasia and a seasoned traveler from Malaysia who has lived in the South-East-Asian region most of her life. The best part about traveling for her is that she gets to interact with diverse people, experience interesting places, expose to rich culture along with the variety of delicious food and unique lifestyle. Besides traveling, she is a social media enthusiast, someone who loves technology, excited about innovative ideas and adore nature.