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Sandakan Market with Lumix GF1 Camera Review

Lumix Camera Review Sandakan

During a recent trip to Sandakan which is on the east coast of Sabah Borneo, I had the opportunity to visit one of the busiest markets in a town called the Sandakan Market or Pasar Sandakan. It is here that the majority of the townspeople come to buy their fresh foods and supplies.

The market is located by the sea so fresh seafood is one of the highlights here and in this article, you will see a variety of pictures relating to the busy lifestyle of the market traders and some even showcasing the fresh seafood for sale.

Lumix GF1 Camera Review Malaysia

Sandakan Slipper Lobster
Slipper Lobsters at Sandakan Market

Personally, I found the Panasonic Lumix GF1 easy to handle as I am a DSLR user and the functions were quite simple. The specifications are also similar to the common DSLR Cameras out in the market but in this case, it is much smaller and lighter to use.

I think female photographers would fancy this as it is not bulky and heavy. Overall, the camera can easily fit into a normal-sized handbag or knapsack with no issues.

The start-up is quick when you want instant shots and walking around the Sandakan market with this camera posed no intrusion with the traders compared to another day when I went there with my huge chunky DSLR camera, some of them thought I was a reporter covering a story and were reluctant to even look at me.

 Below are a series of random shots taken with the Lumix GF1 on a typical day at the market. Please click on the pictures to see the full size.

Sandakan Lobster
Trader posing with his fresh lobster

Sandakan Fish Market
An uncommon 'gold' fish 

Pasar Besar Sandakan
 At the meat section, check out the size of the chickens

Sandakan Parrot Fish
Parrot Fish in Green-Turquoise

Sandakan Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish the size of a shoebox

Sandakan Red Grouper
 Red Groupers and Ikan Merah (Red Fish)

Sandakan Fresh Seafood
Trader washing his hands

Sandakan Sharks
Sharks on sale 

Octopus in Sandakan
A trader holding up an Octopus for sale

Sandakan Ikan Pari
Sting Ray pieces for sale - 4 species available here

Skin of Stingray
Sting Ray Skin

Tail of Stingray
Stingray Tails - They are sold too

Sandakan Stingray
Trader showing his stingray stock

Pasar Sandakan
1st floor of the Sandakan Market, dry area

Lumix GF1 Specifications;
  • Extended HD Movie Recording with SLR Quality
  • A Peripheral Defocus Mode Gives You the Soft Focus of an Interchangeable Lens
  • Full-time Live View: See How the Image Will Turn Out Before You Shoot
  • iA Mode Helps Prevent Shooting Mistakes in a Variety of Situations
  • Ultra-Portable Pancake Lens: LUMIX G 20mm/F1.7 ASPH.
  • Versatile Functions and Superb Images. Uncompromising Performance in the World's Smallest, Lightest System Camera
  • A Built-In Flash in a Stylish Body
  • HD Photos and HD Movies with VIERA Link Networking
  • Easy HD Image Viewing with the SD Card Slot
Malaysia Lumix Camera

You can also check out my MalaysiaAsia Facebook page for more pictures taken with the Lumix GF1 and some beautiful Scenery Pictures around Sandakan which I took during my one week trip there in October 2010. 

Digiscope for Panasonic
Digiscoping with Panasonic Lumix Camer
Photo by manchesterbirding.com

Another interesting thing to point out is that women who want to get into Bird Watching can opt for this unit as you can easily add on a DigiScoping unit. All because of the interchangeable lenses, you can purchase a Digiscope and fit it on to your body of your Lumix GF1 to get more zoom.

DSLR units for Digiscoping can cost you a whopping RM15-20k so if you are a beginner or just starting Birdwatching, this set up would only cost you around RM3-5k without having to mortgage your house.


Overall, I would recommend the Lumix GF1 to those who prefer something light and small but with the specifications of a DSLR Camera. I think women would find this camera sexy yet powerful and easy to handle due to the size of it.

The battery life was pretty decent as one a full charge, I took over 500 pictures throughout the day and still had some juice left when I got back to the hotel.

One thing that impressed me was the click sound is produced when you took a picture, it did not feel like the little compact camera sounds.  Bottom line - Great for daily and hobby use, the Panasonic Lumix GF1 actually is very nice and easy to use.


CathJ said...

Very interesting.... wah seafood!!!! heaven...

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Cath! The selection changes daily so when I went here 2 days in a row, I saw many different things. Only one day I used the Panasonic Lumix GF1.


Erin said...

I have a Panasonic Lumix and LOVE it. Side note - have you tasted all the things you photographed? The variety of seafood is amazing!

Malaysia Asia said...

Erin, thanks and I'm thrilled to know you own one! Actually, I only tasted half of the items I saw here, the other half... no appetite for it.


Nancie said...

Nice shots David. I'd say that anyone in the market for a new camera should add this one to their list.


Malaysia Asia said...

Hey Nancie, thanks for that. You have some nice shots of the food too. I believe that it is the person and not the camera at most times and food is one of the interesting subjects to shoot. I actually have a ton of other food pictures taken with the Lumix GF1 too.


Devin the Travel Writer said...

Hey David,

You photos just remind me how much I miss Malaysia. And yes, I do need a new camera.

Kimberly said...

Lovely shots! This is a seafood haven, i'm envious=)

Malaysia Asia said...

Devin, thank you. What camera are you planning on getting? I hope it's a Lumix :)

Kimberly - It sure is, now if only I had more time to spend there buying the seafood and cooking it.