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Lemanak River in Sarawak - Picture of the Week

Sungai Lemanak
Lemanak River in Sarawak is my picture of the week. I personally have been to this river five times in a span of three years and am always eager to go back there. Something about this place located deep in the interiors of Sarawak Borneo simply fascinates me.

The river is home to mostly Iban people (a native tribe of Sarawak) who use this river as the main transportation mode. One two of my trips, I stayed with one of the Iban Longhouses here which is a very memorable experience.

Learning about their lifestyle, culture and heritage proved priceless as this is totally off the tourist radar and one of the more Eco adventure tourism genres. 

In the picture above, a long boat cruises through a typical Bornean jungle. The journey I took lasted me one hour along the Lemanak River as I wanted to visit another Iban Longhouse further upstream.

Guiding these long boats along the river is not easy as it takes years of experience from these local Iban People to understand and know the rivers here. The Lemanak River in Sarawak is truly one of the best places to experience the interior of Sarawak. 


Traveling Ted said...

This looks beautiful. Reminds me of a canoe trail in the Florida Everglades.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Ted, thank you for dropping by. Actually there are no trails here but river ways throughout the area for hundreds of kilometers. I know of some tribe walkways for hunting here but never went on any.


Wilson Ng said...

What you told me about Sarawak is true. I really need a week to venture Sarawak rather spending a mere 3 days 2 nights. I guess I have to really spend time for Sarawak. Great picture.

Unknown said...

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Interesting Foto said...

nice photo

Anonymous said...

how much for the boat trip?