Kuala Penyu Beach in Sabah - Picture of the Week

Beach at Kuala Penyu
Kuala Penyu Beach in Sabah is my picture of the week. I visited this isolated place in January 2010 as I have heard much about the beauty here.

During my stay at the Tempurung Lodge which is the only accommodation in the area, I spent my time exploring the local kampungs (villages), kedai kopi (coffee shop) and namely the beach here.

An absolute tranquil place with no disturbances apart from the local fishermen who come in with their catch in really small boats and local school children making their way to school is what you will come across daily here.

Kuala Penyu actually means Turtle Confluence and is a very small local community which is located about two hours drive from Kota Kinabalu City in Sabah. For those seeking a back-to-basic getaway, this place offers travelers and holiday makers the perfect selection.

The Tempurung Lodge at Kuala Penyu caters to all kinds of guests, from back packers to families. This place is also located near to the famous Snake Island or Pulau Tiga.