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5 Medical Tourism Areas in Thailand

    Top Medical Tourism Areas in Thailand
    Medical Tourism areas in Thailand are found in five specific locations namely Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket Island. Since 2005, Thailand has been one of the preferred choices for international medical tourism due to the incredible low costs to perform procedures and treatments here.

    Thailand is well known worldwide  for treatments such as alternative medicine, cosmetic surgery, dental care, gender realignment, heart surgery, obesity surgery, oncology and orthopedics and is among the most affordable in the world with doctors who are highly trained in Western Institutions from the USA or UK.

    One of the main reasons people from around the world come to Thailand for medical treatments is the fact that most of the procedures cost a fraction of what it would cost back in their own country. Plus you also get a beautiful tropical vacation depending on the area you choose for your treatments. 

    5 main areas in Thailand for Medical Tourism

    Bangkok Hospital Thailand
    Bangkok Hospital in the city of Bangkok - Image from nationwidethailand.com

    1. Bangkok Medical Tourism

    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has the most hospitals and medical centers catering to over 1,000,000 medical tourist yearly.

    Among the top hospitals here are the Bangkok International Hospital and Bumrungrad International Hospital which offers specialist treatments and procedures such as  reconstructive surgery, pacemaker implantation, skin treatments, hair transplants, laser refraction surgery for sight correction and many other treatments.

    English is widely spoken from the highly trained medical staff  while some centers even have translators for over 24 languages and most of the medical facilities are also located very near to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

    Some of these hospitals have won numerous awards and accreditation from the world over making Bangkok one of the top destinations for Health Tourism. 

    Here are 12 major hospitals and facilities around Bangkok which are;

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Thailand
    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (image by www.restoredbeautygetaways.com)

    2. Pattaya Medical Tourism

    This lively seaside city is located about  147km or a two hour drive from Bangkok and is one of Thailand's most popular tourist spot. With a number of attractions located here, ii is one of the interesting places for health tourism.

    Attractions include museums, theme parks, beaches, golf courses, islands, shopping, sacred places and zoos. Apart from that, a number of private run clinics and government hospitals specialize in most common procedures and are well known for plastic surgery.

    One of the main hospitals here - Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is also well known for their language interpretation services as they can cater to over 20 languages.

    The hospital also boasts of over 100 specialists in various medical fields especially in the cardiac area as they are equipped with a cardiac characterization laboratory, cardiology ward and cardiac intensive care unit.

    Another thumbs up is the roof helipad which can handle immediate emergencies from around the region of Southeast Asia.

    Below are the two main medical facilities in Pattaya;
    Chiangmai Ram Hospital
    3. Chiang Mai Medical Tourism 

    This cultural driven city to the north of Thailand is currently one of the leading medical treatments areas. The cooling climate in Chiang Mai offers a range of treatments catered to cardiac care, laser eye surgery, dental care, gender reassignment, cosmetic surgery, knee replacement and other specialized medical treatments from main hospitals to privately run clinics.

    English is widely spoken while modern state-of-the-art equipment is available at these medical facilities. 

    With about 50 on-site specialist and about 150 consultants, the Chiangmai Ram Hospital is one of the top facilities here. The hospital also has 12 floors of beds and 20 specialized clinics which is also located nearby the main tourist area of Chiang Mai.

    Apart from the general treatments offered, they have about 9 operating theaters where a couple of them offer cutting-edge treatment for gastro-intestinal problems.

    Below are the two main hospitals in Chiang Mai which is about an hours flight from Bangkok;
    Phuket Bangkok Hospital
    Bangkok Hospital Phuket - One of the standard rooms (image by www.health-tourism.com)

    4. Phuket Medical Tourism 

    This popular island well known worldwide is one of the fore leaders in Medical Tourism. Who wouldn't want a tropical island vacation packaged with your medical treatment at almost half the cost in your own country?

    Medical facilities here are well equipped with up to date state-of-the-art equipment and language is no issue as English is spoken widely throughout the island which is also home to many foreigners and expatriates.

    Among the many procedures done here, plastic surgery, dental care and laser eye surgery are the popular treatments while facilities offer comprehensive care packages, including medical insurance, quick check ups and luxurious accommodation of your choice.

    The islands leading medical institution - Bangkok Hospital Phuket has been catering to many foreigners for over 10 years and some of the cutting edge procedures include an Aesthetic Center specializing in face lifts, breast augmentation, botox treatments and liposuction.

    Also available are open-heart surgeries, joint replacement, keyhole surgery and preventative diagnostic scans. An International Center catering to foreigners has translators in 12 languages and is well versed in insurance policies that can make a patients procedure hassle free. 

    Phuket Island is about two hours by flight from Bangkok and has direct flights from many cities around the world.

    Below are some of the main medical facilities in Phuket;
    Koh Samui Island Thailand
    Koh Samui Island in Thailand - Image by worldmedtourism.blogspot.com

    5. Koh Samui Medical Tourism

    A beautiful island located on the east coast of  Southern Thailand, Koh Samui is currently the upcoming medical tourism preferred choice for foreigners.

    This very popular tropical island hosts a number of clinics and hospitals offering top quality medical facilities and packages that include several nights at a luxurious resort, a full health check-up and top of the range medical insurance.

    Koh Samui is also not as crowded as Phuket is so those seeking a very exotic medical tourism destination should look here.

    Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui
    Bangkok Hospital Samui - Image from www.health-tourism.com

    Of the leading medical facilities here, The Bangkok Hospital Samui is well known for specialized clinics which include a Brain and Neurosurgery Center, Ear Nose Throat Clinic, Cardiology Center, Dental Clinic and Beauty Center.

    Doctors and staff here speak good English while the hospital is designed with a modern environment to suit the current  lifestyle.

    There are two modern operational theaters, a Hemodialysis unit, a spiral CT scanner and a fully-stocked blood bank. The hospital also boasts of an Emergency and Trauma unit with well-equipped ambulances.

    Flights to Koh Samui from Bangkok are about two hours while you can also access this island with flights from Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia which is about an hour and a half.

    Below are some of the medical facilities in Ko Samui;
    Disclaimer: Main image photo credit goes out to www.phuketnewsline.com

    Thailand is indeed one of the top medical tourism destinations catering to almost any Western Medical procedure at only a fraction of the cost from the USA or Europe.

    For almost less than half of the actual cost, you can have doctors in Thailand who are trained and certified from the USA or UK attend to your medical needs and also throw in a dream vacation.

    For those interested in this, you can always contact your local Health Tourism agent in your country or visit the official website of Tourism Thailand to get more information on the best places for medical tourism areas in Thailand. 


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