Matta Fair 2010 - September 3-5 at PWTC

Matta Fair 2010 - September 3-5 at PWTC is the much talked about number one travel fair which will showcase top travel promotions and discounts for three days at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur. Highlights are the Buyer's Contest where the grand prize will be RM$20,000 for the main draw while a Domestic Draw of RM$5,000 worth of Travel Vouchers are to be given away. Check at the fair for details on how to enter this contest.

Matta Fair 2010 in September is also promoting the EON Bank Matta Credit Card where card holders using this special card will be entitled to many attractive and exceptional travel privileges. A recent added feature is the 1% cash back on all overseas shopping using this card. Among the many privileges, the card offers up to RM$2 million in travel insurance auch as flight delays, missed connections and lost baggage. Card holders also enjoy free access to Premium Lounges at KLIA, LCCT, Senai and Changi Airports. For those interested, there will be an EON Bank counter for those who want to sign up. 

In this updated post for the bargain hunters, please check the prices and packages as there are many who are selling Ground Only Packages which look incredibly cheap so you should double check before committing to this. Best is to always ask a sales rep at the Matta Fair about these cheap packages. 

Planning on visiting Sabah? Check out the above counter at Matta Fair
Matta Ground Packages

A number of travel agencies are offering some of the best Ground Packages at the travel fair so take your time and look around for the best ground package. This applies to those who pre buy  AirAsia or Malaysian Airline tickets. Ever since AirAsia opened it's KL-London route, a number of travel companies have been pushing Ground Packages in UK. Examples of advertised UK Ground Only Packages;
  • 4D/3N UK Ground Package costs from RM838 for an Essential London Experience
  • 5D/4N British Christmas Package from RM2108 
There are a number of Ground Only Packages especially to countries where AirAsia flies. Most people would take advantage of the AirAsia Sale and Promotions in getting really cheap tickets and then source for ground only packages. This way, you tend to save a little bit more.

Matta Travel Packages

Travel Companies have been using printed media (Newspapers) recently in the last 1-2 weeks to promote their booth and also the travel packages for the coming Matta Fair. Please note that some really cheap packages offered are only valid with minimum bookings. Example would be the package is created for 4 pax. Some of the advertisements seen are as below;
  • Thailand 3D/2N Bangkok Package at RM698 (1/pax Return ticket, hotel accommodation, breakfast, return transfer and free travel insurance)
  • Chiangmai 4D/3N Package at RM1058 (1/pax Return ticket, hotel accommodation, breakfast, return transfer and free travel insurance )
  • Bangkok 3D/2N Package from RM383 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Breakfast)
  • South Africa 8D/6N Package from RM6838 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Meals, siteseeing)
  • Mauritius 5D/3N Package from RM3490 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Meals, sightseeing)
  • Beijing 5D/4N Package from RM1498 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Meals, sightseeing)
  • Korea 5D/4N Package from RM2768 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Meals, sightseeing)
  • Gold Coast 6D/4N Package from RM3588 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Meals, sightseeing)
  • Sri Lanka 6D/4N Package from RM2773 (1/pax Return ticket/Accommodation/Meals, sightseeing)
Matta Airfares

Various airlines are also promoting tickets to many destinations around the world. Some of them include Oman Air, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Quantas, JAL, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways. Of course the local players like Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and FireFly will be heavily promoting their promotions too. Some examles of return air tickets seen advertised;
  • London/Europe Tickets - RM1400 per person from Oman Air, RM1580 from Qatar Airways and RM1850 from Thai Airlines
  • United Kingdom Tickets open for one year via British Airways and Quantas are going from RM1800 while Singapore Airlines are offering RM2388 
The best option is to walk the entire fair and check out the Airline Tickets being offered. Sometimes, the particular Airline Company may even have a special promotion that even the travel agents cannot compete with. One of them I experienced at the last Matta Fair in March was Air Mauritius with an all inclusive package to the beautiful island. 

Cruise Packages at Matta

Another popular travel choice are the various cruise packages offered by some of the companies. While most of them would target the local region of Southeast Asia, there are some who are selling high end luxury cruise  packages to Alaska, Scandinavia and The Caribbean. The recently advertised local cruise packages are;
  • 2N Singapore - Redang - Singapore at RM882 (1 pax) with 50% discount
  • 3N Port Klang - Penang - Singapore - Port Klang at Buy one Free one RM1555 (2 pax)
  • 4N Port Klang - Phuket - Singapore - Port Klang at Buy one Free one RM2080 (2 pax)

Club Med Packages

A very popular seller here at the Matta Fair is the Club Med Packages which are full board meaning everything is taken care aside from the travel tickets. Note that these packages are only sold during the Matta Fair. This time around, Club Med is offering The popular Buy 1 Free 1 Package. The packages below are non-inclusive of Air Flight Tickets;
  • Club Med Cherating 4D/3N from RM2145 (2 adults)
  • Club Med Phuket 5D/4N from RM2480 (2 adults)
  • Club Med Bali 5D/4N from RM2480 (2 adults)
  • Club Med Bintan 5D/4N from RM2520 (2 adults)
  • Club Med Maldives 5D/4N from RM4520 (2 adults)
Club Med Mauritius 5D/3N from RM7240 This is the only all inclusive package with tickets for 2

Tourism Authorities 

For those who want to find out more information about particular countries, you will be pleased to know that there will be participation from various Tourism Bodies from some popular countries. Usually the aggressive ones like Tourism Australia, Tourism Indonesia, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), China Tourism, Macau Tourism, Hong Kong Tourism, Korea Tourism, New Zealand Tourism and even countries from the Middle East. So, visit their booths and get the information want. Some of them even offer a free gift when you fill up a survey form. Japan Tourism is known for this.

Those who want to know about Getting to the MATTA Fair 2010

For more details and information on the Matta Fair 2010, please see my previous articles below;

If you have any additional information which you would like to highlight here, please do leave a comment and I will do my best to update this posting. For travel companies, if you are interested in promoting your company, please contact me. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

With this, I bid you good luck at the Matta Fair and hope you get the travel or holiday deals and packages that you have been searching for. I will be there to shop around the Matta Fair 2010 September 3-5 at PWTC.

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