Jonker Street Melaka Clogs

Jonker Street Melaka Clogs is my picture of the week. When you explore the historical city of Melaka or Malacca as it was once known, you are bound to come across these colourful clogs being displayed at some of the shops along here. These local clogs have been around for hundreds of years where the older generation would use them around the wet kitchens or in the markets. Nowadays, you can buy them as souvenirs or to be used as they come in many sizes, from little kids to adult sizes and in various colours.

If you explore a typical Chinese restaurant and happen to visit the kitchen area, you would see some workers still using them till this day. Clogs sold in Melaka are one of the interesting souvenirs as they even make them in fridge magnet sizes. These clogs are best seen along Jalan Hang Jebat which is also Jonker Street, Melaka Malaysia.