8 Caves to Visit in Sarawak Sabah Borneo

8 Caves to Visit in Sarawak Sabah Borneo

Deer Cave (Gua Rusa in Malay) at Mulu National Park in Sarawak is one of the places which you must visit if you love cave explorations in Sarawak. The place got it's name from the local tribe people who used to hunt deer in the caves back in the day. It is also here at the famous Bat Observatory where guest can sit and enjoy the view of the millions of bats flying out every evening. It is also here that you will see the famous Abraham Lincoln portrait from an angle inside the cave.

Lang Cave is the smallest caves in the Mulu National Park and was named after a guide who led an expedition in the late 70s to research the caves in Mulu. In the Lang Cave, there is a wooden walkway and concrete one with rails that leads you inside and then out again. The beauty about the Lang Cave is the formation of the limestone for over thousands of years which is highlighted with lights.

 Lang Cave in Sarawak

Wind Cave or Cave of the Winds (Gua Angin in Malay) is located just next to the Clearwater Cave off the Melinau River at the Mulu National Park in Sarawak. This cave is usually the first stop before heading over to the next cave system which is a short 5 minute walk via a wooden walkway along the outside of the cave next to the river. The specialty of the Wind Cave is the cool breeze that flows through this cave as you are inside and also the unique formations of stalagmite and stalactites. (The funny long formations you see growing down from he ceiling or coming up from the ground ~ lay man terms)

4. Niah Cave in Sarawak
This cave which is 40,000 years ago once sheltered human life and the oldest human remains in Southeast Asia, along with many other relics of prehistoric man can be found here. Today the Cave is home only to bats, swiftlets and other specially adapted forms of life. The famous Painted Cave is another highlight of the visit to Niah Cave. Here, little human-like figures drawn in red hematite watch over a grave site where the bodies of the dead were each laid in its own boat-shaped coffin. The Great Cave and Painted Cave have been declared as National Historical Monuments. 

 Wind cave in Sarawak

Clearwater Cave is the same cave system as the Wind Cave.  When you enter, the entire place is well lit inside and there are wooden walkways with rails for safety and conservation reasons. You will also encounter cave-dwelling critters such as spiders, bats, cockroaches, centipedes, even swallows who make their homes in the caves. There is also an underwater river running through the Clearwater Cave and your cave guide will lead you to it. A bridge goes over the river to the next part of the cave where you will see huge rock boulders.

One of the unique caves with a huge cavern made from limestone formations and filled with green plant life. The cave offers stalagmites and stalactites which some are over 15 feet tall. There is even a stalactite that resembles the Chinese Goddess of Mercy deeper into the cave and this figure has been attracting the local Chinese people here to pray to the figure for years at this cave which is also known as Gua Kapor in Malay.

 Fairy Cave in Sarawak

One of the renown caves for birds nest harvesting and located at Gomantong Hill in the lower Kinabatangan area or Gomantong Rainforest Reserve. Consisting of two cave complexes which are Black Cave (Simud Hitam) and White Cave (Simud Putih), these caves have been harvested for the prized birds nest for many years even till today.

8. Madai Caves in Tawau, Sabah
Madai Caves are another well known caves for harvesting birds nest which comprises a wide network of caves and passages which raises from 250 meters above the forest floor and is one of Sabah's most important archaeological sites. There is a labyrinth of cave passages that can be followed and an underground stream also runs in here.

There are numerous caves located around Malaysia and Borneo where activities include general caving, spelunking, harvesting of birds nest and even cave explorations. There are even caves dedicated to places of worship. To read all my articles on caves, please see Caves in Malaysia. The list above is in no general order and for those who enjoy this area of eco-tourism, I have narrowed down the list to 8 caves to visit in Sarawak and Sabah in Borneo.