Sarawak Iban Chief and Shaman - Picture of the week

Sarawak Iban Chief and Iban Shaman in full traditional attire about to perform one of the local rituals. This picture of the week was taken by me on one of my longhouse visits in the deep interiors of Sarawak. The Iban Chief is sitting on the right who is about 90+ years old while the Shaman on the left is about 80+ years old. No one could give me an accurate age as there are no birth documents available for them. 

These are one of the very few remaining traditional tribe leaders left as most of the village head descendants have moved on to modernization. The Iban village is located along the Lemanak River which is near the Batang Ai Forest Reserve or near the Kalimantan border town of Lubuk Antu which is about four to five hours drive from Kuching City in Sarawak.