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Sarawak Iban Chief and Shaman Picture

Iban Chief Sarawak

Here is a photo of a Sarawak Iban Chief and Iban Shaman in full traditional attire taken during one of m early days of visiting the loghouses in the Lemanak River's interior.

The Iban Chief is on the right of me, of course, and he is about 90+ years old when I took this photo in 2005.

The Iban Shaman showing his tattoos in the photo below, is about 80+ years old. No one could give me an accurate age as there are no birth documents available for them.

Photo of Iban Chief and Shaman in Sarawak

Shaman Sarawak Iban
An Iban shaman showing off his tattoo collection

These are some of the very few remaining traditional tribe leaders left as most village head descendants have moved on to modernization.

The Iban village is located along the Lemanak River near the Batang Ai Forest Reserve or near the Kalimantan border town of Lubuk Antu, which is about a four to five hours drive from Kuching City in Sarawak.

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baincardin said…
Salam. Jom kita menghayatinya bersama! ^_^
Malaysia Asia said…
Hi Bain, would love to but no plans for Sarawak till next year.

fatboybakes said…
so uber cool that such tradition still lives on!!! sigh, i'm sure its a matter of time before its all wiped out.
Malaysia Asia said…
fatboybakes, sadly I have to agree with you. Modernization has come to the interiors...

Wow, wonderful pictures on your site! Thanks for visiting my site. I'll be following you and keeping in touch. Thanks David!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hi Travelers Barista, thank you for visiting and will keep in touch.

louisebah said…
Great pic of the week David! :)
Unknown said…

Please tell me where and how can I visit shamans in Malaysia/Thailand/Sri Lanka.

Thank you!
Pura vida!