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HTC HD2 Smartphone Review

This is one of my first ever review using the HTC HD2 smartphone in 2010 and consists of travel pictures from around Southeast Asia.

I have been using smartphones since the beginning era of the iPhone 1, which was back in June of 2007 when it first launched in America. I had a good buddy of mine send me the first batch when it was launched.

Since then, I have been reviewing smartphones on my travel and lifestyle blog, not as a job but as a passion for sharing my smartphone photography experiences.

HTC HD2 Smartphone Review

I visited Singapore in June 2010 for a special media event launching Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Singapore, so I managed to take some pictures from my room with the HTC HD2 Smartphone.

In the last three months of April, May and June 2010, I visited Shanghai, Vietnam, Penang and Sabah Borneo, bringing along my HTC HD2 to test out the phone and the camera for travelling purposes.

Below are some of the pictures with the HTC Smartphone, which runs on Windows. Please note that there was no photoshop involved and just the original images resized for this article.

Singapore Photos with HTC HD2

First Photo of Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Singapore with the HTC HD2

Night Photo of Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Night view of Singapore with the HTC HD2 from my room

2010 Photo Toast Box
Tea time at Toast Box in Singapore, a local coffee joint

Halong Bay, Vietnam with HTC HD2

Junk Boat Halong Bay
Vietnamese Junk Boat at Halong Bay via HD2

HTC HD2 Photography Review
Halong Bay picture with HTC HD2

Photography at Halong Bay
Halong Bay activities, Kayaking before sunset at the bay.

Shanghai with HTC HD2

Tallest Building in Shanghai
Shanghai's tallest building overlooks the Shanghai Tower and The Bund.

Shanghai Taikang Lu
Kommune Coffee in Taikang Lu in Shanghai's old quarter.

Penang Island, Malaysia with HTC HD2

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
View of the sea and pool from my room at Penang's Hard Rock Hotel.

Penang Street Photography
Taken while walking along Penang. Note the hotel name and type.

Sabah Borneo with HTC HD2

Sabah Harvest Festival Dog
A Harvest Festival Dog at the KDCA during the Kaamatan Harvest Festival in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

KK Green Connection Aquarium
Green Connection Aquarium in Kota Kinabalu Sabah is Borneo's marine conservation outlet.

Sabah Shovel Head Ray
A Shovel Head Ray inside Sabah's largest Aquarium at the Green Connection in Sabah

The HTC H2 pictures above were taken from April 2010 till June 1st 2010, using the Windows driven operating system or OS.

Smartphones are already widespread worldwide, and I cannot wait for the next-generation smartphone to try out on my future travels. 

Overall, the HTC HD2 has a super large screen of 4.3" inches, making taking photos easy. Applications are simple, and the touch interface is not too bad.

As for the 5-megapixel camera, there are several functions you can use for your pics, and the dual-LED flashlight was terrific. Battery life is similar to other touch phones and changing your sim card was relatively easy on travels.


More information is available from the HTC official website, where the office is based in Singapore. There is no Malaysia office.

You can also see what I have been up to for more smartphone reviews in Malaysia, as I have done reviews for several other brands.

Personally, I have to say that this model would be one of the best camera phones I have used in a very long time without any hassles or problems. And I hope you enjoyed my HTC HD2 smartphone review.

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Kenny Mah said…
Man, such places you have been! *has travel envy*

Malaysia Asia said…
Kenny, You too CAN do it! I have a seminar on this if you're interested :)

Wilson Ng said…
New gadget. Not bad.
Malaysia Asia said…
Heh, not new but about 5 months old now :)
Photos looks ok,
how about your DSLR
didn't bring along?
CathJ said…
Using camera?? wow that great camera...
Malaysia Asia said…
Thomas, of course I brought the DSLR along :) These places were amazing, I took over 5000+ pictures... ouch.

Cath, HTC HD2 Smartphone Camera :)

araleling said…
Wah.. so many places =D
The dog is so funny looking, hehe
Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos =)
Malaysia Asia said…
Araleling, thank you for your kind words. Yes, this dog apparently dresses up for many occasions. Last I heard, the dog was dressed in all red for Chinese New Year.

fufu said…
wanted go to hanoi since couple of yrs ago... ohh halong bay!!! anyway will be visiting next year hahaha :) yeah shanghai... did you go to the expo?
Wonderful shots! Sounds like a nice light gadget to carry around.
Malaysia Asia said…
Fufu, thanks, no I did not go as when I was there it was only April but I saw some of the Pavilions :)

Nancie, thank you and yes, it is a pretty swanky gadget especially with the super large screen. Looks like a mini Nintendo DS.

It seems as if you might have enjoyed your journey to the fullest and the pictures that you have shared are also quite good.