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Shanghai Food in Kuala Lumpur at JW Marriott

Shanghai Food in Kuala Lumpur at JW Marriott - I had heard about the Shanghai Restaurant some time ago but never did get the chance to explore the cuisines offered here until recently. To my surprise, this award-winning restaurant serving authentic Shanghai food with a touch of local fusion has been around for a good decade and is located on the first floor of the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. With an invitation from a very good friend, I was here for the Shanghainese Homestyle Specialties prepared by Master Chef Wong Wing Yuek.

Beautiful setting at Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott

Upon arrival, the first thing that caught my eye was the Oriental decoration and ambiance of the place. Deep red carpet and chairs with Chinese paintings and motifs lined the wall giving me the impression that I was in an old Chinese movie set from back in the day. 

Shanghai Restaurant dining hall

Built into a circular room, there are three private rooms with seating for ten while the main hall can easily accommodate up to 120 people. The tables come in round and square so even if you are a company of two or single, there are available tables for you. 

Experiencing the Shanghainese Homestyle Specialties, the course started with an amazing bowl of Double-boiled supreme stock with water chestnuts pork ribs, dried scallops, sweet corn and carrots (RM25.00 per bowl). The pork ribs were cooked perfectly and tender, and together with the sweetness of the corn and scallops, this soup is intense on flavour yet refreshing to taste.

Next was the Spinach with bean curd, shredded dried scallop, mushrooms and carrots (RM6.00 per person) beautifully displayed in little bowls. These are very fresh-and-light-tasting, the spinach is crisp, and easily consumed in two to three mouthfuls.

A dish that totally caught my eye was the Steamed whole pumpkin with Pork Ribs (RM48.00). Visually it was very unique and after tasting it, the visual and taste just came into place.

Next, the waitress brought in the Stir-fried bamboo shoots with ham and bean curd leaves (RM48.00). For a moment, I thought they were some sort of Chinese noodles but I was clearly wrong. This dish was very impressive as the taste was just out of this world.

After a mouthful of various Shanghainese dishes, the Deep-fried bean curd with prawn paste and French goose liver (RM13.00 per piece) was served. Now, this dish was very unique and biting through the bean curd, I tasted the marriage of prawn paste and goose liver and it was an explosive experience.

I could have sworn that they were lotus roots when the server put this dish down on the table but after a brief explanation from the server that this was actually bread, I was absolutely impressed. This dish is Steamed lotus root roll with glutinous rice (RM3.00 per piece) and to my surprise, there was not an overdose of the glutinous rice at all. The combined taste was perfect in my opinion while the bread was soft inside and crispy on the outside.

As we sat through dinner here at Shanghai Restaurant, I have to admit that each time a dish was brought in, I could not help but curiously peer at their unique creations. A Steamed whole orange with papaya (RM12.00 per piece) was served in a foiled glass where the top of the orange was cut perfectly to reveal the contents inside. This tangy sweet dessert has an appealing orange and papaya combination with a hint of  osmanthus flower.

Famous Siu Loong Pau

Finally, before calling it a night, I just had to try out the much recommended Shanghai Dumpling also known as Siu Loong Pau (Xiao Long Bao) served at Shanghai Restaurant. We ordered one dumpling each and it was served in this cute little wooden dumpling holder. I have to admit, it is as good as they say after trying it. I would recommend this to everyone.

Beautiful table setting against a huge Chinese painting

Overall, the dishes are very unique and yet reminded me of the warmth of a home-cooked meal, especially starting with a double-boiled soup at this restaurant.

All the special dishes are created  personally by Master Chef Wong Wing Yeuk who originates from Shanghai, China and who has over 12 years experience at this restaurant, apart from his 30-year cooking experience in Shanghai, Hong Kong and now Kuala Lumpur. 

For your added information, the Shanghainese Homestyle Specialties menu is only available from July 14th till July 19th 2010 at Shanghai Restaurant in JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur. This is also a non-halal restaurant.

Address of Shanghai Restaurant at JW Marriott
1st Floor, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 603 2719 8288 (Reservations number as well)
Fax: 603 2715 7010

Business Hours: Mon to Sat - 12pm to 2.30pm; 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Sun and Public Holidays - 10.30am to 2.30pm; 6.30pm to 10.30pm 

Map to Shanghai Restaurant JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

View Shanghai Restaurant JW Marriott KL in a larger map

Shanghai Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

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baincardin said…
Mcm mana kalau binatang ada Facebook ??? :P
Arlene said…
Meal fit for a king. The presentation alone was worth if from the looks of it. Lucky you.
Malaysia Asia said…
Bain, I didn't quite get you on that.. do explain.

Arlene, thanks and yes, the portions were just perfect too, not too big and tasty!

Wilson Ng said…
The dinner was good. Loved how they created the dishes out of creativity.
shiffersmith said…
I like the way of presentation...it looks so tasty...ferienhaus spanien
Malaysia Asia said…
Wilson, indeed they were very clever in the creative department.

ShifferSmith, Thanks! Looks tasty, yes, the actual taste was better than the looks :)

eunice said…
i read thru this food post n think i should visit this restaurant if i m in KL. Did I miss out the total cost of the bill if you mentioned it here?
Hey the chef name sounds like a Cantonese chef..

happy eating watch ur diet! XD
Great Shanghai dining information. From simple street food cuisine to the most delicious food items in hotels that define the Shanghai food.
Nice post, thanks for sharing. It looks like worthwhile place to stay.

We are thinking about to choose this hotel for our next trip. We are five persons, have anyone info about discount deals?

Best Regards,
Malaysia Asia said…
Eunice, the master chef was based in HK for many years before coming here. And yes, diet is being watched carefully :)

Aus Imigration and HBB, thank you for your comment. I think you can check with the website to the JW Marriott here as they may have some deals for family packages.

Oh my, I can’t believe it… nice page you have with so interesting content. It was a pleasure reading it, in fact I’m so glad that I will add your blog to my Bookmarks, of course if that’s ok with you. And thanks again for the info, it was very useful to me !!!