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Marina Bay Sands Singapore Light Show

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Light Show which was held on the evening of 24th June 2010 for the Opening Celebrations of the Sands SkyPark was something that totally amazed me. This incredible light show was best witnessed from across the Marina Bay Sands Hotel nearby the Fullerton Esplanade or the Merlion in Singapore. 

Dazzling light display at the Marina Bay Sands Light Show

As I had to choose between the Kelly Rowland Concert or the Light Show, my choice was pretty obvious, I headed to the Fullerton Esplanade at about 6pm to get the best possible spot to shoot this. And to my surprise, it was pretty amazing. I am sure the pictures here show how awesome it was. Lights were strategically placed throughout the Marina Bay Sands building and area while the show started with a few simple lights which gradually more lights came into play during this 15 minute light display.

Incredible ending for the Light Show at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The highlight of the Light Show was when all the lights came together creating a myriad of colors dominating the skies and ended with a flame show from the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. The flames would appear to be dancing around and ending with all the flames together. Not forgetting the changing lights of the Sands Convention Center, the roof would change colours every few seconds. I have to admit that this was one of the best light shows I have seen so far and my hats off to the lighting designer for this amazing display that dazzled everyone from the Fullerton Esplanade and Merlion.

Marina Bay Sands Light Show Video in Singapore

The video above shows you how beautiful the Marina Bay Sands Light Show in Singapore was. I am currently unaware if they are still having the Light Show nightly or weekly but I would love to see them do it on a nightly basis for everyone to enjoy especially the visiting tourist to Marina Bay Sands or Singapore. If you are visiting Singapore, I recommend you visit the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort here as it is perfect for just about everyone.

I understand that since the opening, the MBS has hosted a number of massive events and also multiple light shows or fireworks displays. For Christmas and New Year Celebrations, this is one of the places to visit and catch some of the amazing fireworks show in Singapore. 

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For those who are visiting this island republic and if you are there for the weekend, just make your way over to the Merlion if you want to catch the Marina Bay Sands Light Show.


shiffersmith said...

lovely, awesome scene.I love this, Marine Bay Sands.....really nice job...Thanks for the nice posting...

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Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Shiffersmith, glad you liked the pictures very much. Hope you have a chance to visit this amazing place soon too.


Leng | Globe Nomads said...

As a Singaporean I'm glad you like it. I have witnessed this place being built from its foundation and now the skypark is finally opened. Once I get back I know where I will be going!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Leng, when do you get back to S'pore?