Malaysia Pictures - Travel photos uploaded live

Malaysia Pictures is my new website that will focus mainly on my live uploads of  travel pictures around Malaysia. Because I am on the road a lot, I found that this method will make my uploads easier to follow as I can simply use my iPhone to take pictures and simply email it to Malaysia Pictures making them instantly live which is also shared live on my Facebook and Twitter.

Dead tree in Melaka, Malaysia

I can update live in any part of Malaysia as long as there is an Internet connection on my iPhone but in the case there is no connection, I will do it the moment I get one. The site is fairly very simple and ad-free as you can view pictures and also comment on them. Just note that most of the pictures will be SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) Pictures and unedited.

A RSS feed is also available for you to subscribe to Malaysia Pictures. You can also RT (Re Tweet) the pictures to your Twitter account or Like it on your Facebook account as there are buttons provided above the pictures. What you will get are pictures of general Malaysia uploaded on this site and hope you will support my new site, Malaysia Pictures.

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