Impressive Hotel at Old Quarter in Hanoi

Hanoi Impressive Hotel

Review of the Impressive Hotel at Old Quarter in Hanoi during my trip here in 2011. The most accessible and challenging thing to do is find a hotel, especially one that would make our trip hassle-free and enjoyable. The reason? There are more than 400 hotels in Hanoi, maybe more now. 

According to Michael, one of the owners of Impressive Hotel, more modern small hotels are popping up all over Hanoi. In fact, he is also expanding his business next door with another hotel, which is currently being reconstructed, as we chatted with him on our first day in Hanoi.

For me, a hotel can make or break your holiday, and I am thrilled that Impressive hotel has met many of my expectations. I am pleased to say that they even exceed them on some issues. Read on, and you will find out why.

Review of Impressive Hotel at Old Quarter in Hanoi

Impressive Hotel Hanoi
 Impressive Hotel main entrance.

There are seven floors (eight feet in Malaysia) at Impressive Hotel, and we stayed on the second floor (first floor). In Vietnam, the ground floor is the first floor. Yes, there is a good-condition lift at the hotel, no worries.

I find that staying on the second floor is convenient as we can reach our room quickly without waiting for the lift. However, we always like to stay and chat with the staff as they are very friendly and eager to help anytime.

We got a lot of helpful information on where to eat, directions to places, the local language and most important the local prices. Not only do they speak good English, one of them speaks fluent French too.

Michael, a working owner, speaks three to four languages, English, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin, which I find very helpful in the hotel business here in Vietnam.

Room amenities at  Impressive Hotel
LCD TV with a personal computer and free Internet

The best thing I like about this hotel is that the room comes with a personal computer equipped with free Internet!

Of course, it is also clean, and everything looks brand new, as the hotel is only a few months old. The second thing I like is the abundance of hangers in the closet without having to request them.

Even 5-star hotels provide one or two hangers at most, and it is a hassle to request eight more hangers without sounding like a troublesome guest!

I am confident the hangers will be much appreciated for guests staying longer than a few days!

Impressive hotel room Hanoi Vietnam
Impressive hotel room.

The spacious and well-decorated rooms include breakfast, Baguette or Beef/Chicken Soup Noodles with coffee/tea and fruits. If you feel like it, you can even request breakfast in the room!

Photo of Impressive hotel room Hanoi
The bedroom of the standard room.

As for the location of the boutique hotel, it is within walking distance, about a 5-8 minute walk to the famous St Joseph Cathedral and The Old Quarter of Hanoi. Outside the hotel are convenience shops, hair salons, souvenirs, local restaurants and women selling local fruits in baskets.

Do try the Vietnamese pineapple, as they are sweet and tasty! Some nearby cafes and shops are open till late, about 11pm, so supper is just around the corner if you are hungry.

St. Josephs Cathedral Hanoi
 View of St. Joseph's Cathedral from the room balcony.

If you would like a room with a view, the hotel has rooms on the upper floors with magnificent views of the Cathedral. Of course, these rooms come at a higher rate than the others.

The back rooms are equally stunning as you catch some of Hanoi's amazing sunsets from your room window.

Lobby Impressive hotel
 The mini restaurant area in the lobby.

Tours are also organised by Impressive Hotel, which includes Halong Bay, Sapa and Hanoi town and vicinity.

We went for a Halong Bay Overnight Cruise, and it was a fantastic experience that we would recommend to everyone going to Hanoi. The prices vary for different junks in Halong Bay, so let them know what you prefer.

Sunset Photo in Hanoi
Hanoi Sunset Photo was taken from the Impressive Hotel.

Impressive Hotel is also a Boutique Hotel and provides multiple additional services for travellers. If you need to change currency, you can ask reception. Rates are very reasonable and better than most places out there.

A personal computer is available in the lobby for all guests, while free WiFi is available in the lobby area for those with iPhones or Laptops. Overall, the experience here was unique; you have my word for that.

Address for Impressive Hotel in Hanoi;
56 Au Trieu Street,
Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi,
Telephone: 844. 39381590
Fax: 844 39381592

Map of Impressive Hotel, Hanoi

View Impressive Hotel Hanoi on a larger map


Regarding convenience, I would have to say that staying here made it very easy to move around Hanoi's Old Quarter. Sometimes, you just want to visit a central location without walking too far.

Impressive Hotel is located in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam. My special thanks go out to Michael and the hotel staff for making my stay here in Hanoi memorable and possible for any other traveller visiting Hanoi, Vietnam.

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