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Holiday Villa Halong Bay Tuan Chau Island

Halong Bay Holiday Villa
Holiday Villa Halong Bay was the perfect choice of stay when I visited Vietnam in May 2010. Not only was it strategically located nearby the world famous UNESCO Site of Halong Bay, it was also located on the well known resort island of Tuan Chau which is about two kilometers from Halong City and Halong Bay.

Update: This resort is no longer the Holiday Villa and is under another name. But the resort is still here therefore if you are visiting or staying here, do update me and thank you.

Landscape around Holiday Villa

Getting to the Holiday Villa Halong Bay was relatively easy as it is off the main road leading to Halong City and Ha Long Bay. You cannot miss the grand arch into Tuan Chau Island which is about two kilometers before Halong City where the main area and jetty to Halong Bay is. 

Holiday Villa Halong Bay reception area

On arrival here, I was immediately greeted by the reception and taken to the lounge area where I waited for the general manager. I have to say, the Holiday Villa Halong Bay was quite impressive for a recently acquired resort.

Most of the fittings were from the original resort while minor additions were added to make the place stand out. You get a very warm feeling once you step inside the main resort building. 

Tuan Chau Bar at Holiday Villa

A lounge bar (Tuan Chau Bar) with a pool table is also by the main reception where the welcome drinks were served and it was here that I met John Kirim, the General Manager of Holiday Villa Tuan Chau Island and to my surprise, he was also a Malaysian so this was perfect!

Holiday Villa garden area

The entire resort grounds covers a vast area of 220 hectares with lots of greenery and beautiful villa units located almost everywhere. Most of the best view villas are found on the hillside of the resort.

A walk to to top of the hill will take you about 10-15 minutes while usually the resort buggy will shuttle you up and down. A total of 220 rooms and suites are also available at the Holiday Villa Tuan Chau Island.

The resort has about four buggies to send guest around the grounds but I only used them once to get to the top of the hill. Mr.John took me on one of these on a sight seeing tour of Tuan Chau Island and it was very interesting to see how much is being done here. Just so you know, the Miss Universe 2008 was also held at this resort. 

Holiday Villa Tuan Chau Swimming Pool, Halong Bay in background

Back inside the Holiday Villa, they have their own private beach and a swimming pool that faces Halong Bay. The pool comes with a jacuzzi section and there is a pool bar by the side. Families are usually seen having a fun time here but I missed the opportunity as I did not have my swim wear this time around. 

Seafront villa bedroom at Holiday Villa

On checking into my sea facing villa unit, I found it to be extremely spacious. This was a first floor unit with a view of the garden and a little of Halong Bay and the sea. There were doors on each side of the villa that opened out to a balcony and this made it even more roomy.

Really large bathroom at Holiday Villa

The bathroom was an extra surprise as it was one of the largest bathrooms I have even seen. A jacuzzi bath at one corner while the standard bathroom amenities were available. Outside the bathroom, a double cupboard held bath robes, umbrella and slippers. Free WiFi is also available for all rooms, you need to get the password from the main reception.

For entertainment, a 32 inch LCD TV broadcasts satellite television with sports, world news, movies and even local Vietnamese channels. A digital safe box and mini bar is also available under the TV while complimentary coffee, tea and bottled water is available.

At night, you can simply walk around the resort and admire the surroundings. Note that there are no shops or other restaurants nearby except for those at the Tuan Chau Entertainment area on the island.

For those seeking a little pampering, you can also check out the Tuan Chau Spa at the resort. Full packages are available right down to foot massages and a hair wash for the ladies.

Actual view of Halong Bay from Hillside Villas at holiday Villa Tuan Chau

On my exploration around the Holiday Villa grounds, we made our way up to the highest point of the resort where spectacular views of Halong Bay could be seen. One of the best villa units can be found up here with non obstructing views of Halong Bay.

Tuan Chau Restaurant at Holiday Villa

Tuan Chau Restaurant

Tuan Chau Restaurant is the main restaurant offering you a variety of cuisines ranging from local Vietnamese, Asian and to International. The restaurant on the first floor of the main building also offers fantastic dining views of Halong Bay on one side while the other sees the beautiful garden view. The place is also well known for their seafood selections and is the common breakfast area.

Seafood Steamboat at Holiday Villa

What impressed me most was the portions that were served. They were really huge compared to the normal sized dishes I am used to. The picture above is a portion of fresh seafood steamboat for one person.

Prices are very reasonable too. One thing I would like to highlight is that the Executive Chef here is a Malaysian,  therefore the food here is halal for the Muslim travelers. There is no pork served here.

Almost everyday, we had our breakfast and dinner here at the Tuan Chau Restaurant sitting at the table by the window overlooking Halong Bay and the swimming pool with the gentle Halong breeze blowing in. Note that this is a smoking restaurant and the windows are opened for the summer here.

Burger at Halong Bay

Having a long habit for trying burgers on my travels, I could not resist when I saw they offered one. Without hesitation, I ordered it and let me tell you, it was one of the nicest burgers I have had in a while.

Just take a look at the size of it in the picture above. I would give it a seven out of ten on my Southeast Asian burger quest in terms of quality and presentation.

My conclusion - Holiday Villa Halong Bay is the perfect place if you have a family with children or a couple seeking a beautiful yet interesting holiday in Halong Bay.

The resort also is the perfect place for MICE, Company Trips or Holidays and Team Building events. Because it is located on the stand alone island of Tuan Chau, you can expect ultimate privacy here.

Tuan Chau Island is well known for its entertainment and recreation activities. An huge entertainment complex which can seat up to 2,000 people holds dolphin and seal shows, a high tech water fountain with music, laser lighting and film showing on the water screen and a crocodile show.

A newly built jetty that offers cruises to Halong Bay, a 4km man-made beach with local cafes and restaurants, a large building with ferry and cruise counters, a modern karaoke club and disco making this island a destination for locals and also foreign travelers.

 Seafront Large Villa units at Holiday Villa Halong Bay

Holiday Villa Halong Bay Information

All guest rooms and suites come with air-conditioner, heater, satellite television, broadband ADSL, WiFi Connection, IDD telephone, bathtub, shower, minibar, coffee & tea making facilities and in-room safe deposit box.

The hotel also caters to meeting and conference facilities, tour services, souvenir shop, swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, sauna and water sports activities. A private beach is also available for those seeking sun and surf.

 Pine Hill Villa Units overlooking Halong Bay

Room Rates at Holiday Villa Halong Bay;
  • Ranging from US$159 to US$319.
  • Rates include breakfast, and are subject to 5% service charge and 10% government tax
Attractions around Holiday Villa Halong Bay;
  • The Tuan Chau Entertainment Complex offers several performances daily
  • Crocodile Show in a 850-persons theater, 3 shows daily
  • Dolphin, seal and beluga show in a 2,500-persons theater, 3 shows daily
  • Hi-tech water fountain features laser light & sound shows, 1 show daily
  • Island Cruise, Local Village Visit
  • Water sports activities like jet ski, speedboat, body board and snorkeling
  • Tour of Halong Bay
  • You need to check with the resort staff on the availability of shows during off season
Getting to Holiday Villa Halong Bay;
  • Airport Pickups can be arranged with the resort so you need to book ahead
  • Transport via tour agents from Hanoi can be also arranged
  • Renting a car to self drive, costs around US$100-US$150 and 2.5 to 3 hours drive
  • Express/Public Bus - I took this option as I wanted to experience this journey. Took me about 4 hours as the bus made multiple stops including one long stop at a local rest area for abut 20 minutes.
Map to Holiday Villa Halong Bay

View Holiday Villa Tuan Chau Island in a larger map

Address of Holiday Villa Halong Bay Tuan Chau Island;

Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long City,
Quang Ninh Province,
Telephone: +84 33 3 842 999
Fax: +84 33 3 842 333

Representative office in Hanoi;
Floor 2, No. 5 Ba Trieu,
Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone: (84-4) 3939 3018
Fax: (84-4) 3939 3020

Holiday Villa Malaysia Head Office
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
B-16-8, Megan Avenue II,
12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
P.O.Box 11369, 50744 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone: (603)-2162 2922
Fax : (603)-2162 2937
Holiday Villa Other Destinations Website

Holiday Villa Halong Bay was a perfect stay for me and I would like to extend my thanks to the management of the resort for making my stay here a memorable one.

As mentioned above, the update is that this resort has been under a different brand and management for a long time since my visit.

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Kenny Mah said…
Wish I had a chance to stay here when I was in Halong Bay but I spent two nites on a junk instead... good fun too! :)
Malaysia Asia said…
Kenny, I only spent one night on the junk but two nights here. Anyway, they were both equally awesome! Thanks.

Wilson Ng said…
Heard so much about it. They said it's the best place in Vietnam. One of the early places of Vietnam when they traded with China centuries ago.

Nice, nice.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Wilson, yes Halong Bay is one of the best places to visit while in Vietnam and probably one of my best visited places around the region.

Arlene said…
Another top notch post. What a fabulous looking place. It looks great in every way and seems to have it all.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thank you Arlene for your kind words. Look out for my next supporting post about the Spa here in Halong Bay Holiday Villa.

villa ibiza said…
Its so natural and peaceful as i observe….I like the natural beauty and want to enjoy a lot…..The post of yours gives me right direction..!!!
Malaysia Asia said…
Villa Ibiza, thank you and hope you visit Holiday Villa Halong Bay some day too :)

May said…
My next holiday destination - Vietnam ^_^
beach is amazing there
Anonymous said…
Is this place near or in Halong Bay? Because we would like to go for the overnight cruise at Halong Bay. This looks like a nice cosy place too.
Holiday Villa Halong Bay Tuan Chau Island, appears to be awesome place.I have to visit Vietnam next year.I don't have much knowledge about the Vietnam.The place is looking close to the nature and environment.I prefer to stay at this villa during my vacation, this post really help me for choosing my accommodation during travel.Thanks David for this post.
shiffersmith said…
Well no doubt it's a nice post in our next vacation we will definitely make plane to go out there....

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