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Kung Fu Fast Food in Shanghai China

Kung Fu Fast Food in Shanghai China

Kung Fu Fast Food in Shanghai China - I thought it was a joke when I passed by one of the unique fast food chains around the city while taking a train. I had never seen or tried this before so I eventually made my way to the outlet as my curiosity got the better of me. After all, I was in Shanghai, China and the fact that Bruce Lee was used as the main icon or ambassador, it made me want to try this place even more. Kung Fu Fast Food..... very catchy indeed as I walked in the doors. 

Shanghai Kung Fu Fast Food
Kung Fu Fast Food in Shanghai, China

Tucked strategically as you enter or exit the main train station, you could not miss the outlets bright red colour with Bruce Lee's famous fighting pose in his yellow track suit from the movie Game Of Death. Without hesitation, I walked straight in and to the ordering counter. It reminded me of a Chinese McDonald's minus the burgers, fries and fizzy drinks.

Menu of Kung Fu Fast Food
Kung Fu Fast Food menu board

Greeted by the Kung Fu Fast Food Shanghainese staff and me not knowing a word of Mandarin, I was lost in translation as usual. Luckily for my partners basic Mandarin, it was translated as 'Hello - May I take your order sir'. Oh well, the menu board looks pretty interesting with a large variety of meal sets and something I noticed which seemed to pose a problem - No fries with my order. No hesitation, I ordered number 3 which looked really appetising. 

Kung Fu Fast Food Photo
Amazing Chinese selection

Having paid the amount, the order was quickly sent from the back to the cashier, piping hot. Beat this - Chinese minced pork with rice, a side dish of boiled vegetables in soy sauce, some ginseng chicken soup and for drinks, and an iced milk tea. I have to admit, it was pretty damn good considering this was fast food Chinese style. Every single dish was consumed and I wanted more.... more.... and more.

West Yan An Road Kung Fu Fast Food
Kung Fu Fast Food at West Yan An Road train station

If you ever visit China or Shanghai and want to experience this amazing place, just keep a lookout for Bruce Lee in his famed yellow tracksuit. There are a few of these outlets around town. Or you can simply ask around. I wonder if this will catch on in the western world or even in Malaysia or Southeast Asia.

Kung Fu Fast Food is also owned by Global Fast Food Chains and the company is based in Guangzhou, China. They operate a total of 106 stores throughout China and apparently only 3 in Shanghai. One problem you may face is that the staff do not speak English.

If you are lucky enough, the younger staff may know a little broken English which would make your day. For more, you can also check out this other article - Kung Fu Fast Food article on Wall Street Journal. So the next time you visit Shanghai, don't forget to try the Kung Fu Fast Food in Shanghai China for that Chinese fast food experience. 


Kenny Mah said...

I like the "Chinese McDonald's" idea, haha.

Malaysia Asia said...

heh, it seemed like that when I walked in, no kidding.


Ciki said...

was the food that good.. ?! LOL

Malaysia Asia said...

Mei, seriously, it was quite good. Probably I was really hungry as it was cold too. :) Thanks for stopping by.


shloke said...

GULP! You're making me hungry. LOVE the brand name "Kung Fu Fast Food". Did you manage to take a peek of the kitchen? I wonder if there is any Kung Fu chop and kicks involved in the making of these YUMMYLICIOUS food :)

Hey...you ordered extra large portion??? Look like two big bowls!

Kyle B. Sasaoka said...

Yes I remember eating there when I was in Guangzhou! And yes, it was delicious. lol. Btw I'm your newest follower! Thx for such a good blog. I will definitely use yours as a resource. in the future.

Lilian said...

Wow! The food looks good for a fast food place