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Vous Spa at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

Putrajaya Vous Spa

The Vous Spa at Pullman Putrajaya is one of the beauty and treatment spas to open in Putrajaya, Malaysia. 

Officially opened in March 2010, this holistic spa is located in one of the latest hotels and resorts in Putrajaya and currently is offering some great promotions before the official opening which is scheduled to be somewhere in April 2010. 

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Vous Spa at Pullman Putrajaya and a big thank you goes out to the Pullman Hotel and Resorts for allowing me this experience.

Vous Spa at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

Pullman Hotel Putrajaya Spa
The main entrance to the Vous Spa in Putrajaya
Vous Spa at Pullman Putrajaya is located at the Lotus Wing on Level Two of the Pullman Hotel and Resort and is styled in a simple rustic wood with modern contemporary design.

Overall I find that nothing that is too loud or busy in their design, which makes it soothing and relaxing when I am here. 

Spa at Pullman Resort Putrajaya
The waiting area of the spa
As you have made your bookings or reservations, you would be ushered to the waiting area which is a designer styled circular room with a curved sofa sitting over the water.

It is here that the local spa therapist will greet you with big smiles on their faces, and mind you they are all real smiles and not forced. 

Spa Staff Pullman Resort PutrajayaSpa staff welcoming guests

Herbal ginger tea is served cold together with a nice cold towel in this waiting room. Mind you that the therapist is all locals who have been trained by a local Spa and Holistic School in the city.

They had a great mix of massage therapists in different races which is something new to me considering that many other places use foreign staff.
Vous Spa Pedicure and Manicure Treatment Room

For those who enjoy a little pampering without having to massage, the Vous Spa offers Pedicure and Manicures which are located in one of the sections of the spa. Inside a circular glass room which is extremely cozy.

For me, I took the Vous Spa Signature Massage which was a two-hour spa treatment of mix ethnic styles created by their spa team.

For this treatment, a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian massage therapies were included and was something different from most of the usual spa massages I have tried.

The spa treatment rooms here are tastefully done with not too much design involved. Modern touches with comfortable spa beds and cleverly designed bathrooms with a nice looking jacuzzi in the spa area.

Upon entering the treatment room, we were shown the changing cupboard where a safe is included for your belongings. After a quick change, the therapist came in and our sessions began.

Pullman Resort Putrajaya Spa Packages Menu
Spa Packages and Treatments Menu at Pullman Resort
Above are some of the spa treatments offered are the Vous Massage which is their signature treatment here.

The spa also has the Traditional Malay Massage, Warm Stone Massage, Tui Na Massage, Tension Relief Massage, and Foot Massage.

For this experience, I had to try the signature massage during my spa treatment.

The main spa area in the resort
If you are the type that has plans for something different and always looking or something new, I can easily recommend you to try the spa at Pullman Hotel and Resorts in Putrajaya.

Update 2019 - The Vous Spa is no longer the brand here, and it was changed to Fit and Spa. 

Fit & Spa address and contact details;
Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside
No.2, Jalan P5/5 Precinct 5
62200 Putrajaya
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
Telephone: +603 8890 0000
Fax: +603 8890 0001
email: info@pullmanputrajaya.com
GPS Coordinates to Pullman Putrajaya: N 2° 54′ 0.81” E 101° 40′ 10.56”

Final Thoughts to the Spa at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

This review was done for the Vous Spa at the Pullman Resort in Putrajaya, and since the time of this writing, the spa has changed the name to a new brand called Fit and Spa Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

I am unsure when the change took place, but for your knowledge, there is still a spa at Pullman Putrajaya Resort if you are planning to stay here. 


superwilson said...

I enjoyed my stone massage there. Rachel loved hers too. Worth the $$$ we spent! Recommended!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Wilson, yes I have to agree that the massages by the locals were absolutely fantastic. Definitely worth the experience here at Vous Spa.


fufu said...

wow i need a nice massage now..

Malaysia Asia said...

fufu, so do I. A 3 hour massage would be great now.


CathJ said...

wowww love this.... :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Cath, are you going to try this?


Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

Thanks for sharing! The Spa design really incredible and looks comfy. I didn't try it when we were there but in next tour (May 2010) I will try it.

Best Regards,

Nicholas Leong said...

Oo looks good. And I just got my Amex. :d

Malaysia Asia said...

Nic, make sure you bring a partner! :)


Unknown said...

Hi David,

Great review BUT I'm confused over the soft opening offer of 50% discount vs. AMEX buy 1 free 1 promotion for VOUS Spa...

Buy 1 Free 1 = 50% discount, so are both offers the same?

Btw, there is another offer by Vous Spa --> http://www.pullmanputrajaya.com/enewsletter/pdf/SpaPackage.pdf