MATTA Fair Travel Packages and Tips

Travel Packages at Matta Fair

In this article, I will highlight some MATTA Fair travel packages and tips, as many people will usually visit the fair to see the best deals.

And I have already created a general posting about the MATTA Fair 2010, explaining Malaysia's largest and most popular travel fair.

MATTA Fair Travel Packages and Tips

During the travel fair, there is always the buyer's contest, where people who buy travel packages can win fantastic prizes, including cash and trips. So this is something to participate in.

There is also RM5,000 worth of Travel Vouchers for grams in the Buy Domestic Packages Contest. Please inquire about this once you are there.

One of the significant banks, EON Bank Group, is also running a special promotion where EON Bank Credit Card Holders will have a VIP access lane into the Matta Fair 2010.

Cardholders may bring one guest with them, and when you spend RM500 with your card at the fair, you will receive instant rewards from the EON Bank Booth.

Airline Packages Matta FairAirbus A380 travel packages are available too.

Travel Packages at Matta Fair 2010

First, you should know that there are almost 900 booths at the Matta Fair 2010, and the travel fair is spread over three days from 12th to 14th March 2010.

Going To Matta Fair Tips;
  • If possible, visit Matta Fair for all 3 days - This is so you can take your time and slowly pick & choose what you are looking for.
  • If not, try to visit at least the first and third day - the First-day offers sometimes are a bonus, while on the last day, travel agents may throw in additional extras with your package or slice prices to close sales.
  • Go early to avoid the large crowds - Seriously, you WANT to avoid the public, especially looking for parking.
  • Go on Friday Morning - Go about 11am before the lunch crowd comes.
  • Go on Friday Afternoon - Go after lunch as many would be back to work.
I have been following some of the Travel Agents' prices in the Star Newspaper, and already before the Matta Fair, some of them are coming out with attractive travel packages and offers. A few of them off my head would be:
  • Buy One Free One Travel Package
  • Travel Package with Easy Payment Schemes via Credit Card with 0% interest
  • Buy a Holiday Package and WIN Prizes
Some airline packages from FireFly are attractive as they offer Family Packages and single packages.

You also have a chance to win some Blackberry Smartphones, Malaysia Airlines and FireFly Tickets, Adidas Merchandise, Chronotech Watches, Hotels Stays, Dinner and Spa vouchers and more from FireFly. Below are the highlighted FireFly Packages on Sale:
  • Langkawi Family Package 3D/2N at Langkasuka Resort for only RM799
  • Koh Samui Spa Package 3D/2N for RM649 per pax
  • Medan Lake Toba Fullboard Package at RM399 per pax
Malaysia Airlines also works with various travel agents to offer special airfares and promotions, so keep an eye out for them. Some of the airline tickets start from;
  • RM250 to Bali, Indonesia
  • RM313 to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • RM649 to Perth, Australia
  • RM719 to The Maldives
  • RM829 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Ground Packages are also on offer with travel company MASholidays. Some of the ground packages on sale are;

  • Bangkok 3D/2N at RM264 per person
  • Bali 4D/3N at RM424
  • Gold Coast Australia 4D/3N at RM816
Umrah Packages to Madina and Mecca for 14D/12N are also offered by MAS Holidays at RM5,600 per person.

Offer at Matta FairTravel attire and apparel are on sale at Matta Fair.

What to look out for at MATTA Fair 2010?

When you browse through all the fliers and brochures being handed out at the fair, reading the FINE PRINT on the travel packages would be wise. Because the price looks unbelievable, there is always some catch. It could be:
  • Ground Package Pricing only
  • Flight Ticket only
  • Valid during peak times
  • No travel during School Holidays or Weekends
  • Travel Package Purchase with Purchase
  • Minimum group purchases
Always check with the relative agent about any hidden costs in your travel packages, as this could be an unwanted surprise.

Before you pay, ask the agent if that is precisely the amount you are paying and ask about Airport Taxes, Baggage Tipping, Tour Bus Tips and so on while on holiday.

Travel Packages at Matta FairVarious travel packages at the Matta Fair.

Tour Agents and Travel Companies at Matta Fair 2010

Many large and small travel companies are participating, so as I mentioned, you would want to take your time to visit all the booths and see what travel discounts they are offering.

DO NOT be easily fooled into signing up for the reasonable first package. It is their job to convince you to buy the travel packages, and sometimes, you can ask for additional items in your package if the deal needs to sound better. A list of travel companies with websites is at the end of this article.

The upcoming travel packages target Muslim Travelers where Muslim Packages, Muslim Tours and Halal Packages are offered to various countries.

One of the popular packages is the Korea Muslim Package which includes sightseeing, halal meals and prayer times looked after. An example is a 6D/4N Korea Package for RM3,100.

Popular Muslim Packages to China, Korea, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Europe sell quite well, so inquire at the Matta Fair for these speciality travel packages.

What else is there at Matta Fair 2010?

Well, anything and everything Travel Related will be there. You will be surprised to see all kinds of booths too.

Performances during peak hours celebrities or singers may even make appearances. Below is a list of possible participants at the fair;
  • Travel Magazines like Gaya Travel, Senses, Escape, Travelution, Chinese Magazines and more.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cultural Shows by respective countries
  • Hotels and Resorts Promotions and Packages
  • Food and Beverages from groups or hotels
  • Tourism Offices in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, and Indonesia
  • Travel Attire or Apparel
  • Travel Accessories like Digital Cameras, DSLR, GPS, Bags and other items.
  • Banks
Travel package cheating cases at Matta Fair

Recently there was a case in the media about a group of people getting cheated after purchasing packages from one of the travel agents at the last Matta Fair 2009.

I advise booking your travel or holiday packages from reputable travel agents and tour companies. Sometimes looking for the best possible deal at Matta Fair can be a nightmare.

If you encounter any problems with any tour companies or travel agents, you are advised to call Matta at 03-9287 6881 or lodge a complaint online at the official MATTA Website.

More information about the MATTA Fair 2010 review is in my other article.

Girls at Matta FairSome of the costumed girls at the Matta Fair.

PWTC Telephone Number and Contact Information:
Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
41, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: (603) 2614 6999
Fax: (603) 404 33777
Toll-Free: 1800-880-448 (Reservations only)

Conclusion to Matta Fair Travel Packages and Tips

Many people visit the Matta Fair, held on a large scale twice a year, and many packages are offered.

It is wise to double-check or research before blindly buying some of the Matta Fair travel packages. As they say, better to be safe than sorry.

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