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MATTA Fair 2010 12-14 March

Matta Fair Photos
MATTA Fair 2010 was held on the 12th to 14th March at PWTC (Putra World Trade Center) in Malaysia is one of the best travel fairs in Malaysia which you should attend if you are looking for fantastic holiday packages and great bargains.

This year alone, there are an estimated 900 booths at the MATTA Fair 2010 and after a recovering 2009, the economy is back up again so one would expect really good deals from the participating travel agencies there.

MATTA Fair 2010

MATTA Fair 2010 will also be interesting this time around as some of the new players in the industry like Resorts World or Genting Group will be promoting their Resorts World Sentosa Packages since the recent opening in February 2010 in Singapore.

The much-awaited Universal Studios Singapore by Resorts World Sentosa would be the main selling highlight for this amazing place which will be opening on 8.28AM March 18, 2010, so most Resort World Singapore Packages would be selling fast as it would be a win-win for both parents and children.

Another Singapore Holiday Package to look out for at the MATTA Fair 2010 is the up and coming Marina Bay Sands Singapore which will be having the soft opening on 27th April 2010 while the full launch will be later in the same year.

Holiday packages to Singapore would be very interesting with the opening of these two mega resorts, Resorts World Singapore and Marina Sands Bay Singapore.

Holiday, Vacation or Trip as most would term it, the Matta Travel Fair here is one of the main places to book your destination getaway.

The trick is not to visit just once but you have to visit the fair at least two days out of the three. The place is so huge and by visiting just once, you will be rushing yourself and may end up missing out on some great deals.

I always go early and take my time to walk around and explore the holiday packages offered. Sometimes on the last day, some of the vendors will throw extra special deals with the vacation packages terming them 'Last Day Sale'.

The crowd at the previous Matta Fair 2009

Cheap Flight Tickets at MATTA Fair

Cheap Flight Tickets have always been a good seller at MATTA Fair so this time around, look out for AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines or MAS, FireFly, MasWings, Berjaya Air and other airlines who are competing with cheap airline tickets or even cheap packages inclusive of flights.

The biggest counters who are usually Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines usually dominate the competition there, so take your time and weigh all the pros and cons before you make that flight package booking.

Apparently, one of the best deals for local and overseas packages is from FireFly, so that booth should be one to check out during the travel fair.

A blog posting from FireFly states that they aim to hit RM1.5 Million (US$441k) in sales during the coming Matta Fair 2010. Check out some of their Koh Samui Packages offered as well.

Holiday Packages from MATTA Fair

Holiday Packages to many destinations are also really cheap when you buy them at the MATTA Fair as most of the travel agencies or tour companies would be throwing crazy priced packages that are unbelievably cheap.

Big names like Mayflower Travel and Tours, Reliance Travel, Apple Holidays, PYO Travel and other travel companies will be highlighting their special tour packages as well so compare them with the others.

A couple discussing their Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday Package

Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday Packages are also a popular seller as even in the last MATTA Fair 2009, many tour companies were selling them and a lot of people seem to have bought the Hong Kong Disneyland Packages.

Some even offer the optional Macau Holiday Package with your Disneyland trip so ask if you would like to kill two birds with one stone.

Then again, those interested in the real Disneyland USA Travel Packages or Disney World Packages would also be pleased to know they cater to these fun packages.

Tourism Taiwan with multiple Taiwan Travel Packages and Mexico Tourism are also aggressively promoting their destination as affordable packages.

Looks like the Taiwan Holiday Packages will be a winner with the locals as it is relatively cheap with AirAsia flying there where else Mexico Holiday Packages would be the dream destination holiday for some who can afford this.

Another destination for great travel offers would be New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand has been working hard to promote the islands to Asians for a while now.

Australia has also been working non-stop with Tourism Australia to promote its Australia Travel Packages. AirAsia also flies to Australia with AirAsiaX so packages can be cheaper than before.

But the local Malaysia Holiday Packages would be the big sellers as most of these packages are more than affordable however note that the cheap holiday packages are usually 3D/2N packages which work very well on weekends.

Those of you who seek this kind of quick holiday would be pleased to know that you can get all kinds of holiday packages at the Matta Fair. Keep an eye out for the 'Travel Now Pay Later' Holiday Packages available too.

Muslim Tour Packages are also a big hit at the travel fair. Check out some of the big named companies that promote these Muslim Holidays to Korea, China, Egypt, Europe, Indonesia, Australia and so on.

Reliance Holidays and Apple Holidays are some of the popular booths to visit for Muslim Travel Packages.

Cruise Packages are also big here at Matta Fair where you will be spoiled with choices from Asian Cruise Packages, Europe Cruise Packages, and American or Caribbean Cruise Packages. Star Cruises are also offering some great Cruise Ship Packages.

Kids Stay Free Promotions

Traveling with Family and Children

These days, holiday packages including children are a big hit as well. From the last Matta Fair 2009, I noticed that a number of tour companies are offering Kids Travel Free with their custom made packages for the Family Holiday Packages.

To my surprise, the response was really good. Family holiday packages usually include free stay for the kids so check with the relevant tour companies on what is available.

Matta Fair patrons booking holidays

Beach Holiday Packages are also big at Matta Fair last year, and Club Med was offering a super deal on a Holiday Package to the Maldives where the price was almost half the normal rate.

It was so good that I was so tempted to get that Maldives Package from Club Med. Sea Villas at 5D/4N for around RM1,640 (US$482) per person if I recall.

So, watch some of the specialist travel agents or resorts for these crazy holiday deals.

Update: Club Med Mauritius is having a promotion 'Buy One Get One Free' at RM2,552 for 5D/4N. This means you pay only RM1,276 per person!

But the most popular holiday packages would be China Tours and Packages. With AirAsia flying to over 8 destinations around China and 140 weekly flights there, prices have dropped and China Packages have been even more so affordable.

Technically with AirAsia flying all over the region, traveling has never been so cheap and affordable for most people.

Southeast Asia destinations are not to be overlooked as with more budget airlines mushrooming in the region, many travel agencies are taking advantage of the low-cost carrier fares and using them to sell packages.

Last year, the Indonesia booth by Tourism Indonesia was pretty big with promoting the country. Bandung, Jogjakarta, Medan and of course Bali were the popular sellers. Note that Bandung Factory Outlet Shopping Packages are quite popular too.

Sabah Tourism attended the last Matta Fair with an extra large group of vendors who were heavily promoting The Land Below The Wind, Sabah.

From seeing Mount Kinabalu Packages to White Water Rafting Packages and Snorkeling Packages to Nature and Wildlife Tours, they were pretty impressive to check out.

Sabah Packages will be focused mainly on the East Coast Sabah where promotions on Sandakan and Tawau are highlighted. Lots of Nature Packages, Eco Tourism Packages and Diving Packages are offered here.

Local travel companies offering various nature packages

Ground Packages at MATTA Fair

Cheap Ground Packages are also a big hit with airlines offering rock bottom flight prices. If you browse around the travel booths at the Matta Fair, you will notice that some holiday packages are unbelievably cheap.

But look carefully as most of these packages are Ground Only Arrangements. That means you book your own flight tickets and use their accommodation package.

These ground-only packages are great if you are traveling on a budget and don't mind stating at lower rate hotels or guesthouses.

A man looks at the various holiday and travel packages offered

Cheap Airline Tickets at MATTA Fair

One of the tricks that would work is this - Buy your budget airline ticket way in advance from AirAsia or any other budget airline, then check out cheap hotel rooms from various websites like Agoda.Com, Booking.com, Hostelworld.com, and others.

This way, you can really have a longer holiday and not spend too much on airfares and hotels. Then again, you can always book via AirAsia, GoHolidays or AirAsiaGo for the full packages (ticket and room) online but one needs to wait for them to announce the sales and promotions for these cheap tickets and packages.

Here's another tip into getting first-hand knowledge on Cheap Airfares or Cheap Airline Tickets from some of the leading airline companies.

Sign up on their Facebook Page and get first-hand information on when promotions and sales are announced.

Diving Packages in Malaysia

For the specialty groups like Divers, there are multiple Dive Packages throughout Southeast Asia available here.

Most popular would be the Sipadan Diving Package followed by Pulau Redang Dive Packages, Pulau Perhentian Dive Packages, Pulau Lang Tengah Dive Packages and the list goes on. For divers, the Matta Fair provides some really great deals here.

Then there are places like Manado, Thailand, Sabah and Bali which also offer divers an excellent deal so do check out some of the packages for diving while here.

Beach/Island Holiday Packages

Beach and Island Holiday Packages are quite popular too and many local travel companies would be offering fantastic deals on mostly 3D/2N Island Packages.

Another well-known place that many people check is for the Pulau Manukan Packages in Sabah and also various Langkawi holiday packages.

If you like the East Coast islands of Malaysia, one of the companies to look out for is Ping Anchorage Travel and Tours.

They seem to be the most aggressive in promoting Island Holiday Packages namely Redang Island Packages, Perhentian Island Packages and Island Discovery Packages throughout Malaysia.

From the looks of it, they seem to be very involved in Eco-Tourism Travel for Malaysia with additional Sabah and Sarawak Travel Packages, Kenyir Lake Packages and also Taman Negara Packages.

If you like nature, islands and beaches and the rainforest, do visit Ping Anchorage and compare the prices.

All sorts of promotions from various travel companies

Below is from a current advertisement from one of the local tour agents, SA Tours who are offering cheap travel packages for the MATTA Fair 2010.

You will see a lot of holiday packages from various companies so choose carefully and wisely.
  • 8D Beijing from RM1569
  • 8D Shanghai from RM1399
  • 8D Kunming/Guilin/Tibet from RM1799
  • 8D Xiamen/Zhangjiajie/Silk Road from RM2099
  • 7D Taiwan from RM1649
  • 10D Turkey from RM3799
  • 6D Korea from RM1899
  • 6D Japan from RM3799
Seri Pacific Hotel entrance at PWTC

Getting to Matta Fair 2010 PWTC
  • Most locals would self-drive there and park around the PWTC area.
  • Here's a tip if you don't want to spend time looking for parking - Drive up to the Seri Pacific Hotel (old Pan Pacific Hotel) entrance and give your car to the valet parking which cost about RM15 (US$4.40) the entire day. No hassles as you simply walk straight into the Matta Fair from the hotel entrance.
  • Other option would be to come early and park in the PWTC
  • Another place would be to park across at The Mall Shopping Center and walk over.
  • Avoid parking along the road illegally as you are bound to get summoned by the police.
  • Again I stress, to avoid the traffic jam, you need to head there very early before 11am.
By Bus:
  • An Intrakota Bus stops just outside the Jukebox Shoe Shop opposite the Puduraya Bus Station and this bus goes to Hentian Putra which is opposite PWTC. It will cost approximately RM1.20 (US$0.35) one way.
By Train:
  • Visitors who travel to the Matta Fair 2010 from March 12 to 14 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) on Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) trains will receive a 25% discount on their ticket fare.
  • They should inform the officers at the ticketing counter at the train station that they are going to KL Sentral for the Matta Fair before buying their tickets. 
  • Those who buy tickets at the KTMB booth for travel to any part of the country or Singapore would get the 25% discount regardless of the number of people traveling. The discounts are available from March 11 to 15th 2010.
  • STAR LRT stops at the PWTC Station and is a short walk to the Matta Fair.
  • PUTRA LINE LRT stops at Masjid Jamek Station and you change with STAR LRT.
MATTA Fair Dates: 12-14th March 2010

Matta Fair Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

Matta Fair Location: Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hall 1, 2, 3 and Pelantaran Putra at the PWTC

Entry Fee: RM3.00 (US$0.88) per person/per day - You are given a wrist band to wear.

Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
41, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: (603) 2614 6999
Fax: (603) 404 33777
Toll-Free: 1800-880-448 (Reservations only)
Email: pwtc@pwtc.com.my

Conclusion on Matta Fair 2010 Review

Matta Fair is held twice a year in Kuala Lumpur and also various times in other individual states around Malaysia.

Next time you want information on the next travel fair, just sign up to our newsletter for the latest travel packages at Matta Fair. 

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PaulK said…
Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers), until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B... just in case.
superwilson said…
MY sis had a great deal to Maldives last year. I will be going to there again to see what's the hot deal this year. Nice post.
Malaysia Asia said…
Hey Paul, sorry to hear about your ordeal and hopefully someone from AirAsia sees this posting here. You can also bring this matter to the AirAsia FB group so tey will take note of this. Hope you get your refund back soon.

Wilson, wow! Your sis made it for that steal price to Maldives! Did she book the Club Med Kani package or went directly?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
I'm feeling so holiday-ish now~!!! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
My family trip to Hainan Island is coming up this end of June so we will be looking out for packages at the upcoming MATTA fair.
Malaysia Asia said…
Nicole, go and book next week. Everyone deserves a good get-away at least 2-3 times a year.

Mei Teng, that's awesome! I hear Hainan Island is one of the places to visit and the June weather would be just nice too.

Nicholas Leong said…
So anxious to go and hunt for deals. But yet, the crowd.. *shudders*
MATTA fair is the largest and the most popular travel fair. The last year I was at Lakehouse Cameron Highlands they have a great package going for RM1200. Not certain whether they will have better pricing if at all having a booth in MATTA Fair; however a reasonable package would be nice.

Best Regards,
Malaysia Asia said…
Nicholas, brave the crowd! Be strong! Hope you get some good deals at this years Matta Travel Fair 2010.

VB&B - Seems like you had a great deal last year and I am sure at this years Matta Fair 2010, there would be even more fantastic travel packages offered.

Nikel Khor said…
i wish i not miss this event again since few year ago..

from Nikel Khor
HappySurfer said…
MATTA fair is great if you really have a destination in mind. I don't know about braving the crowd, David. LOL!

You've got a great blog here.

Thanks for stopping by.
Vicky Rebecca said…
Can I book matta fair rate packages online?? I am in jb what is the most convenient alternative for me ??
Anonymous said…
Dear David, great packages at MATTA this year from Firefly. will you be visiting?
Malaysia Asia said…
Nikel, you should try to go and check out the travel packages offered this year.

HappySurfer, any popular fair will be crowded but I agree that it can get a little over crowded. Especially during Lunch and after working hours. Thank you for your kind words and dropping by.

Vicky, well, some of the travel agents may have it but you have to check with them. I know AirAsis has some Matta Ticket Promotions going on so check their site out as well. Other than that, most of the agents there would require you to visit to fair for the best deals.

Anon (Firefly?), Yes I will be visiting the Matta Fair and also the FireFly Booth there. Thanks for stopping by.

Clay Telecom, thanks for dropping by.

Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Patricia, yes I saw the promotions there and they were really good. Spent from 11am til l6pm at the Matta Fair today (12th March)

Anonymous said…
can find a ticket to Jeddah....?!!!
Malaysia Asia said…
you know what? I just did an article on Matta Fair 2010 - Day One and I actually saw a number of Muslim Travel Companies selling Jeddah Packages, Umrah Packages and also Halal Tours. So you are in luck!

Anonymous said…
I heard of Matta Fair but never being. How shall i scout for cheap fare to New York for free & easy?
Malaysia Asia said…
Anon, you have to go there, then visit some of the travel agents that sell tickets. I personally saw a number of travel agents at Matta Fair that was selling Cheap and discounted Airlines to around the world.

While most sell packages, you have an option of just asking for the air tickets. One of them to check is 12Fly.com who has a pretty large booth at Matta in Hall 2.

Captwong said…
David, thanks for your details description on the MATTA Fair.
I went with my family & found the two of our plan trips to Gold Coast & HK Disney for the June & Sept School holiday.
Your guide to help would be Holidays seeker was a great help.
Keep up the good work, David,

Best Regards,
Capt Wong
Zulhilmi said…
Hi David. Cool blog. Stumbled upon it when searching for Matta. I work at a travel service company and we are quite new. I find that your blog is perfect for us to advertise. It's free and it is exactly like the HolidayCity.com widget that you have. Please do contact me at zulhilmi@travelneeds2u.com. Thanks for your time.

p/s: 1 of the pic that you uploaded for matta has my friend in it looking after the goHoliday booth. Can't believe I found his face here! Hahaha....
wowwww..MATTA Fair I wanna go there but it too late now.. I wish I will not miss this event next year...
Very interesting event. I plane to go next year. Thank for useful post.
Thanks for sharing this its a very useful information for me.
shoe shop said…
i like this blog really awesome and informative I was looking for shoe shop and I came into this blog
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I am fashion and footwear lover
3d ultrasounds said…
Thanks for such an interesting article here. I was searching for something like that for quite a long time and at last I have found it here.
Phi Phi said…
Other than that, most of the agents there would require you to visit to fair for the best deals.
GoingPlaces.sg said…
For those who love to travel, just to share that Singapore Natas Fair 2012 will be held at Singapore Expo on 24026 Feb 2012.

Not sure which has a better deal - Matta or Natas?

It does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely. We are constantly Study, a total of enjoyment of information and work together to improve their lives.
Nice write-up and thanks for sharing. There are some nuggets in here for me to check out.
Property Phuket said…
Wow Very interesting event. I plane to go next year. Thank for useful post.