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Vientiane Motorbike and Bicycle Rental in Laos

Motorbike and Bicycle Rental in Vientiane
Motorcycle and bicycle rentals are easily found in Vientiane town as there are numerous companies offering bike rentals and most of them can be found in the popular area near the Mekong River.

While this may be trick for families, it would greatly benefit single or couple travelers, as renting a bike here will save you a lot of money and time moving around this beautiful city in Laos. 

Motorbike Rental in Vientiane Me and my rented motorbike in Vientiane

Vientiane Motorbike and Bicycle Rental In Vientiane

Renting a bike in Vientiane was suggested to me by another traveler whom I met in a loca guesthouse where I was staying at.

Since I got there, I had been moving around with the local tuk tuks in Vientiane, where every trip I made to one place cost me around US$2-$3.

After the recommendation, I ended up getting my Suzuki Smash 125cc motorbike for US$7 rental a day from one of the local shops around Quai Fa Ngum Road. This made everything so much easier.

Here's the catch - When you rent a bike, they will ask you to leave your passport with them during your rental period, and you have a choice of two options.

If you think it is unsafe, you have an option of leaving a US$300 deposit with them, but that is a lot of cash to be carrying around.

I was skeptical at first but when the owner went in and took out a bag of about 20 passports, I reluctantly gave him mine as I did not carry any USD with me.

Overall, it is safe from my personal experience, hence it is entirely up to you to do this, and please do it with reputable bike rental companies here. 

Laos Bike Rental Hello KittyVientiane Hello Kitty bicycles for rent

Another thing that you must be very careful about is that you should always carry your bike rental papers with you at all times.

This is because the Lao police do make random checks and if you get caught without the papers, it could lead to trouble. You should also always wear your helmet when riding around Vientiane too.

Gas prices are pretty cheap in Vientiane so moving around is not a problem. I even rode over four hours on my rented bike out of Vientiane to visit the Buddha Park and also to the most popular tourist site, The Golden Stupa or That Lung Stupa.

Tuk Tuk / Jumbo ride around Vientiane Town video

Alternatively, everyone takes the local Tuk Tuk or Jumbo when in Vientiane town. They are similar to the Thailand Tuk Tuk and are found just about anywhere in town.

Prices are quite reasonable and cost around US$1 to $3 per trip. They are also quite safe as I used them for my first two day in Vientiane until another traveler advised me to rent a bike instead.

Video of Jumbo (tuk Tuk) ride around Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is easy to navigate as the town area is pretty small where most of the hotels and guesthouses are located around Quai Fa Ngum Road.
Most of the time, you would be renting the bike to travel to various sites in and out of Vientiane like visiting temples and so on.

Requirements for renting a motorbike in Vientiane;
  • First of all, this information is based on the year of 2009, prices have increased since then
  • Generally, you need to know how to ride a bike
  • No driving license needed, just passport
  • Alternative is to give a US$200-$300 deposit if you do not want to leave your passport
  • Bike rentals cost from US$7 to $35 depending on the size of the bike
  • Bicycles cost about KIP10,000 (US$2) a day
Jumbo Tuk Tuk Vientiane Laos
Vientiane Jumbo, a larger version of a tuk tuk
Be Careful Of...

For first timers, you really need to be careful when riding a bike in a foreign land. There have been great stories like mine, and also horror stories where people have lost passports, met with accidents and so on. 

I would personally ask you to be careful of the following and take note;
  1. Always rent from a licenced bike rental business
  2. Always wear your helmet when riding, not only does it save lives, you risk getting stopped by the local enforcement there
  3. Ride cautiously, and not recklessly, and on the correct side of the road
  4. Be careful of the local tuk tuk's and jumbo's there
  5. Always give way to the locals, and don't toot your horn as and when you like
  6. Apologize if you have made a mistake or done a wrong turn
  7. In any accident event, go to the nearest police station to make a report

I have to admit that renting a bike here and moving around made my travels so much more easier and time consuming. I would highly recommend doing this, if you know how to ride a motorbike, or bicycle.

And if you are visiting Vientiane for long periods, you are much better off renting a motorbike or bicycle in Vientiane, there as it is much cheaper in costs and easier to get around. Have a great time in Laos.


Borneo Falcon said...

I drive a motorcycle too in my home town. Will fancy do the same thing there one day. Surrender my passport is not what I have in mind.

Malaysia Asia said...

Cool, do you ride a normal bike or one of those super bikes?


Henry Lee said...

i dont know how to ride a bike but i used to follow my cousin around on his bike... like the breeze of riding on it XD but guessed im still a car person more :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Henry, I think at one stage in our lives, bikes were the thing. I used to ride a bike to school when I was 16 and 17. Was an awesome experience if you ask me. So getting back on a bike in Vientiane brought back memories. But hey, I'm a MPV person now :)


Anonymous said...

Hi David, I like the story of bike rental in Laos. Thanks for sharing.

Virginia bed and breakfast | Victorian inn bed and breakfast | Romantic bed and breakfasts said...

I was in Vientiane last week, Lots of places to rent a bike, paid 180'000 Kip for a shifted scooter 110cc for three days, nobody mentioned not taking it further than 20 km from the city center. We rode a lot further than that!


Malaysia Asia said...

Anon, thanks very much.

Virginia Bed & Breakfast, 60,000 KIP is about US$7 a day which is the standard rate. Good deal too. Also, no one told me that we could not go out of town when I rented the bike there. We went to Buddha Park which was a 40 minute ride with getting lost.


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hector said...

These are great bike rentals system. I like your photos of bikes. Thanks for sharing these up!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank Hector, if you ever visit Laos, you should try renting a bike there. It is quite fun.


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