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Sports Shoe Street in Mongkok Hong Kong

Mongkok Sports Shoe Street
Sports Shoe Street in Hong Kong is located at the Mongkok shopping district at a road named Fa Yuen Street (花園街). This is the most popular place in Hong Kong to buy your Sports Shoes.

They also cater to all kinds of shoes here at Sports Shoe Street with big brand names like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, New Balance, Crocs, Teva, Merrell, Timberland, Sketchers and other shoe brands here which is sometimes called Sneaker Street.

Read on to find out how I spent my time shopping for some shoes in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

Sports Shoe Street Mongkok Hong Kong

Mongkok Fa Yuen StreetSports Shoe Street or Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok, Hong Kong

Sports Shoe Street is also called 'Ball Hai Kai' in Cantonese so when you ask around, most people would know where this place is as it has been around since the 1970s.

Even the taxi drivers would know Sports Shoe Street as it is a must-visit destination for all tourist who are traveling to Hong Kong.

If you are a sports shoe lover or collector', this place would be one of your dream destinations and after my trip here, this is one of my favourite places. 

Mongkok Shoe StreetSports Shoe Street in Mongkok

When I visited the place in the evening on my casual free and easy trip, I was stunned to see more than 50 shops on walking into the street.

Most  of the shops were selling many kinds of sports shoes and accessories like bags, pouches and many other items.

Immediately my eyes started to pay attention to the designs available as most of them are the latest designs which cannot be found in my country Malaysia.

Shop after shop I walk in and out checking the sizes and designs available. I must have experienced a woman's shopping stress here as I started to sweat and my eyes could not move away from the variety offered.

With all that was going on, it was a mental rush and even to a stage where my dinner was put on hold.

Sports Shoe Street Video in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Just so you know, there is a huge variety for Ladies Sports Shoes here. One of the most noticeable ones I saw were the ladies sequined Converse shoes.

There were so many designs and colours to choose from. Even Hello Kitty had shoes for the ladies here. Trust me, ladies would go crazy just as the men did like me - so couples, beware!

Shoes are seen everywhere here
I must have spent a good five hours shopping at Sports Shoe Street in Mongkok, just looking for some shoes to buy.

While some of the shops here had lovely designs for some outdoor shoes, they did not have my size and so I had to explore the area.

I had a pair in mind which was a Teva Outdoor Shoe and also a Merrill Outdoor Shoe. Sadly many of the shops did not carry the Nike ACG Shoe I was after. ACG is All Condition Gear outdoor shoes by Nike.

There are over 50 shops selling shoes here

While most of the shops here at Fa Yuen Street sell sports shoes, there were a few specialty shops that sold special edition shoes from Nike and Adidas.

There was even a Special Edition Converse Shoe Shop here selling all kinds of designs you will hardly see elsewhere.

Outdoor and Camping Shoes were abundant as most shops were cashing in on some new Timberland designs and also accessories like bags, pouches and anything related to shoes.

Even your favourite football team jerseys are sold here. Manchester United and Liverpool jerseys were seen everywhere.

Mahjong Shop in Fa Yuen Street 

In the end, I had to come back the following day to get my Teva Omnium and Merrell outdoor shoes as most of the shops were closing for the night, and I still had not made up my mind.

So the following day, I made a stop over here after dinner and I got my Teva for about HK$400 (US$51) and my rare Merrell model for about HK$500 (US$64).

I was extremely happy with my purchases and love the shoes. Next time I visit Hong Kong, I am going for more shoes without thinking too much.

Things to look out for in Sports Shoe Street:
  • Collectors' Sports Shoes
  • Lifestyle Shoes
  • Football (Soccer) Jerseys
  • Outdoor Shoes and Equipment
  • Gentlemen Shoes
  • Designer Sports Shoes
Opening Hours at Sports Shoe Street - 10.00 am till 11.00 pm

Misconception of Sports Shoe Street

Many people are saying that the shoes sold here are mostly knock offs that are mixed with the real shoes. I have even heard that the display is the real thing, and they pack the fake ones after buying them.

This is a catch-22 situation, and there is nothing to state if they are indeed fake's, rejects or the original shoes. This simply says that it is entirely up to you when you want to buy any shoes here.

How To Get To Sports Shoe Street in Mongkok?

The best and only way is by taking the Hong Kong MRT system, or walk here if you are staying in the Mongkok area.

Walking - If you are unsure and do not want to ask people, just use Waze or Google Maps walking function.

Taking the MRT - For the Fa Yuen Street sports shoes shops use either exit E2 or D3 at Mongkok station.

Map to Sports Shoe Street in Hong Kong

My Conclusion to Sports Shoe Street

Fa Yuen Street or Sports Shoe Street is fantastic place for any kind of shoe lover. Take your time when choosing your shoes as not all the shops sell the same designs.

Give yourself a few hours here before deciding what you want to buy as there will be many different shops with different prices.

Overall, the prices here are way much cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur or in Singapore, so you will be walking away with a deal, and credit cards are accepted, so enjoy your time here at the Sports Shoe Street in Mongkok.


CathJ said...

wow.. Jr.. you in HK already?? fuh yoo.. ^_^

I plan to go Mong kok to shop too.. but not sport shoe la.. ;-p

Thanks for the infos..

any other post about HK trip?? ^_^

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Cath, you should go to Sports Shoe Street. A lot of stuff for the kids and hubby. Ladies shoes too. Anyway, this place is just next to Ladies Street there.

Yes I have a few other postings about HK coming up too.


Henry Lee said...

Wow... HK trip... u r really blessed to have so many trips all over the world...

The Sports Shoe Street looks tempting. I will definitely drop by that street if i travel to HK. I don't mind spending time to look for the best shoe that I font. At least u dont waste hours searching for shops which they sell the same design of shoes in Malaysia. :)

Thumbs up for the review

LaLa said...

how i wish i have enough money to go to HK..

yoon see said...

Thanks and i am shoe lover and love to travel to Hong Kong for more great bargain!

Dragon City said...

Great review, very details indeed. For me, Mongkok is the most happening place in HK where all the youngster hang-out comparing to HK island.

junsern said...

now i wanna go there... hard to find shoes here in msia... especially my size...

Luray va accommodations said...

Awesome!! Very nice post, I agree with you that "This place become would be one of everyone dream shopping destinations".
Recently I have bought shoes from sport Shoe Street. It is really cheapest place for shopping. And varieties are also very nice. Thanks for sharing.


Ihsan Khairir said...

My mother would ban me from going there, definitely. She said I have too many sports shoes already. I have so many pairs of basketball shoes!

Malaysia Asia said...

Henry, just a passion :) When I have time and money, I just go. Perks of working for yourself. You will love the selections there.

Lala, start saving now and next thing you know, you're there. Airasia just launched additional flights to HK today. From RM198 too.

YoonSee, I see - You loooove to shop too :)

DragonCity, absolutely correct. Mongkok is the place for the trendy.

Junsern, a warning - you might end up buying more than you expect :)

Luray, thank you for the visit. Agree, the prices there are amazingly so much cheaper.

Ishan, haha, just tell her you're going to the Peak instead.


Catherine said...

You made me wanna go hk...

Malaysia Asia said...

Aww Cath, you should actually, especially this time of the year! Enjoy a HK Xmas and New Year :)


workhard said...

WOW!!! An entire market full of brandes sport shoes...

Argentina Consulate

Malaysia Asia said...

Workhard, Sports Shoe Street is also a great place to find Basketball Shoes and other types of sports shoes. Great collection and great prices here.


Cheap Hotel Hanoi said...

Really nice post!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Cheap Hotel Hanoi.


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keen footwear said...

They say Hong Kong is the Shopping Capital...and yes it is true...I love the street of sport shoes shop...I'm sure there are lots of good sport shoes there in reasonable prices...

Malaysia Asia said...

Keen footwear, indeed HK is one of 'THE' places to source for all kinds of sports shoes. Thanks for dropping by.


zbsports said...

The street looks very busy...the people are having fun shopping shoes...HK is the best shopping place...just wait and we will be there to have shopping too!!!

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Anonymous said...

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