Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is my third Disneyland visited around the world where I have also visited the Anaheim Disneyland in California and the Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. The only one left for me to visit is the Euro Disney and Disney World. Anyway, since I was having a long trip to Hong Kong, I thought why not since I had free time. So, the child in me came out the minute I reached the gates here.

Disneyland Entrance Fountain with Mickey Surfing

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on reclaimed land on Penny's Bay in Lantau Island and was opened in September 12, 2005. The park also resembles the other Disneyland's around the world with four themed lands, Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland but the only difference was that the cast and crew at this particular Disneyland are all Chinese so expect communication in Mandarin, Cantonese and in English. But to my surprise, the princess of the Enchanted Castle was a Caucasian girl.

Mickey Mouse video surfing on top of a fountain

Main Street USA Double Decker Bus

Hong Kong Disneyland also attracts about 35,000 visitors a day and is also the smallest of the Disneyland's around the world. When I booked my Disneyland Package from the hotel concierge, we paid about HK$400 per person including transfer, tickets and pickup from the Dorsett Seaview Hotel which was quite a good deal for a Disneyland package.

Disneyland Main Street USA

It was quite humid when we went there in September but the crowds were really nice and moving around was relatively easy. Honestly, the best time to visit this place is during the cool season or winter period in Hong Kong. But be prepared for hordes of people and super long queues for rides, something I would not want to ever experience after trying out the other Disneylands in Japan and America.

Disneyland 's Enchanted Castle

From the Dorsett Seaview in town, we took the hotel's Disneyland shuttle service which made a few stops at some other hotels before proceeding to Lantau Island. The journey which started at 8.30am took us about 30 minutes. Upon arriving, we were dropped off at a bus parking area where the van would pick us up at 8.30pm. Walking to the main entrance of Disneyland from the car park took us another 10 minutes before going through the main entrance and into Hong Kong Disneyland this fantasy world.

Disneyland Fire Department

The first place you see is Main Street USA where buildings are similar to the American style Victorian architecture from the early 20th century with typical stores selling candy, souvenirs and gifts. Restaurants Cafes are also found on this themed section. Several old styled buildings like city hall and a fire station is also well decorated for picture taking purposes.

Disneyland City Hall Building

Wandering around Main Street USA, we had already felt hungry as the hotel breakfast was not enough so we went into one of the pastry shops and bought some pies and drinks for our second breakfast. Sitting along the main street was interesting as several classic or antique buses and taxis would pass by ferrying guests to a drop off point.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse! How could one resist not taking a picture with these two iconic figures of Disneyland for over 80 years. By the way, did you know Mickey Mouse was born in 1928?

Photo opportunity with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

And there, we did it. The legendary Mickey and Minnie mouse picture moment. Every child's dream I am told except that if Ben 10 was there, there would be major confusion.

Disneyland Jungle River Cruise

We then made a trip to Adventureland next. A number of rides reminding me of Indiana Jones are available here but since most of them were pretty much children-friendly, we made a quick walk around and ended up going to Tarzan's Island and then out of Adventureland. Just so you know, there is a great Jungle River Cruise if you plan to visit with kids. There is also a Broadway Show called 'Festival Of The Lion King' going on here too.

It's A Small World Entrance

Fantasyland has always been one of my favourite since my first trip to Tokyo Disneyland in 1990. A very cheerful and colourful place, the children would absolutely love this place. Good luck trying to get them out of Fantasyland. Below are a few videos taken inside 'It's A Small World' - The Ride here.

Video of It's A Small World Ride in Fantasyland

Trust me, the song goes on and on on the easiest ride in Disneyland. Each ride unit can carry two persons and takes about 15 minutes to complete the ride while going though various cultures and places around the world.

Video of It's A Small World Ride in Fantasyland in another section

In this section, the same tune of music goes on but in another language. Throughout the ride, I must have heard about 6 languages of the famous song 'It's A Small World'.

Video of It's A Small World Ride in Fantasyland in the rainforest section

While admiring the beautiful and cute kid figures moving about throughout the entire ride, take a look at the details put in, especially the costumes and countries they represent. Note, they are robotic toys and not real kids, just in case you thought wrong.

Tomorrowland Entrance

Finally, we have Tomorrowland which would be absolutely child crazy if you have boys for kids. This part of Disneyland features most of the modern rides like Space Mountain (Not recommended for the weak), cartoon rides like Toy Story, Stitch Encounter, UFO Zone and some other rides.

Tomorrowland - A space craft provides water mist

Some of the props which resemble spaceships and rockets from various movies like Toy Story are placed around the rides. Great for picture taking that will bring a smile to your kids and adults too.

Disneyland Tomorrowland - Strange Structure

One of the structures features a mechanical planet with smaller planets orbiting the main structure. Not a ride but more of a 'mummy, look at that'. That thing must have been about 50 feet tall.

Space Mountain - The Best Roller Coaster Ride in Disneyland

Space Mountain, also called the ride of rides in every Disneyland I visited is not for the faint heart, those with lygophobia (fear of darkness) and toddlers. Trust me, this ride is pretty much in the dark, even lining up to get in is dimly lit as if you are in a space station getting ready to board your shuttle. Once the ride starts, you start to climb pretty high up and then.... 2 minutes of speed and dark till the end. A total rush if you love roller coasters.

Buzz Lightyear, an icon to everyone

Buzz Lightyear, pretty much as famous as Michael Jackson but not enough to compete with Ben 10. Huge statue were every kid and adult I saw took a picture with him. Heck, I took one too but sorry, I am not posting it here. By the way, sorry there were no pictures of Fantasyland as I skipped the entire thing due to the fact that children especially girls would really enjoy this place. So if you have a daughter, bring her here.

Writer does the legendary Disneyland pose

I admit, I had to take the picture above as I have a collection of pictures (non-DSLR days) with me holding the same post in front of the ever famous Enchanted Castle of Disneyland. By the way, as the humidity was really high we could not take the heat anymore and decided on leaving this place early at about 4pm. I contemplated on staying for the world class Disney On Parade Show that goes on every evening, but once you have seen one, they are about the same so off we went.

Disneyland Exit Sign

With this trip, I have successfully visited three Disneylands around the world and only the Euro Disney, Disney World (or Shanghai Disneyland) left to visit. I might as well do it since there is nothing much to lose.

Disneyland Resort MTR Station

Heading back to Kowloon, we walked to the Disneyland Resort MTR Station and purchased our one-way tickets back. I thought that the Disney experience was over untile I got onto the platform of the station.

Posing by one of the MTR Train Mickey Mouse shaped window

The special MTR Train that runs to the resort was one of a kind with windows in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Something I did not expect but it brought out the kid in me when I saw that. You should have seen Lilian's face when I excitedly asked her to look at the windows.

A Mickey Mouse Train Hand Rail

Even the hand-rail was in the shape of Mickey Mouse! Looking around inside the train, there were bronze statues of Goofy, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and other Disney characters encased in special perspex casings on each side of the train interior. Talk about going all the way, I take my hat off.

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland:

Kowloon Area: Take the Tung Chung Line from Kowloon to Sunny Bay and then transfer to Disneyland Resort Line. The journey is about 30 minutes. Ticket/Fare: HK$16.2/Octopus or HK$18.0/Single ticket

Mongkok Area: MTR MongKok Station, take Tsuen Wan Line to Lai King station and then transfer to Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay station where you can take Disneyland Resort Line to get to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Tsuen Wan Bus station: Take bus R42 (Tsuen Wan - Disneyland). Journey is about 40minutes.

From Hong Kong Airport: Take bus S1 from the airport to Tung Chung MTR station (HK$5) and then take MTR(disney Resort Line) from Tung Chung to Disneyland Resort (HK$2.5)

Taxis: Generally fast and expensive from around Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland Opening Hours:
10:00 to 19:00 (weekdays)
10:00 to 21:00 (weekends and holidays)
Tickets Selling Hours: From 09:00 until the park closes

Park Tickets:
One-Day Tickets
Annual Passes Prices
HK$ 350
HK$ 650
HK$ 1,300
HK$ 1,800
Students (12-25)
HK$ 350
HK$ 460
HK$ 930
HK$ 1,250
Children (3-11)
HK$ 250
HK$ 460
HK$ 930
HK$ 1,250
Seniors (65 or above)
HK$ 170
HK$ 370
HK$ 740
HK$ 1,000
*Children under 3 are free.

More information on Disneyland Tickets

Tip: Check with your hotel if they have special Disneyland Package Tickets

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My conclusion to Hong Kong Disneyland: A must visit if you have children as planning a trip to the other Disneyland's may be a little expensive so thank the heavens for opening one in South East Asia. If you are a young couple, a full day in here is sufficient. You would not have to stay over as you can enjoy the other parts of Hong Kong like visiting the Charlie Brown Snoopy Cafe or some shoe shopping at Sports Shoe Street in Mong Kok.

However if you have children, you may want to plan a stay over at Disneyland as it can and will get tiring for you and the kids. The Hong Kong Disneyland offers two luxury 4 and 5 Star Hotels in the premises while there are several others out of the main park.