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E and O Hotel Penang Malaysia

Eastern and Oriental Hotel Penang
E and O Hotel in Penang is Malaysia's answer to the stunning Raffles Hotel in Singapore or the Strand in Rangoon (Myanmar).

This beautiful 5-Star Luxury Hotel stands majestically along Farquhar Street in Penang - A UNESCO World Heritage Status and was originally opened by the Sarkies Brothers back in 1885.

The brothers  also owned the other two hotels mentioned, and E&O stands for the Eastern and Oriental Hotel from the initials.

Penang E&O HotelMain entrance driveway

E & O Hotel Penang Malaysia

E&O Hotel is probably one of the luxury class hotels where you can splurge and expect tip top service in a Colonial environment.

Staying here would certainly put a slight dent the pocket of the ordinary person as this place is known to the well-heeled society.

The minimum rates for a deluxe room starts around RM580++ (approximately US$140), and sad to say, I only visited the E&O for breakfast while on a job in Penang Island.

E&O British Raj style doormanBritish Raj style doorman at the E&O Hotel

E&O has always maintained their originality in terms of the decor, style and service and as I walked in, I was greeted by their doorman who was dressed in the Colonial Style British Raj dressing with a smile you hardly find these days.

The doorman was extremely alert about guests walking in and out as he opened the main doors into the E&O Hotel with a beautiful and friendly smile. You have an option to use the classic revolving doors on the left of the main door.

Malaysia E&O HotelE&O Hotel sidewalk with old pillar designs

What I personally admire about the E&O Hotel is that they managed to beautifully restore the place to its original look and feel even though it is over a hundred years old and costing the E&O Group a cool RM75 million (US$22 million).

Walking around the hotel made me inspect the details done to preserve this amazing place. Almost every little inch is carefully looked into from my observation throughout the place.

Sarkies Restaurant

E&O Penang Sarkies RestaurantSarkies Restaurant at the E&O 

Sarkies Corner, the name for the main restaurant with a view of the Penang sea through classic wooden and glass doors was where I had my breakfast.

The Sarkies Corner also serves all day dining right up till 11.00 pm with a choice of local and international cuisines.

Penang Sarkies RestaurantAnother view of the Sarkies Restaurant

What I like about the Sarkies Restaurant is that much work has been put in to maintain the originality of the 1900s.

Tall wooden windows, mosaic tiled floors and even a cashier counter located on your right as you enter looks like a jailed section with iron bars.

Wooden table and chairs dominate the restaurant floor while tall wooden and glass doors lead outside to the courtyard where you can see the sea. There is also an outdoor area for guests who prefer the outdoors.

Penang E&O HotelE&O Hotel Penang entrance facade at night

I guess the E&O Hotel would be one of the places that I would love checking in to fully experience the Colonial days of Malaya. For that price, it would be something different compared to the now modern hotels.

The E&O Hotel is also strategically located to town center where the nearest Penang attraction would be The Blue Mansion or Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion which is a couple of minutes walk and also the famous Chulia Street.

The E&O Group also owns Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. However, please note that there is a temporary closure of the Lone Pine Hotel for renovation works from 1 April 2009 till the 3rd Quarter of 2010.

E&O Hotel Room Rates 2009;

per suite per night
Deluxe Suite
RM 580++
Georgetown Suite
RM 580++
Premier Suite
RM 660++
Straits Suite
RM 810++
Writers Suite
RM 1080++
Java Suite
Rate on Request
Pinang Suite
Rate on Request
E&O Suite
Rate on Request

Address and contact for E&O Hotel:
Eastern and Oriental (E&O) Hotel
10 Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Telephone : +(6) 04 222 2000
Fax : +(6) 04 261 6333
Email : hotel-info@e-o-hotel.com

Map to E&O Hotel in Penang

View E&O Hotel Penang in a larger map


Apart from the many choices of hotels in Penang, there are a few which are totally outstanding , and located throughout the island.

For those who would like to enjoy something with a touch of old colonial British, I would recommend you try out the E&O Hotel in Penang, as this is truly one of the best hotels on the island. 


shloke said...

Hi David!

RM580++ per room? Not really that expensive. Look like a great place to me after considering their willingness to spend a whooping RM 75 million to restore the place. In KL (Golden Triangle), some lousy rooms will cost you at least RM280 ++ per day.

The sarkies restaurant look like orient Chinese coffee shops :) Love the ambiance.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful hotel. I love Colonial style hotels.

jocelyncoco said...

never stay there b4 but had a wedding dinner there very nice!!!~*

Malaysia Asia said...

Mylo, I was in Sabah since last Friday hence the delay in replying. Yes, this place is absolutely lovely in every way. For that price, it seems pretty alright to splurge.

Mei, it is in fact. I need to find more of these kind of hotels.

Luray, Spot on! Heritage and architecture which is a perfect blend.

Coco, I'm sure it was a great experience for you.


superwilson said...

love that place. Attended a wedding few years back, it was pretty good

Robo said...

It's One of my favorite Hotel in Malaysia! But feel abit pain in the pocket every time I think to stay a night there...that's the reason why till today I still haven't try out the room yet! Haha! :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Wilson, at least you all attended a wedding there. Me, I had to have breakfast there and that was it.


Malaysia Asia said...

Robo, totally understand. But I think for that price, it would be such an experience to stay, even for just one night.


CathJ said...

Beautiful hotel... ^_^

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Cath, it is really beautiful :) Make a stay there one day.


Trilok said...

Dear forumers,

I have a 2d/1n stay at deluxe suite (sea view) e&o voucher for sale as I couldnt use it. Letting go at reasonable price and valid til 4th May. Interested, kindly mail trilok5178@yahoo.com.sg.

Tq (and my apologies David for using your blog to advertise-am desperate here!)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Trilok,

No worries. I hope you get a chance to let this go before it expires. The E&O is really a wonderful place to stay in Penang and this has to be a great chance. Good luck.