Slim River White Water Rafting Perak Videos

Slim River White Water Rafting Perak Videos
Slim River White Water Rafting in Perak Malaysia is one of the challenging rapids to try if you are a water rafting fan. Not many companies provide this venue for white water rafting as the access is a little harder than most of the other rafting circuits. Slim River offers water rafting enthusiast class one to class three rapids and on good days, even class four.

In this part of my story, I am featuring videos I captured on my Slim River White Water Rafting Experience. Videos include rafts getting stuck, going down a class 3-4 waterfall, getting stuck in a rapid whirlpool, people falling off rafts and even an overturn experience, all here at Sungai Slim White Water Rafting.

Slim River White Water Rafting Perak Malaysia

Slim River White Water Rafting Video - Carrying our rafts to the start point

Getting here was no joke as you should read my Slim River White Water Rafting Part 1 story. Here, after our safety briefing, we had to carry the rafts to the river start point.

Rafts going through Grade 1 to 3 rapids

The first rapids when we started was pretty intense as an opener to this river. Usually rapids tend to start easy and get harder but not in this case.

Raft going down a Grade 1 Rapid

Someone falls into the river

While jumping and freeing ourselves we move on only to bump into a rock and someone falls out the raft with a loud scream.

Raft going down a Grade 2 Rapid

White Water Rafting at Slim River PerakOverturned Raft during White Water Rafting here at Slim River

2 rafts going through some Grade 2-3 rapids

Rafts getting stuck at rocks

Our raft approached another raft which was stuck and then we get stuck too. A third raft approaches us and also gets stuck at the same rapid. The guides need to get out to free the stuck rafts while water gushes in. A lot of jump-jump was used here to free the rafts at many places.

Another raft stuck doing the 'Jump Jump'

On numerous occasions we got pretty much stuck and had to do the jump-jump in order to free the raft. Slim river is known for this as it is best to try rafting during the rainy season. But in any case, it was a great experience for all of us.

Broken Nose Waterfall Rapids at Slim RiverBroken Nose Waterfall Rapids at Slim River

Raft going down Broken Nose Waterfall Rapid Grade 3 and someone falls off

This is the most thrilling part of the water rafting experience is where rafts take turns to go down a Grade or Class 3 waterfall rapid known as 'Broken Nose'. As I headed to a safe point to capture the videos, the raft went down the rapid head first and bumped the huge rock ahead resulting is one rafter falling off there. He flowed with the rapid and was rescued bu the raft captain.

Larger Red Raft goes down Broken Nose safely

At Broken Nose Waterfall Rapid, another larger red raft makes it through without anyone falling off this challenging rapid. Just so you know, right before the plunge down the waterfall, the captain would call for a boom-boom where everyone gets into the raft and holds on tightly for this experience.

One more raft makes it through Broken Nose Rapids....sideways with someone holding on outside

This raft went through the Broken Nose Waterfall Rapid sideways which resulted in someone falling off and holding on tightly to the raft. What an awesome experience for him when I asked him later how it felt.

Raft stuck at Rapid Whirlpool!

This must have been the most terrifying experience for me and the gang as we headed down the rapids seeing another raft stuck ahead. It looked like they were stuck at the rocks but as we got closer, they were stuck in a rapid whirlpool. As we went in to bump them out, we in turn got stuck in this whirlpool of water. With water gushing in constantly, it was a terrifying 5 minutes before the guide jumped out to get a rope and pull us out of that ordeal. The video shows you what we went through.

Finally a video to show what it feels like when a raft overturns

In this video, our raft overturned at one of the rapids and everyone was carried by the strong currents a good 200 meters down river. I had accidentally put on the video towards the end part where I was trying to swim to the banks after a few attempts. It was an incredible experience and one of those that I will remember for life.

Picture of me taking a 'shower' after water rafting

Price for White Water Rafting in Slim River:
  • Minimum booking is 10 Persons
  • Inclusive of a lunch
  • Transfer from Hot Springs to Slim River and back
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years old
Water Rafting at Slim River - Timings
  • Meet up just after Slim River Toll Booth at 8.30am
  • Journey to Slim River by 4WD 9.30am
  • Start white water rafting about 10.30-11.00am
  • Finish rafting about 2.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Lunch at Hot Springs cafeteria
Amenities at Slim River Hot Springs
  • Car Park available near Hot Springs
  • Shower/Bathroom available at Hot Springs
  • Stalls selling light snacks and drinks
Do's and Dont's
  • Do bring sunscreen or sun block for the ladies
  • Do bring a waterproof bag if you want to carry your valuables
  • Do bring a waterproof camera if you want some dramatic pictures
  • Do bring a change of clothes and towel for after rafting
  • Do bring along a safety rubber for your glasses
  • Don't put anything in your pockets
  • Don't wear jewelery or expensive watches
  • Don't panic when you fall over! Listen to the raft captain.
Getting to Slim River by car
  • From KL, head on the NKVE Highway North
  • Exit at Slim River turn off to the left (1 hour drive from KL)
  • After toll, meet the rafting company on the left of the road
  • They will guide you to the parking at the hot springs
  • If you are from the North, head down South via NKVE and exit Slim River
  • There are no signboards for water rafting at Slim River.
Map to meet up point for Slim River White Water Rafting

View Slim River White Water Rafting Meet Up Point in a larger map

For the record, there are numerous areas where you can go rafting in Peninsular Malaysia and one of the best places to do this is at Slim River White Water Rafting in Perak, Malaysia.

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My name is Adam. I would like to introduce you guys about my place. "Sungai Sedim" or translated as Sedim River is one of the best river in Malaysia. Very suitable for Rafting and kayaking. So, maybe someday you might interested to come and challenge the rapid water. You may find more information regarding white water rafting at or you can search on google for " white water rafting Sungai Sedim" . Beside that, you also can walk on the longest canopy walk in the world : named as THE TREE TOP WALK. It's about 925m and 26,000 above the sea level. FYI- deep in the rainforest!

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