Slim River White Water Rafting Perak

Slim River White Water Rafting Perak
Slim River White Water Rafting in Perak, Malaysia was my second rafting trip around Perak in just 3 weeks. This time around, we were all in for a dramatic water rafting experience at Sungai Slim Water Rafting where rapids are from class or grade 1 to grade 3 and occasionally grade 4 in this first part of my rafting story.

This White Water Rafting circuit is located near Slim River town and deep inside Kampung Ulu Slim. Getting here was pretty easy as after heading North on the NKVE Expressway, we turned off at Slim River and met our friends Ivy and Ramlie after the toll booth. From there, we were lead all the way into Kampung Ulu Slim in a convoy which took about 20 minutes from the toll booth.

Laid back lifestyle of Kampung Ulu Slim

Slim River White Water Rafting - 4WD transport to start point

Arriving at the Slim River Hot Springs, we parked our cars just outside where Ramlie instructed us to change and bringing only what we needed for the white water rafting. Someone was also stationed at our car park to look after the cars. Once changed and ready, we hopped on to the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles as the journey to the start point can only be accessed by 4WD.

Driving there was pretty exciting for most of us as we never experienced 4WD action. Of the two units of 4WD vehicles, one was a closed type while the one I sat in was a pickup type 4WD and we were told to hold on tightly during the bumpy journey that took about 30 minutes.

Slim River Water Rafting - Passing some Orang Asli homes

Video of Orang Asli Settlement and arriving at the 4WD obstacle

Video of a 4WD going up a muddy hill

Reaching our first challenge, we stopped and watched the other 4WD make its way up a muddy hill. It looked like a lot of skill was involved here as I would not have managed it if I was driving.

Video of our 4WD going up the muddy hill

Sitting at the back of the 4WD, we could see how hard it was to maneuver through the muddy hill. No way any other vehicle would be able to achieve this.

Passing an Ambulance 4WD

On successfully going up the hill, we met up with another 4WD and it was an Ambulance 4WD which served the area inside Kampung (Village) Sungai Slim where mostly local Orang Asli (Indigenous People) live.

Transport for raft

Arriving at our starting point we were pleased to know that everything was laid out ready for us. It is common for the raft company, in this case Uhuru Rafts, to prepare everything ahead before the rafters arrive.

Proper white water rafting equipment

Standard water rafting equipment like safety jackets, paddles and helmets were laid out on the ground. Some of the rafting helmets can be adjusted according to your head size. The safety vest is also adjustable to your size.

Pumping air into the raft

In most cases, I see the workers pumping air into the rafts at location. They use brute strength to do this and trust me, it is no fun as I have tried it before. It took me about 30 minutes to just pump air in manually.

One of the ready rafts

With everyone geared up proper, the safety briefing starts with Ramlie the chief raft captain. He ensures everyone gathers around as it is crucial to know what to do while rafting. Examples of how to paddle, what to do if you fall over and other safety rafting procedures. No matter how many times you have rafted, the raft guides will still give you the session as each river is different.

Safety Briefing before we begin

The safety briefing for our Slim River water rafting trip goes on for about 20 minutes and we learn that the entire rafting process will take about 4 to 5 hours depending on the waters. From the guides experience, the water levels were pretty good on that day so we were looking at about 4 solid hours of rafting.

Video of us carrying the water raft to the start of the river

Making our way to the river

And our journey begins from here. Catch my second posting about the Slim River Water Rafting Experience. Overturns, people falling off rafts, stuck in whirlpools, going down a waterfall and much more!

Price for White Water Rafting in Kampar River:
  • Minimum booking is 10 Persons
  • Inclusive of a lunch
  • Transfer from Hot Springs to Slim River and back
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years old
Water Rafting at Slim River - Timings
  • Meet up just after Slim River Toll Booth at 8.30am
  • Journey to Slim River by 4WD 9.30am
  • Start white water rafting about 10.30-11.00am
  • Finish rafting about 2.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Lunch at Hot Springs cafeteria
Amenities at Slim River Hot Springs
  • Car Park available near Hot Springs
  • Shower/Bathroom available at Hot Springs
  • Stalls selling light snacks and drinks
Do's and Dont's
  • Do bring sunscreen or sun block for the ladies
  • Do bring a waterproof bag if you want to carry your valuables
  • Do bring a waterproof camera if you want some dramatic pictures
  • Do bring a change of clothes and towel for after rafting
  • Do bring along a safety rubber for your glasses
  • Don't put anything in your pockets
  • Don't wear jewelery or expensive watches
  • Don't panic when you fall over! Listen to the raft captain.
Getting to Slim River by car
  • From KL, head on the NKVE Highway North
  • Exit at Slim River turn off to the left (1 hour drive from KL)
  • After toll, meet the rafting company on the left of the road
  • They will guide you to the parking at the hot springs
  • If you are from the North, head down South via NKVE and exit Slim River
  • There are no signboards for water rafting at Slim River.

While there are several water rafting rivers around Malaysia, Perak has about 3-4 rivers that are fun to explore. In my expedition to try out water rafting in Perak, I contacted one of the more popular companies running this show and one of the challenging rivers for beginners to intermediate, Slim River Water Rafting in Perak is one of the places you should try.

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kitkat said...

ah water seems so fun and is on my '100 things to do list before i die' list..

virginia bed and breakfast | victorian inn bed and breakfast | Romantic bed and breakfasts said...

Awesome!! Coolest picture and attractive. Thank you so much for sharing. Your post inspiring me. And now I am planning to go White Water Rafting with friends.


Anonymous said...

water rafting is fun! :)

David Jr said...

KitKat, you must try it. I recommend you try the Kampar River Rafting as it is easier for beginners.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast, thank you for visiting and hope you have a great trip.

Mei, it is really. My 4th place and more to come in Dec/Jan.


Mizzsharon said...

I totally love doing stuff like this!
One of my "Must do's" before I die LOL. Thanks for the details and pictures =)

shloke said...

Exciting, action-packed and adrenaline pumping sports! Looking forward to see more!


Calvyn said...

I planning to have rafting on next year JAN, seem like a very good experience you have... I wonder can I bring camera before do into the water or not... did they help to carry down our baggage?

David Jr said...

Sharon, if you want to go for one of my trips, please do let me know.

Mylo, did you see Part 2 - the videos for my rafting trip?

Calvin, you an bring your camera but it as to be waterproof or with a underwater housing. As for carrying down your own baggage? You mean the raft? Yes, you need to help carry the raft to the river. Anyway, the guides have a 'Dry-Bag' for you to put cigarettes or any valuables. Usually we leave them with the driver of the van.


Afnani said...

hi David. My group of 8-9 people wish to go for this rafting on 6 march. We are all beginners but we want to feel the challenge of Slim River. How much per pax and r u available on the 6th? Plus, do u do waterfall abseiling as well?

David Jr said...

Hello Afnani, thank you for the comment. Actually, I will be away in early March on assignment so I cannot join you guys. However, if you contact Ivy Holidays, they can arrange for both Abseiling and Rafting in one day. You need to call them and get quotations for your group. Look for Ivy if possible.


Ketty said...

Hilarious!!!!!! It might be lifetime unforgettable experience. I am also keen to go for such White Water Rafting

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