Coral View Island Resort Perhentian Island

Coral View Island Resort Perhentian Island

Coral View Island Resort

Coral View Island Resort on Perhentian Island is located right at the end of the western main beach of Perhentian Besar Island. Run by a local Malay family, the resort has some pretty interesting features and it is cleverly located in between two beaches with a great view.

Coral View Island Resort water taxi

Coral View Island Resort is also easily accessible from Kuala Terengganu via boat from Kuala Besut Jetty. These fibreglass speedboats take about 45 minutes to get to Perhentian Island (Pulau Perhentian, pronounced Perhen-TEE-AHN) and the prices are usually around RM70 (US$20) for a two way trip. You also need to buy the Marine Park Conservation Charge of RM5. Once you reach the resort, smaller boats will come and pick you to take you the your resort as there is no jetty at most of the resorts in Perhentian Island.

Coral View Island Resort Beach

When I got in to Perhentian Island, I was absolutely amazed with the clarity of the waters here. I had booked my trip through the Coral View Island Resort office in Terengganu town, so my speed boat brought me straight to the resort. It looked pretty nice from the outside as I was coming in to land the beach.

Coral View Island Resort Entrance

On arrival, we went straight to the small reception of the Coral View Island Resort. Inside a young Malay lady had our room keys ready and spoke pleasant English. I was also told that her boss was a local Malay man whose family ran the business. Looking around I could see that a lot of effort was put into the Coral View Island Resort.

Coral View Island Resort Garden Chalets

We got a sea view chalet which was pretty decent. I mean if you are expecting 3 stars, don't bother. I would easily give this place a 2-star rating. The sea view chalet was basic with a lot of local Malay influence to the exterior and interior. Sadly, due to land space, the chalets were pretty close to each other.

Coral View Island Resort Sea View Room

The sea view chalet was decent and clean with basic amenities like attached shower, hot water, air condition and a television. Decorations were minimal but the walls were nicely done. However, there was a slight damp smell inside so we just opened the windows and doors and from past experiences, I usually bring along a can of air freshener.

Coral View Island Resort Restaurant

Coral View Island Resort has a nice indoor restaurant which is tastefully decorated. The restaurant serves some reasonable food which is also ala-carte. Also to add in, this resort caters to a lot of families. So expect children running around and also large groups.

Coral View Island Resort - Outdoor Restaurant

Outside the resort, there are two places for your outdoor dining. Breakfast, lunches, tea and dinners can be taken here which is much more nicer as the tables are located on the beach and are quite naturally shaded by the trees with sea breeze blowing in.

Coral View Island Resort - Outdoor dining

Prices of food at the Coral View Island Resort may be a little more that you expect so if you are on a budget, talk a walk down the beach as there are some cheaper alternatives there. A recommended restaurant to try is at Watercolours Resort and Dive Center just next door to the resort.

Sweet and Sour Grouper Fish cooked Malay style

One one of the nights at Coral View Island Resort, we decided to have some fresh seafood sitting out by the beach tables. I asked the waiter about the fish and he told me it was freshly caught in the evening. So without hesitation, we ordered a large grouper cooked with Malay style sweet and sour sauce, a small plate of mixed vegetables and two plates of white rice. I must say the fish was one of the freshest fish I had ever tasted.

Coral View Island Resort - Beach Volleyball

In the evenings, the locals come out to play beach volleyball and most of the time, they would invite the guests to join in for a game. Apart from this, there are numerous activities available here. From snorkeling, diving to jungle trekking and island hopping around the other islands.

Coral View Island Resort - Taxi service and snorkel rental

If you want to visit Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian Island) you can just book a water taxi from the reception or sports center at the Coral View Island Resort. Snorkeling equipment is readily available for rent if you want to explore the corals around the resort. There is a good patch of coral garden just outside of the resort beach. If you choose to do a jungle trek, there is a good chance to see some monitor lizards where some of them grow up to about 5 feet long.

Rocks on beach outside Coral View Resort

There are also snorkeling trips to various spots around the island where you can experience seeing turtles, rays, coral fishes and even sharks while snorkeling or diving. For scuba divers, there is a dive shop here called Pro Divers World. This dive center caters to dive trips and also scuba diving classes in the event you want to take your PADI Open Water Course. More details below.

Perhentian Island Sunset

In the evenings, you can just sit out on the beach and catch the beautiful Perhentian sunset while having your dinner at the outdoor restaurant or simply just lying on the beach.

Coral View Island Resort at night

The resort is pretty well lit at night so walking around would give you the feeling of living in a local Malay Kampung (Village).

Perhentian Island beach at night

Apart from the resort, I took a walk to the other restaurants and cafes along the beach. Some of them are pretty cosy serving beers and coffee. Most of the foreign travellers would be seen catching up here at the outdoor restaurants and cafes.

Perhentian Island beach - Storm approaching

One of the days I was there, the weather was not too good as it looked like it was going to rain cats and dogs. Going out to the beach, the clouds looked like a major storm coming. In the end, it just rained a little and blew over.

Coral View Island Resort walkway to Perhentian Island Resort

If you are adventurous, you can walk past the Coral View Island Resort and find the wooden walkway to the more expensive Perhentian Island Resort. This wooden walkway doubles as a jungle walk as it runs through the mangrove and rocks. The length of this walkway is about 500 meters and very interesting.

My conclusion to the Coral View Island Resort on Perhentian Island - It's alright if you have a family and are not too fussy. If you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway, this place will not suit you. Definitely not for honeymooners! Best for groups and families. There is no beer and pork sold here as it is a Muslim run business. I stayed here for 2 nights but I spent a lot of time moving around Perhentian Besar and Kecil. Would I stay here again? I would.

Total of 80 Rooms and Chalets at Coral View Island Resort:
  • 2 Units Executive Suite Sea View with attached Bathroom/Hot shower (RM520/US$148)
  • 5 Units Family Suite Sea View with attached Bathroom/Hot shower (RM300/US$85)
  • 5 Units Family Suite Garden View with attached Bathroom/Hot shower (RM280/US$80)
  • 5 Units Family Deluxe Sea View with attached Bathroom/Hot shower (RM280/US$80)
  • 4 Units Deluxe Sea View Air-Cond with attached Bathroom/Hot shower (RM280/US$80)
  • 18 Units Deluxe Garden View Air-Cond with attached Bathroom/Hot shower (RM210/US$60)
  • 22 Units Standard Air-Cond with Attached Bathroom (RM170/US$48)
  • 19 Units Standard Fan with Attached Bathroom (Single) (RM120/US$34)
Important Facts about Coral View Island Resort;
  • Resort is closed from early November to late January for the monsoon season
  • Peak season is from April to August
  • 2N/3D Full Board Packages are available
Activities available at Coral View Island Resort:
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving/Classes
  • Fishing Trips
  • Canoeing
  • Nature Walk/Trek
  • Turtle Watching
  • Beach Volleyball
Pro Diver's World Dive Shop;

PADI Instructor - Michael Lim and wife, Ann Lim
  • Discover scuba diving (trial dive)
  • Learning to dive for your Open Water License
  • Continue your dive education all the way until dive master
  • Refresh your diving skills
Telephone: +60 193633695
Telefax: +60 96977425

You can visit the website and contact them via email at Pro Diver's World

Coral View Island Resort Office Address and Contact:

Coral View Island Resort
No.89A, Depan Stesen Bas Kuala Besut
22300 Besut, Terengganu

Telephone: 609-6974943 / 276
Fax: 609-6902600

Resort Telephone: +609-6911700
Resort Fax: +609-6911701

~ David Jr