Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest
If you plan to visit Cameron Highlands, add the Mossy Forest to your itinerary, as this is one of the most natural and beautiful places to explore.

Over the last two decades of travelling to these stunning highlands, I have only visited this attraction once. I still cannot get over how I missed this incredible place on my earlier visit.

Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands

This unique and fantastic moss-covered forest is located in the Batu Gangan Forest Reserve of Cameron Highlands, 2031 meters (6,700 feet) above sea level.

The local tour guides sometimes call this ancient Mossy Forest the Lord Of the Rings Forest or Fantasy Forest. You will not be disappointed when you set foot inside.

4WD Cameron Highlands4WD at the Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands

Getting to the Mossy Forest was straightforward, but you need a guided service. You could take a long hike there for the backpackers, which would not cost a cent. Just your time involved.

So for my journey here, I engaged a personal guide named Bala from Tanah Rata town. Bala was also a purebred Cameron Highlands guy, so he knew everything there is to know, and that was my bonus - plus, he had the baddest 4WD truck too.

The entrance to the Mossy Forest is located just outside the Equatorial Hotel on the highest point of Cameron Highlands. Update 2015 - The hotel is now called Copthorne Hotel.

Cameron Highlands Moss JungleEntrance by the road

We started our journey from Tanah Rata town in his custom Land Rover, and we drove through the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantations through some very narrow and curvy roads.

The drive to the entrance of the Mossy Forest would take about 10 to 15 minutes only. But if you plan to self-drive there, please be warned that these roads are brutal, so a 4WD is suitable for the journey there.

I have heard some people driving their cars up, but it is not advised if you have a small engine capacity car.

Cameron Highlands Moss ForestMoss growing by the road.

On arrival at the Mossy Forest entrance, I was already surprised that the moss grew out onto the side of the road.

This was different from what you usually see, so it would be great. Camera armed and ready, we started to make our way in.

Malaysia Mossy Forest
The beautiful mossy forest.

Walking into the forest was like going into another world, as the moss covered almost everything in sight.

All the trees and branches were literally covered n moss. It looked like a set from Lord of the Rings in there, and I was absolutely amazed by the entire experience.

The only missing thing was the orcs and hobbits, and if there were there, I would have fainted!

Cameron Highlands MossMoss growing on a tree stump.

I was also told by Bala, my personal guide, that we should follow the path inside the Mossy Forest and not venture off as it can be dangerous at specific points.

The ground was damp, soft and spongy, and there were no leeches or mosquitoes due to the weather. This will surely be a bonus for women or anyone who hates leeches.

Moss Forest Photo
The Cameron's Mossy Forest

Trees that have fallen over are covered in moss, and plant life is abundant here. Apparently, some species of orchids are also found in the Mossy Forest if you are an orchid lover.

But the star plant here is the Pitcher Plant, which is easily spotted everywhere. One needs to have a sharp eye to spot them up here.

Cameron Highlands Pitcher Plant
A Pitcher Plant in the mossy forest.

On my exploration here, I must have seen at least ten wild pitcher plants. They are found hanging from trees, and please do not touch them.

Some of the pitcher plants are about 10 inches long. Besides pitcher plants, there are many ferns and other flora found here.

Malaysia Mossy ForestMossy Forest path

Bird Watching At Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands

Bird watching is popular here as about 70 montane rainforest birds dwell in the mossy and surrounding forest.

The best time to do this is also in the mornings or evenings, but overall, the climate is relatively cool up here; hence even if you come in the afternoon, you may still be able to spot some birds.

You can get more information on my other website about birdwatching in Cameron Highlands, which details the areas and species found there.

There have also been sightings of small wild creatures by some of the guides. None of them is man-eating, though.

Snakes and lizards are common, so be a lookout for them. Usually, if you have a guide, they will point it out to you.

Mossy Forest Photo
Monkey Cups at the Mossy Forest

Certain parts of the trek may take you vertically, so you are advised to hold on to the tree barks, roots or branches along the way for support.

Note that these branches may be covered in moss too. Apart from this, the trek will be muddy, so do not expect a clean walk here.

Photo Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands
Moss everywhere you walk.

A series of wooden platforms and walkways were built, making it easier to move around the area here.

However, my last trip to the forest was back in 2007. I may need to explore it again to update my posting. Any takers?

Lookout Tower Cameron HighlandsCameron Highlands telecommunication lookout tower.

Brinchang Lookout Tower

On completing our Mossy Forest exploration, we headed to the Brinchang Lookout Tower. This telecommunication tower is located a few minutes from the Mossy Forest and is the tallest point of Cameron highlands.

The tower is 50 feet high and has the best views of the mountain range, and on a good day, you can see all the way to the neighbouring state of Perak.

But usually, the tower is covered by mist, so check when you are there. The only way up the lookout tower is via the tower staircase, and you can see 360 degrees around.

How to get to the Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands?
  • If you engage a guide, they will drive you there.
  • If you self-explore here, the entrance is just outside the entrance of the Equatorial Hotel.
  • Please check the road leading here as sometimes it may be rough and unsuitable for your car.
  • There is a massive sign in brown that says 'Mossy Forest' on the left side of the road.
  • The average time spent there are about 2 to 4 hours.
Tips for the Mossy Forrest
  • Best to engage a local guide as they know the forest well.
  • You can self-explore this place but go in a group.
  • The forest is enormous, so stay close together.
  • There are no toilets or shops nearby.
  • Bring your own snacks and drinks.
  • Bring a tripod for excellent photography.
  • Wear proper trekking shoes and clothing.
  • Go early in the morning for the best effect.

Tour Guide Services for Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands
  • Contact: Mr Balan
  • Tel: +6017 594 1192
  • Office: Tanah Rata Town, next to Starbucks Coffee
Map to the Mossy Forest


Overall, this is a pure nature lover trek, and if you love this kind of thing, the area is vast and full of flora and possibly fauna.

It is also suitable for all ages and walks of life, just that you need a nature guide to go along with you. Make sure you engage a local Cameron guide to see the Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands.

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