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Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa Review

Review of Kenyir Lake Eco Resort
This review of the Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa is one of my experiences at a resort that cater purely to Eco-tourism in Malaysia.

Located on the banks of Lake Kenyir (Tasik Kenyir in Malay), the resort covers an area of 60 acres and is surrounded by the world's oldest tropical rainforest in the region.

This part of Kenyir Lake is also known as one of the main gateways to Taman Negara, Malaysia's national park.

Kenyir Lake Eco Resort and Spa Review

Lake Kenyir Eco ResortKenyir Lake Eco Resort and Spa

Over the years, the Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa underwent some renovations and rebranding where it is now called the Kenyir Eco Resort.

My review of this eco friendly resort goes all the way back to 2009, and is also one of the best getaways I have had because it is located in the middle of nowhere.

Getting to Kenyir Eco Resort is fairly simple as from the town of Terengganu, one has to self drive for an hour heading towards Kuala Berang and then to the resort.

I was lucky as when I arrived here, it was low season and the place was very quiet. Just perfect for a nice and quiet holiday at Lake Kenyir.

Outside the main entrance

Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa comprises of 135 individual chalets which almost all of them are facing Lake Kenyir, or in layman terms, lake facing.

This was one of the perks of staying at the chalets as you could witness the beautiful rainforest sunsets against the lake while listening to the pure sounds of nature.

Photo of Kenyir Resort The main entrance of the resort

The main entrance of the Kenyir Resort is mainly made from wood with hints of traditional Malay wood carvings on various pillars of the structure.

Some call this the traditional Terengganu wood architecture, and it gives you a very warm feeling when you walk in the open aired concept here.

Wood Architecture from TerengganuBeautiful architecture throughout the resort

Buggy Service Kenyir Lake ResortResort buggy service

After checking in, I was ushered into a waiting electrical buggy from the resort which would take me to my lake view chalet.

The polite staff helped me carry my bags and I was off for a 10 minute ride around the resort grounds before reaching my Malay styled wooden chalet.

Resort Hotel at Tasik KenyirView of some chalets along the banks

Passing many other chalets, I could not help notice that most of them were by the banks of the lake while some were perched on the hillside opposite the buggy path.

The pure sound of nature was heard easily with not distractions like cars, bikes or noisy crowds. This was pure bliss for me.

Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa - Room view

Reaching the chalet, I must say I was totally shocked to see how nice they were from the inside as from the outside, they just look like any other chalet.

So, judging from the pictures you see, these were all taken by me, and when I opened my chalet door, the first impression was pretty impressive.

Tasik Kenyir ChaletSitting area in the chalet room

There was no Plasma or LCD Television but for a 29" inch, it was good enough for me. Not that I came all the way here to watch TV.

Even the oversized sofa looked good enough to take a nap, and overall, nothing was being tried too hard to impress. I would say, the place was functionable.

Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa - Bathroom

The bathroom was equally fantastic as it was large and spacious with a hint of modern design. I absolutely had no complaints whatsoever here.

And for those who seek the ultimate shower experience, I just have to say this - The showers were fantastic!

Sunset at Tasik KenyirSunset view from my chalet balcony

Actually I had checked in late on that day so by the time I had settled down in my room and went out to the balcony, I could not believe the beauty which was waiting for me outside.

It was about half past six in the evening, and the sun was about to set behind the mountains and rainforest.

That night, I must have had one of the best sleeps in a very long time as the sounds of crickets and other night creatures were such a lullaby to my ears.

Photo of Kenyir LakeView of Kenyir Lake from the restaurant balcony

The next morning, I headed out for the buffet breakfast and I choose to sit outdoors where the views were spectacular, and beyond my imagination.

In the picture above, I had finished my breakfast and walked not more than 10 feet to the balcony to capture that view.

Restaurant at Kenyir
Outdoor area of the restaurant
The Kenyir Resort Restaurant has two sections to have your meals, one being indoor with air conditioning and the other which is outside.

I am guessing, it is the outdoors that most guests would be sitting as the air is fresh with excellent views of Lake Kenyir.

Restaurant at Kenyir Eco ResortThe restaurant at the resort

The restaurant is located one level below the lobby and when you look up from the restaurant, you can see part of the main lobby and reception area which is a favourite area for viewing the lake. If you go one level lower, you are at the pool area.

Coffee House Kenyir Resort
Kenyir Resort Coffee House
Inside the lobby coffee house, one could also have amazing views of Lake Kenyir. Generally, from almost anywhere in the resort, you can see this beautiful lake. A plus point is that there are no other resorts visible when you stay here.

Jetty at Kenyir Eco ResortKenyir Eco Resort jetty

I had booked a boat trip around Kenyir Lake from the resort sport and recreational department. They offer various activities from kayaking, fishing, nature trips, waterfall visits and all things related to Kenyir Lake.

Right after lunch, I met up with my local guide who then took us to the resort jetty where our custom cruiser was waiting.

Boat Trip at Kenyir LakeBoat trip to Kenyir lake

The boat took us for a 3 hour tour around Lake Kenyir and mainly to the waterfalls and to see the famous Kenyir Dead Trees.

Along the way, we saw various fishing boats, boat houses and even a boat hotel (uncompleted one though).

Fishing in Kenyir Lake is a big thing for locals if you should know, you can read about this in my other blog posting at the end of this post.

Kenyir Resort Spa
The spa at the resort, view from the main lake area

Kenyir Eco Resort Spa

Along the way back to the Kenyir Resort and Spa jetty, I asked the boat man to cruise pass the resort chalets as I would like to see them from the lake point of view.

So from the shots you see here, they are nicely built along the banks of the Kenyir Lake having one of the best views.

Ulik Mayang Spa Ulik Mayang Spa at Kenyir Resort

Even the Kenyir Ulik Mayang Spa was an entire bungalow unit which had a beautiful lake view. Sadly I did not have time for a spa or massage at this famous local Kenyir Ulik Mayang Spa.

I had put this for my next trip here as I have heard great reviews about the Malay Traditional Massage.

Villas at Kenyir Eco ResortChalets lined along the banks

Room Rates at Kenyir Eco Resort are from;
  • RM380 (US$100) Superior Chalets
  • RM440 (US$110) Deluxe Chalets
  • RM620 (US$160) Executive Suite
  • RM1200 (US$300) Kenyir Suite
*Prices are estimate and may vary from season to season. Book a room at the Kenyir Eco Resort.

The address and contact details:

Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa
P.O. Box 32, 21700 Kuala Berang
Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia
Telephone: 609 666 8888
Fax: 609 666 8343
Email: resort@lakekenyir.com

Kuala Lumpur Sales Office
Level 1, Wisma DRB HICOM
No. 2, Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Section U1,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: 603 2052 7766
Fax: 603 2052 7767
Email: sales@hpsb.com.my

Map to Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa

How to go to Kenyir Eco Resort?

The most easiest way is to self drive there, but if you are a traveler, you can take a bus or flight to Terengganu, and then head towards the resort. 
  • Flights from KLIA/KLIA2 to Terengganu and then a taxi to the resort
  • Bus to Terengganu and then taxi to resort (time about 5 to 6 hours from KL)
  • Car (Self Drive) to Kuala Berang and then to Kenyir (About 5-6 hours drive from KL)

My conclusion to the Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa is that this is a very beautiful nature loving place. If you are the sort that loves the city or shopping, this is not the place for you.

This place caters to those who love nature, eco-tourism, the wildlife, fishing, bird watching and just plain relaxing without any worries.

In the resort, there is a convenience shop, gift shop, laundry and even air ticket confirmation here. Everything revolves around this resort and Internet broadband is available if you need to keep in touch with the cyber world.

Kenyir Eco Resort is also an excellent place to bring your kids for a full rainforest experience and connecting with nature.

The resorts recreation department is full of activities so please inquire with them. I would suggest you book a Kenyir boat trip to explore the massive lake.

Take note that this place caters to a lot of western tourist who come here to enjoy our beautiful rainforest so you may see a lot of them around the resort. 

This has been my personal review of the Lake Kenyir Eco Resort and if you have any comments or questions, please do ask below. 


yoon see said...

Lovely post David!
This is one of my must go local destination. Thanks for sharing:)
Happy day and make a wish.
You are invited to come by and make a wish.
Bye David:)

Nicholas Leong said...

This is a beautiful place to stay. Those chalets look awesome :)

J2Kfm said...

the place looks gorgeous, david.
a perfect getaway for two, or a get together BBQ trip with a bunch of frens.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Yoon See, wish made :)

Nicholas, they are really nice. No regrets going there.

Robo, Perfect in an All-Nature setting! Sadly, I didn't have time for a BBQ...


Unknown said...

looks beautiful. we sure have lots of things in our country.. and this is just one of the many to be explored :)

CathJ said...

NICE!!! Must go 1 day..

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks QuaChee, in fact, you are absolutely right about so many things in our own country.

Cath, so many places, so little time and money...right?


Johor Bahru Guy said...

Awesome! such a nice view..