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Kampar River White Water Rafting Gopeng Perak

Kampar River White Water Rafting Videos
Kampar River White Water Rafting in Gopeng, Perak Malaysia. This is part two of my water rafting blog and you can read part one of my Kampar River Water Rafting here. All the general information you need about getting there and about what happens before you start water rafting can be found in the first part. For water rafting beginners, you should read that posting first before moving on to this posting.

Just so you know, in this posting, there will be a lot of Water Rafting Videos. Some with beautiful serene scenery and most with exciting rafting adventures like going through Class III rapids, people falling off, rafts overturning and more.

Kampar River White Water Rafting Videos

The Kampar River is actually very beautiful as you can see from the video above. There are various parts where you raft freely along the river enjoying the lush rainforest scene along the way.

In most parts of the Kampar River or Sungai Kampar, the rapids are quite mild. Most of the rapids here are in Class 1 or 2 and occasionally Class 3. Mind you that some people classify the rapids in Class or Grade. Grade One being the easiest where Grade Three is considered medium. A strong rapid would fall under Grade Four or Grade Five but none of these grades here at Kampar River.

Water Rafting can be quite tricky, especially when going through the rapids. Sometimes the raft may hit a rock and do a complete 360 degrees turn which is quite fun. A good tip here is to hold on to the raft rope when this happens.

At the early stages of water rafting down Sungai Kampar and just as we hit our first few bigger rapids, two people from the last boat in the video fell off going through a rapid. One of them were immediately rescued while the other girl went along with the rapids. However the captains of my raft and another raft were quick to respond by telling her to remain calm and not panic while she was pulled to our raft with the back of the paddle and then pulled on board the raft. A good experience to the beginners to know what to do in the event they fall off.

In the rafting video, it totally caught all the rafters by surprise. The first three rafts made it through some Class II Rapids when the last raft with 4 persons on board came in and suddenly overturned. You can see the three rafters being carried by the rapids and the other rafts ready to rescue them. It was quite dramatic for the beginners and some of them actually enjoyed the experience.

This was totally unexpected as I was filming the two rafts in front of me and suddenly one person fell off the front raft after hitting a rock. Then my raft went straight for the same rock as the rapids were in that direction. Eventually the person that fell off was rescued by the same raft she fell off.

Getting ready for some Class Two and Three rapids, the main camera raft gets a little stuck heading into the rapids. However, after managing to go through the rapids, water gushes in and floods up the raft. No one fell over as you can see in the video, everyone was instructed to sit in the raft and hold on tight with the call of the captain just before we went into the rapids.

In the rafting video, my camera raft goes through some Class II rapids and then does a 360 spin and recovers. But we then realise that we are headed straight to another raft which appeared to be stuck and we banged them head on. No one fell off though.

Just before the halfway break point for our two hour rafting trip, the raft captains purposely made the rafts overturn to get everyone into the river. It was fun and a good experience for those who never experienced a raft over turn.

Photo Kampar River Water Rafting Half way stopping point

At the halfway break point, we make a stop by the side of the river bank. All four rafts stopped here for a short 10 minute break to stretch our legs, drink water and some, to have a cigarette break. A waterproof bag held the cigarettes if you should know.

In this water rafting video, you see all four rafts going through the Kampar River Class II and Class III Rapids. A point-of-view video from my main raft shows you the feeling of what you might expect during white water rafting down the Kampar River.

Kampar River or Sungai Itik scenery at the end of the rafting

Just before reaching the end point, we cruised past a local homestay and some breathtaking scenery with clear blue skies. Most of the rafting companies would end at this spot which is also a local Malay village and your pick up point to head back. Local Malay food is served buffet style before we get back on the lorry for our journey to the Gua Tempurung Caves.

Gopeng, Kampar PhotoBeautiful scenery at Gopeng, Kampar

On the way back to Gua Tempurung Cave via lorry, I passed some amazing scenery through the kampungs (villages), something we seldom see these days in the cities.

David Jr Water RaftingThis is what you would look like in the rafting attire

For the record, all the Kampar Water Rafting videos and photographs are all taken by me, David. I used a waterproof camera and also a Digital SLR Camera for the pictures here. Take note that if you are new, please avoid trying to photograph your rafting experience as it could pose dangerous.

Price for White Water Rafting in Kampar River:
  • Per person is RM140.00 -/+ (US$40)
  • Inclusive of a lunch
  • Transfer from Gua Tempurong Cave to Sungai Kampar and back to Gua Tempurong
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years old
General Timings for Rafting at Kampar River
  • Meet up at Gua Tempurung Cave at 9.00am
  • Journey to Kampar River by lorry at 10.00am
  • Start white water rafting about 10.30-11.00am
  • Finish rafting about 12.30-1.00pm
  • Lunch at 1.30pm
  • Journey back to Gua Tempurung Caves 2.00pm
Amenities at Gua Tempurong
  • Free Car Park available
  • Public Toilets available (Rm1 for shower/change)
  • Stalls selling light snacks and drinks
Do's and Dont's
  • Do bring sunscreen or sun block for the ladies
  • Do bring a waterproof bag if you want to carry your valuables
  • Do bring a waterproof camera if you want some dramatic pictures
  • Do bring a change of clothes and towel for after rafting
  • Do bring along a safety rubber for your glasses
  • Don't put anything in your pockets
  • Don't panic when you fall over!
Getting to Gua Tempurung by car
  • From KL, head on the NKVE North
  • Exit at Gopeng turn off to the left (1.5 hour drive from KL)
  • After toll, you will reach a junction, turn left to Kampar/Gua Tempurung
  • Drive about 4-5 kilometers till you see the Gua Tempurung turn off to the left
  • Drive in about 2 km and you will reach Gua Tempurung car park
  • If you are from the North, head down South via NKVE and exit Gopeng
  • From Ipoh, use the old road towards Gopeng/Kampar
  • Not to worry, there are signboards to Gua Tempurung long the way from Gopeng
Map to Gua Tempurong Cave

View Gua Tempurung Caves, Gopeng Perak in a larger map

White Water Rafting around Malaysia done by me;
Another water rafting circuit located in the state of Perak, this river is suitable for all ages except those under 8 years old. Great family or group fun and easily accessed by the main highway. If you are a beginner or want to expose this to friends of family, you should consider the Kampar River White Water Rafting in Perak, Malaysia.


eunice said...

wow u've been going to different places for river rafting! So this must be your hobby! Cool!!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Eunice, thanks for dropping by. Yes so far 3 places only but a few times on the same rapids. More to come I hope :)


Anonymous said...

I wanna visit Kampar! :)

Stamens and Sugarcraft said...
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Malaysia Asia said...

Mei, I may have another trip next month. Interested?


Anonymous said...

Oops can't go next month. I booked a trip to Phuket with my family. Am really looking forward to it.

Btw, tragic drowning incident at Sungai Kapar in the news today.

Tony Wan said...

Wah. So exciting reading ur blog. The river thingy is so fun! Maybe find one day to try it :D

Malaysia Asia said...

Mei, no worries. There will be more trips. Enjoy Phuket!

Tony, it is fun. You must try it and it's not too expensive too.


KitJoy said...

When and where's your next white water rafting trip?
My friends and I are planning to go on 20th feb. Would that be a good time?

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Kit, that's great you are going but for Feb, it is no good for me as I have another trip lined up then. Anyway, have a great trip there and do tell about it.


KitJoy said...

mhmm.. How many km was this rafting trip? Is it the same offered by Gopeng Resort and Rumah Rehat Adeline? We're having a hard time deciding which service to go to because they do not provide much information.

bit said...

so which one is better? slim river or kampar? thnks

Malaysia Asia said...

Kit, I didnt really count the kms and it is not by Gopeng or Adeline.

Oildata - I found Kampar river more challenging. For Slim, all ages can participate.