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Kampar River White Water Rafting in Perak Malaysia

Kampar River White Water Rafting Perak
Kampar River White Water Rafting in Perak is one of the basic water rafting courses in Malaysia. I had the opportunity to experience this rafting trip with some of my friends at the famous Sungai Kampar (Sungai Itik) with water rapids ranging from Grade One to Grade Three through about 14 rapids in total.

We had booked our rafting trip through Ivy Holidays who are based in Ipoh and our journey started very early for most of us as it is a one and a half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur to Gopeng, Kampar.

Photo Kampar River Water RaftingLorry service to the river

Kampar River or Sungai Kampar as it is locally known is one of the easier rafting choices if you are seeking group or family fun or even if you have a company trip. The rapids here are mild compared to other rivers which offer white water rafting. For our group of 9 people, we booked this rafting trip weeks ahead and made arrangements to meet up at Gua Tempurung Cave in Gopeng.

Gua Tempurong Cave public toilets

We left Kuala Lumpur at about 6.30am in order to get to Gua Tempurung by 8.30am to meet up with the Ivy Holidays staff and raft captains. On arrival at the entrance to Gua Tempurung, we parked our cars at the open parking lot and then had a change of attire at the public toilets near by. Bringing what we needed, we then got on to a medium sized lorry which would take us to Sungai Kampar for our white water rafting experience.

Lorry journey to Ulu Geroh village

The journey to Sungai Kampar for water rafting was something I did not expect as all of us were herded onto the lorry for a 25 minute journey though some beautiful scenery of the Gopeng and Kampar Kampungs (Villages). The raft captain, Ramlie, who was seated with us reminded those standing to look out for low branches during the journey.

Video of lorry journey to Sungai Kampar Rafting

Passing Eco resorts and homestays

Passing many beautiful landscapes, I must admit that it was a wonderful journey by lorry. Something I would always remember. We passed kampung homes, plantations, jungles and even Eco Resorts like The Gopeng Rainforest Resort, camp sites and local village homestays.

Perak Orang Asli housePassing Orang Asli homes

Along the way, I also saw some unique kampung homes looking like it was built for only one person. As we drove in deeper, we approached near Ulu Geroh, the Orang Asli village of Gopeng, out stop was just up ahead.

Kampar Water Rafting Equipment PerakUhuru Helmets and Paddles

Getting down from the lorry, we headed to a point where all the rafting equipment was ready for us. Grabbing a helmet, paddle and a life jacket, some looked confused as they were first timers doing water rafting.

Briefing at Kampar Water RaftingCaptain Ramli showing how to use a life vest

But everything was well organised as the raft captain Ramile from Uhuru Raft gathered everyone around to demonstrate how the vest and helmet was worn. After checking everyone one by one for safety procedures, we were then taken across a bridge over the Kampar River to the starting point for our white water rafting experience.

Kampar White Water Rafting PerakRaft captain briefing the rafters

It was here that the full safety briefing was conducted. Mind you this was my 7th rafting trip (see the end of this post for my other rafting stories in Sabah) so I had generally told my buddies about this briefing as it is very important that you pay attention to it as it will save your life. So the safety briefing went on for a good 15 minutes where Ramile, who is a trained professional rafter told us about paddling commands and what we needed to do in the event of a raft over turning or someone falling off.

Kampar White Water Rafting PictureSafety briefing before rafting

Another of the raft captains was also in the water to demonstrate certain things that we should do in the even one of us fell off the water. How to remain calm and also which direction we should keep our feet.

White Water Rafting in Kampar PerakRafting begins!

With double assurance from the rafters, Ramlie then allocated us to our rafts to begin our 2 hour white water rafting trip along the Kampar River. The entire journey would go through several rapids with grade one to grade 3 (class I to class III) and is not a continuous rapid for 20 km. Various places have the rapids where most places we would just paddle the rafts with the river flow.

White Water Rafting Kampar River Grade 1 and 2

White Water Rafting Kampar River - Heading to a rapid

White Water Rafting Kampar River - Raft passing by

This is part one for my Kampar water rafting story. I will have part two up tomorrow. For the record, the Kampar River white water rafting was excellent and yet relaxing. I would recommend this for families or those who have never tried water rafting before. For the advance rafters, I would recommend you try other rapids besides this.

Price for White Water Rafting in Kampar River:

  • Per person is RM140.00 (US$40)
  • Inclusive of a lunch
  • Transfer from Gua Tempurong Cave to Sungai Kampar and back to Gua Tempurong
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years old
General Timings for Rafting at Kampar River
  • Meet up at Gua Tempurung Cave at 9.00am
  • Journey to Kampar River by lorry at 10.00am
  • Start white water rafting about 10.30-11.00am
  • Finish rafting about 12.30-1.00pm
  • Lunch at 1.30pm
  • Journey back to Gua Tempurung Caves 2.00pm
Amenities at Gua Tempurong
  • Free Car Park available
  • Public Toilets available (Rm1 for shower/change)
  • Stalls selling light snacks and drinks
Do's and Dont's
  • Do bring sunscreen or sun block for the ladies
  • Do bring a waterproof bag if you want to carry your valuables
  • Do bring a waterproof camera if you want some dramatic pictures
  • Do bring a change of clothes and towel for after rafting
  • Do bring along a safety rubber for your glasses
  • Don't put anything in your pockets
  • Don't panic when you fall over!
Getting to Gua Tempurung by car
  • From KL, head on the NKVE North
  • Exit at Gopeng turn off to the left (1.5 hour drive from KL)
  • After toll, you will reach a junction, turn left to Kampar/Gua Tempurung
  • Drive about 4-5 kilometers till you see the Gua Tempurung turn off to the left
  • Drive in about 2 km and you will reach Gua Tempurung car park
  • If you are from the North, head down South via NKVE and exit Gopeng
  • From Ipoh, use the old road towards Gopeng/Kampar
  • Not to worry, there are signboards to Gua Tempurung long the way from Gopeng
Kampar River White Water Rafting Contact

Ivy Holidays Sdn Bhd / UHURU Raft On
Head Office
470, Jalan Kamunting,
Kamunting 34600
Tel: +6 05 805 2927
Fax: +6 05 805 2928
Email: ivyholidays [at] gmail.com
MSN: ivylee992 [at] hotmail.com

Map to Gua Tempurong Cave

View Gua Tempurung Caves, Gopeng Perak in a larger map

Malaysia offers various spots for white water rafting and Perak is one of the closest to Kuala Lumpur. The other spot in Perak is Slim River for Water Rafting. Other locations include Padas River Water Rafting and Kiulu River Water Rafting in Sabah, Kelantan, Sarawak and even in Selangor. Next time you want to do some white water rafting in malaysia, you should ask your tour operator or enquire at the Tourism Malaysia offices. 


Robo said...

It must be a very exciting activity! Hmm...must help myself to try it once! Haha!
Thanks for sharing. :)

Hugo Lim said...

nice trip you had there. for my trip last time, the water sports centre we went to is located directly beside the place we begin our water-rafting, just a couple minutes of walk away.

then we are ferried back from the downstream back to the centre when we reached the end of the water rafting then.

Anonymous said...

I love white water rafting. I enjoyed it very much when I went water rafting in the Padas River in Sabah. It was a scary experience but well worth it.

Malaysia Asia said...

Robo, well, I am organising another trip next month if you're up to it? Lemme know.

Hugo, yeah, it was different companies and each has their own base camp there. Thanks for dropping by :)

Mei, Padas is Da Bomb! But I am told that there is a Grade 5-6 up north somewhere. Gonna check that one day. See if it beats Padas.


raazak.mohd said...

rm140 is to expensive to us as a student..can we get discount?

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Ajaq, for students, I am sure Ivy Holidays can arrange for a special rate. Why don't you call them and ask them for student rates. They have Malay staff there as well which you can talk too.