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Kuala Lumpur MATTA Fair 2009

Matta Fair Kuala Lumpur KL
The Kuala Lumpur MATTA Fair 2009 on day two, which was on a Saturday (5th September), had double the crowd crammed into the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

People came in droves from all directions of the fair, and you could see families, travelers, foreigners and even those fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

The MATTA Fair in Malaysia is the most popular travel fair yearly where amazing bargains await the travelling visitor.

Kuala Lumpur MATTA Fair 2009

Matta Fair Tourism Macau
Tourism Macau's Double Decker Bus
Outside the Seri Pacific Hotel where one of the main entrances to the MATTA Fair was, a bright red double decker bus splashed with promotions from the Macau Tourism Board was parked there.

One could not miss this when walking by and you are invited to go in and even up to the roof of the bus before making your way into the travel fair.

Photos of KL Matta FairGuests making bookings

As I looked around, travel counters were buzzing with activity and the staff were busy selling packages to bargain hunters.

I walked up to one of the counters to inquire about a package to the Maldives and was only made to wait as all the sales people were just too busy.

I ended up just strolling around the fairgrounds with an eagle eye on the banners above each of the tour counters.

Matta Fair Mayflower
Locals making a booking at one of the tour counters
Finally after much walking around the MATTA Fair in hall 1, 2 and 3 I decided to head back to the Seri Pacific Hotel entrance were some of the big travel agents had extra large booths.

The one that caught my eye was the bright red Mayflower Travel booth. I could not help but notice the promotion they had running.

Travel and Win Promotion Mayflower Tours
Mayflower Travel & Win promotion
Not only was the grand prize of a Nissan Grand Livina impressive, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were equally interesting.

Because I had already been here on day 1 of the MATTA Fair and asked about their promotion, it seemed like I was getting closer to booking that trip from Mayflower Travels.

Anyway, I had a major decision to make about my travel package and thought that I might just push it till the final day since there were so many travel agents participating at this years MATTA Fair.

A total of 830 booths to be exact, and all spread out over 3 main halls, and also at the main entrance of the Seri Pacific Hotel.

Promotion Booth Sabah Tourism Board
Sabah Tourism Board booth
Walking back into the MATTA Fair, this time I decided to explore the other halls as well. From the main hall which is hall 3, the first thing you see on entering is Tourism Malaysia with over 50 sub-booths.

Further in, the Sabah Tourism Board (STB) had a fairly large area with a whopping 27 booths promoting Sabah Borneo, and I made a stop over here to check out some of the adventure packages here as Sabah has always fascinated me.

Promotions at KL Matta Fair
Visitors making pre-bookings at the Matta Fair in KL
For those who do not know, the travel destinations and booths are broken up into three halls at the MATTA Fair.

Hall 3 is for local/domestic holidays and packages and international packages are located over the river via bridge at Hall 1 and 2.

Crossing the bridge, I entered Hall 1 and Hall 1M, and it was massively decorated with all kinds of travel companies with beautiful props.

Matta Fair Tourism Australia Booth
Tourism Australia booth at Matta
Even Tourism Australia had a booth at MATTA Fair 2009 and some of the staff were dressed to play the part.

Extremely friendly and giving out various booklets on Australia, you could see locals rushing to take whatever looked interesting.

Thinking back, it has been over 11 years since I last set foot in Australia, so I grabbed a few booklets. Who knows, Australia could be in my near travel plans.

Muslim Promotion Package KL Matta Fair
Local Malaysian Muslim promoters with Mickey hats
At this years MATTA Fair 2009, there were all kinds of promoters, and I saw some local Muslim girls with headscarf, who were wearing Mickey Mouse hats promoting Hong Kong Disneyland.

They looked extremely cheerful handing out flyers and even took the time to smile and pose for me. If you did not already know, Muslim travel is on the rise in Malaysia.

Marra Fair Hong Kong Disneyland promotion
Hong Kong Disneyland promotion
The Hong Kong Disneyland booth was pretty impressive, and they were seen promoting this year's Halloween, and had a fairly large mock up of the Disney Castle.

Only thing that was missing was the real Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or the other Disney characters, which would have been extra awesome.

Local and International Artist At Matta Fair

Matta Fair Jolin Tsai
Taiwan superstar Jolin Tsai at Matta Fair
Exploring hall 2, I was suddenly pushed aside as travel staff and guest were hurrying past me towards a mini stage.

Turning around, it was someone famous from Taiwan who was on stage. Not that I am a fan of Taiwanese music, I asked a girl holding her phone up high next to me attempting to take a picture, who was that.

Her reply, 'That's Jolin Tsai, you don't know who she is?' happily snapping pictures, she then turned to me and said 'Jolin Tsai is a very famous Taiwanese singer'. Then only I remembered that I have heard of her a few years ago.

Matta Fair Jolin Tsai Appearance
Jolin Tsai on stage at the Matta Fair
Apparently Tourism Taiwan and some of the local travel agents at this years MATTA Fair 2009 had arranged for Jolin Tsai's appearance here at the PWTC.

There must have been at least 300 people crowding the stage where Jolin Tsai was standing. Looking around, it seemed like 290 of the people were taking pictures of Jolin with all kinds of cameras.

Matta Fair Mawi
Malaysian superstar Mawi and his wife
Continuing my quest for a Maldives package, I passed Tourism Korea and what luck as I saw local Malaysian Superstar Mawi (Asmawi bin Ani, winner of the Third Season of Malaysia's popular reality show, Akedemi Fantasia) and his wife were doing an autograph signing session.

Seems like Mawi has been tied to some of the Korean brands and have been invited to make an appearance and sign autographs.

People from all walks of life were seen lining up. I even saw an elderly Chinese lady go up to Mawi, shake his hand, and got his autograph.

Food Drinks at Matta Fair
Matta Fair food and drink prices
Soon it was about 4.00 pm and I had almost forgotten about lunch. Engrossed with the super deals there, I made my way out of the hall to find a makeshift cafeteria.

Not much to say about the prices but at the MATTA Fair, just expect double of even triple the prices you pay usually, but these are your only options, unless you go across to the mall.

Matta Fair Maria Cordero Appearance
Maria Cordero at the Matta Fair in Malaysia
Getting back to the MATTA Fair in Hall 2, some of the staff even resorted to costume dressing as a gimmick to promote some of the travel packages.

Well, most of the popular packages at this years MATTA Fair 2009 were Japan, Korea and even Indonesia.

China used to be very big a few years ago but didn't look like it was being heavily promoted though many of the Chinese travel agents were seen selling the packages.

Airbus A380 Matta Fair Package Promotion
Some companies were giving away A380 aircraft models for packages bought
There was even some small presentations given by some of the travel companies. I saw one Chinese travel company actually having a little seminar for about 15 people where the speaker was talking in Mandarin about traveling in Egypt!

How about that, educating the travelers before they go. I think that is an excellent idea, and one of the best ways to engage with the local consumers.

Stage Performance Matta Fair
Stage shows and performances at the Matta Fair
At the travel fair, you will also find a main stage area where shows are going on every hour with various acts from local and overseas.

Singing, break dancing, traditional shows were on the itinerary throughout the three days at the MATTA Fair here in Kuala Lumpur.

Staff at Mayflower Travel and Tours
Mayflower Travel staff
I walked, I stopped, I asked and so far nothing about the Maldives looked attractive inside, so I made my way out to the Seri Pacific Hotel entrance.

The place was swarming with staff dressed in red, as it was the corporate colour of the Mayflower Travel group in Malaysia.

Matta Fair Mayflower Travel and ToursMayflower Travel and Tour booth at Matta

This years MATTA Fair had an entrance of RM3.00, but strategically located just next to the Seri Pacific Hotel entrance, you need not pay to visit the Mayflower Travel area.

They had booked the main entrance into the PWTC building so the first company you would see on entering would be Mayflower Travel.

Seri Pacific Hotel Entrance for Matta Fair
Seri Pacific Hotel entrance to the travel fair
I spent another 20 minutes talking to some of the Mayflower Travel staff about my Maldives package and the best deal they could offer me was a 4D/3N ground arrangement only package at RM1,318 per person.

Flights to Male were pretty much controlled my Malaysia Airlines, where it would cost about RM1,500 return per person.

So I had to think really hard about this as the offer was only valid for the MATTA Fair 2009 duration of 3 days. It was day two and the clock was ticking.......So, did I buy it? No, I ended up not buying any packages.

The pressure of committing the booking was tremendous as the over all price for a 4N/5D to Maldives was about RM6,500 and it was quite an amount. I thought maybe I would keep it for next year instead.

MATTA Fair 2009:
Tun Razak Hall 1, 2 & 3
Putra World Trade Centre,
41 Jalan Tun Ismail
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel: 6 03 9287 6881 / 6 03 4043 3999


If you are looking for some fantastic travel bargains, then it is highly recommended to visit this travel fair, which is the largest in Malaysia. 

It is also recommended to visit the Kuala Lumpur Matta Fair to find out more about the destination you want to visit. There are many tourism companies that provide information on various destinations. 


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James said...

David, I hope you didn't book the Package. Many resorts are currently Special offers.Just take a look http://www.maldivesresortislands.com/offers/ If you can't find a deal within your budget drop them an email and they will help you to get a good deal for your budget.

CathJ said...

Oh man!!! I hope you take it!!!!!!! I always wanted to go there!!!!! The blue sea... OMG.... DAVIDdddddddddd.....!!

I missed the Matta fair lah... How i wish can go and have a look... but I know it will be crowded... so ... stay ta home.. ;-p

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Guillermo, thank you for dropping by and I will be contacting you.

James, thanks for the link and insight to Maldives. Did I book it? I will publish the outcome later today on my final Matta Fair post.

Cath - You should have come to the fair. There were a lot of great deals here.


Anonymous said...

The only thing I don't look forward to at these fairs are the massive crowds. One thing though, the travel operators will still give you the same rates as those quoted at the fair? I know one time, we got it for a travel package even though we didn't visit the fair.

Malaysia Asia said...

Mei, apparently most of the best offers were only for the duration. However, I agree that even after the Matta Fair, some tour operators will give you the promotional rates. So one has to do some shopping around :)


Alice said...

Hi David, that's an interesting coverage on MATTA! I usually avoid crowded places like that at all cost.

P/S: Thanks for popping by my blog today. I hope you'll visit again. :)

Anonymous said...

You work in the travel industry? How nice. Get to travel everywhere.

My dream job...:)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Alice, thank you for the kind words. Well, I had to experience the full 3 days at the MATTA Fair so I know what to expect the next time around (psst... go on the last day)

Mei - Actually, no I do not work in the travel industry. I usually travel on my own :)


Unknown said...

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Fetri Husaini said...

Can't wait to be there....